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  1. Excitedddddddddd! Who's manning the booooooooooth? It doesn't matter if we come later or earlier hor? It matters who has what when you're there. I bring dice to roll and see if I'm lucky or not. Wahahaha! See you all! Wonger
  2. I can't imagine finding THunts in 7-11s! IMPOSSIBLE! Or maybe I'm just a pessimist... Nevertheless, good haul there!
  3. Sumore buatan Malaysia. Ada ke patut??
  4. Subject says it all! Come get it! KLCC branch has some of the following as far as I can remember: - Subaru Impreza unmarked police - Impreza WRX - Nissan 350Z - NSX-R - some trucks and fire trucks and construction vehicles. Isetan on sale currently. Sale ends 5 April. Wonger.
  5. Add away me! w0nger[at]hotmail[dot]com By the way, that's a zero leh So it's 'w[zero]nger...'. San, you sure you added me? PS: Oi, jaga2 spam ler. Careful with the email addresses.
  6. Sorry. Title is very notti. Anyhow, here's my question: What is the best possible way to tear open the cars from the card in the hopes that they can be reattached later, if possible. Regards, Wonger
  7. Wah... Nice, Gee! Can we all hug you before you go? *sniffle* Darn. I seriously think this community should have more girls... Haha! All the best, Gee!
  8. Voted! A suggestion to tweak one of the options: BIG PASSION 4 SMALL CARS Just so to keep it short, how's that? @@ wonger @@
  9. Eh. You use keyboard to prop up the cars ah? Good job! Hahaha.
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