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  1. These two are famous of their weight, now so light..haha..But it's a chance for everybody to own a dragbus!!
  2. Dodge Challenger not bad!
  3. COD is available at Amcorp Mall next Sunday (2nd June). Place your order now and get it next week
  4. I prefer forum, but the trend is facebook, easy access and fast flow.
  5. Using Amazoom casting? Very nicely done!
  6. To JB collectors, lets gather and chat The venue is set at McD Jalan Tebrau beside Carrefour, 10pm. The event page is also available in this facebook link. http://www.facebook.com/events/412123608818694/permalink/412652715432450/?comment_id=412671395430582&ref=notif&notif_t=like
  7. Thanks Saw your post at the other forum too
  8. More to come soon! Haha..I dont have time for my kyosho photoshot yet..
  9. Thanks Sinclair I dont have that many dragbus to try, but to fit 7 in a column shud be no problem.
  10. Here's other angle: I have more on my blog
  11. Currently my favourite now
  12. Hoho, bro Sahama is being humble, that's not all Got many more!
  13. Hmm, it involves pulling out the wheels, the method of pulling is up to you, but have to be careful la.After pull out one wheel then the tricky part starts, need to get a plier to hold on the axle while you pull the other out.
  14. You have completed the it Congrats! I'm sure there will be more of this car to be seen soon.
  15. This F40 is classic! Why I never see it in Ferrari Racer series...
  16. Haha, for custom purpose Greenlights wheels are quite easily taken off if you know how.
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