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  1. welcome! you've come to the right place for PS buddies c:
  2. Pie maker is Mrs Lovett from Sweeney Todd (yay bellatrix!) Petward Scissorspaws is of course Edward Scissorhands. I think they're all Burton movies right?
  3. Lol I got a little uneasy in the stomach with the teddy bear table. Poor thing! I haven't gotten the chance to be spoiled with amazing pet society past halloweens, so I'm really enjoying all the new stuff being released. Love the ghosts. The costumes are pretty neat, though I dunno if I'd wear any to be honest.
  4. Oh I'm so dumb, I thought I had 31 posts, not 13. IGNORE THIS PLZ. I'll edit in like a week or so lol
  5. Chu

    Fresh Meat!

    hey guys thanks c: ill be sticking around! i cant wait to get to level 20 so i can get my lion petling lol
  6. I hate to bump up an old topic, but is there a trick to finding the animals? I really suck at finding them lol. Should you bother getting the hermes shoes or whatever they're called? And my town extends really far easternly, do the animals ever go over there? Thanks c:
  7. Chu

    Fresh Meat!

    I hope you don't mind my friend request. I'm pretty excited about this new game I've gotten myself addicted to lol. I wish there was more to do. Like more minigames or something. It makes me shop more, which is never a good thing. And yes, this forum is adorable! A little quiet, but I'm okay with small communities. Thanks so much for posting. I truly feel welcome now c:
  8. Chu

    Autumn started

    I'm a huge baby about the cold weather and autumn brings it in :c But I do loooove Halloween. Particularly dressing up for halloween parties/attending halloween parties. I just wish it wasn't so darn cold, my costumes tend to not be on the conservative side!
  9. I think it's okay. I'm personally not really into the Egyptian culture, however, some of the stuff is really adorable. I wouldn't be decorating a room with it though.
  10. Apparently Chu is a stock exchange symbol for China Unicorn Limited. That's pretty cool lol
  11. I'm a newcomer, but I tend to be very active on forums, as long as I'm still playing the game. Hopefully I can bring up the numbers a bit? Everyone seems pretty nice from the threads I've looked over. And I know I post a lot, I promise I'm not a spammer! lol. I'm just really chatty.
  12. Hi, I'm an adult player and I came across Pet Society a few nights ago. It's absolutely adorable. I love the Harry Potter stuff, and the Gaga wig. I made my character have mouse ears and it's just so cute. My name is Stephanie, but I like Chu. Alittle about myself, I play a few virtual pet sites on the internet, I love aviation, I wear a lot of makeup, I do spend real cash on online games, shamelessly, and I don't have many friends that already play, so I am accepting friend requests.
  13. Oh I play! I'm getting tired of weeds growing everywhere though. So annoying. It loads pretty slowly, too, so I've been on every other day or so. the quests never end!
  14. Hi there! I'm new as well. I just found pet society two nights ago and I'm already very much in love. I adore all the harry potter stuff, and a lady gaga wig was a must for me!
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