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  1. i would like 2 buy the Chestnut plushie please. can I pay in 999s?
  2. can i please get the halloween party cake and the toffee apple
  3. can i please get the BEANS POD and the BALLROOM CAKE tty
  4. Loch Ness Plushie and Ducky Parade Balloon plz
  5. hello i would like to buy some clothes I have wanted these clothes for a long time ever since i saw it at my friends house (pet society house obviously) please post if u wanna sell to me here are the dresses i wanna buy: sweet halloween dress set santa girl dress set daffodil dress set (one that i want most!!! ) cute which dress set premiere dress fashion pink dress set bluebell dress i hope to get as many of these as possible because at the end of the year i am going to have a fancy dress party!!! i can only pay in 999s so hope u dont mind
  6. for fish in a jar and summer sofa
  7. hello can i please buy 2 chocolate poo,a mystery cake,toy set decor,piggy and grey deer plushie
  8. hiyy may i please get the Bloody Bunny Plushie Mini Festive Cake Chocolate Bunnie White Chocolate Bunnie how much?
  9. may i please get the Jukebox an the maple ribbon
  10. hello may i please buy this weeks set
  11. hideeni


    can u send f/r
  12. may i please buy the rocking horse and the pink jello
  13. can i get the Fish in a jar and summer sofa
  14. hideeni


    may i please get the Boomerang Decor
  15. yeah, u can find the profile, that's it. once ur there scroll down and u will see the contact field and there u will see the bar for facebook, just copy the address in your facebook profile then paste it there in ur facrbook contact field, then save if there will still be any problem, just let me know and i will ask assistance form the admin, if u dont mind the toaster cost 15x999 dear, as its my last one Thank you for the price quote. I'll have to see if I have that many 999s. I pasted the address in the correct box earlier but got the message that I needed to fill out a missing field. The only one highlighted was my password, so I re-entered that, and it still didn't work. Well, if I can't come up with 15 999s it'll be moot anyway. Thanks for trying to help. I'll come back later to let you know whether or not I have enough for the trade. If I do, then I guess I will need assistance from admin. Thanks again. The only way I have enough 999s is if I use some of my rares. How many cash coins are you asking? Thank you for your patience. hi again! please see lea75's message below... u can seek assistance from her if u want and she'll be willing to help no idea how much cc for this? can u offer also?thanks. thanks! let me know if my price doesnt sounds fair at all! tnx!umm sorry its a bit high
  16. thanks btw can you send f/r plz the next person will get a shiny red rock giutar
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