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  1. Oh cool, i'd like to see your shop again! you got many rares and LE items ^^ hehehe too bad i just dont have the money to buy all the items i like XDD yay poor Lacquer Yay!! LOL 289
  2. Lol yup if i draw one.. i hope im capable of doing that XD So what are you doing now? 287
  3. indeed!!! (i wish i could have that 3months holiday hahaha) Oh why don't the school just close down whenever it's rainy months here 285
  4. OH MY!!! that's a lot!!! O_O sooo niceeeee i don't have many holidays here and the longest break possible is like 3 weeks (which is for christmas, newyear and term/semester break) ^^ hehe thanks for the compliment pedja i'll try to update this year's drawing.. and the key point of drawing manga is : read and watch japanese cartoons (anime and manga) and ofcourse draw a lot I wish i could make my own comic one day XDD 283
  5. WOOOT that sounds nice Pedja! i heard that you guys have school breaks for every season.. is it true? How long is your upcoming holiday? 281
  6. hehe ^^ How about your country Esperia? How is it like there? @earon XD are you opening my Fb albums? lol Oh guys, what season do you like most? : ) 279
  7. hehe yeah ^^ just like Earon.. in my country it's snowy at some spots. usually in the peak of the high mountains [but never been there Lol! XD my country consists of many small islands and that snowy places happen to be on a different island from where i live] Oh what are you cooking? 274
  8. no.. :/ i wish i could see snow hehe It's either rainy or sunny during the year here 265
  9. Lol! i've heard about Serbia but i just happen to know that such place exists and not more XD i believe it's a great place... You got snow there right? @Earon hehe yeah it's pretty close. both are Asian countries ^^ 263
  10. CONGRATULATION to Earon! @Earon i would be glad as well.. but i could assure you that it wouldn't be my only reaction. I'd LOL at first impression if that's true @Esperia Hi! [** im adding you into the very short list of From-the-monster survivals Lol] XD Hey Earon i think this is the chance where we can meet face-to-face....in Pedja's stomach 253
  11. yeah so true! =_= hmmm i guess the rest of the people on Earth were eaten by zombies, or alien or perhaps some cannibals.. Hhahaha kidding (people, don't get mad over this lame joke of mine ) Pedja, good to hear that you had a nice one ;D did you dream anything about Earon or me? LOL 249
  12. Oh sorry to hear that Aya.. hopefully your internet will get better soon ^^ Anyway don't worry you're not the only one, we're sharing the same problem here xD Sometimes it happens to me too and the next thing you know, i go crazy and frustrated afterwards hahahha
  13. to: Aya I've sent you the 999*2..
  14. wow thanks Pedja! ^^ And yea, you better go off to bed now cya around!! have a goodnight, sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite! XD 235
  15. Whoah why should you go, Earon... right when things are getting more exciting x_x Lol 4? hoho 233
  16. oh I play some other Facebook games long ago.. but seldomly get them opened now ^^ lol 227
  17. Hoho yeah lol i like hunting for the rares and special weekly items Oh can you guys send me shovels or gift of the week requests? 224
  18. hahahha XD i thought it was because of me. i messed up the number before so Earon got it wrong 219
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