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  1. Untungla org ada super OCC..
  2. got bored with fb i think. haha.. furthermore demonicle didnt have any power on HWCM fb grop, lalalala....
  3. isnt this thread for sample only? how come ppl reply here? haha
  4. everyone went on fb n stuck there.. now forum become ghost town. maybe it's time to bring the forum back alive..
  5. it's really been a while since my last time here.. really miss gath,
  6. rant rant rant.... why mee...
  7. congrats and thanks to you to, Mr Chairman of 2012's Dinner Committees. thanks for the great dinner and hope to see you all at next year's dinner!!
  8. oh nooo..... i want thiss......... hehe.. great one mr sinclair.. hoping to find mine sooner or later..
  9. Din.....aku pon ada amik brg ko.....hehehehe........... ko kan dah bayar, hehe.. that one is aside, got few others also missing.. but nvm, bukan rezeki la tu.. hehe.. btw next time, we'll need a tighter security in order to keep everything going well..
  10. i realize some of my hotwheels from my sales table gone missing.. but it's all my fault, coz i left them all unguarded, haha.. nvm nvm..as demonicle says, my sadness due to lost of the hotwheels had been replaced by the smooth and happiness of our members during the dinner..
  11. ahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahaha.......
  12. Above statement must come from CKH...the problem with that always tertekan when you became the one haha must be use edit function.. haha.. still not very familiar with commitee's function ka bro? haha..
  13. curerntly i want 1 from this pics.. arghh.. where to find the red window... arghhh...
  14. jhc7598

    KBee Fire Rod

    this is old one right?.. hmmm..
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