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Everything posted by smorkle

  1. my infinite road racer out rides M I S S I S S I P P I
  2. my uni likes tiny insects D E P O S I T
  3. what do you want for these items? i'm sorry, i don't know what MS has and doesn't have? bird cage??? jungle bed?? juke (original juke box or classic red or pink or black viper)?? hot tub?? please let me know, i'm really interested in getting the above 3 items.
  4. sinning is no good! ba ha ha ha h!!! A P P L E
  5. frogs ignite near evening. S T A R thanks for posting such a fun game! gave you rep :rendeer:
  6. Do animals need clean ears? J O K E
  7. so sad you are closed right now please let me know when you reopen. i'd like to get a siggy/avatar from you as well. i love the ones you've already made. they are sooooo cute!!!!!
  8. heard a rumor that the eggs are going to hatch... has anyone heard of anything like that?? true or false???
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