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Everything posted by mushr00m

  1. Oh.. I want that DD... still looking for that thou.. Nice one bro..
  2. weih .. beratur weih... waiting list panjang tu nak beli.. ahhahha
  3. Will try to get more for you....
  4. By the power of Grayskull, it went loose... ahhahahaa
  5. mushr00m

    Roaked from S'pore

    demmm... congrats... nice one...
  6. @ckh - I was lucky enough tho get them from Sinclair..
  7. apa eight.. kasi loose la..
  8. nasib baik takde LIKE button kat sini.. berkali2 aku tekan.. hahahhahaa
  9. Apa lagi bro.. Ada 2 tu.. kasi rip la...
  10. Its a proto according to some Batman collectors.. I don't know la bro.. You want ka? paging Fadli85!!! paging Fadli85!!! paging Fadli85!!!
  11. Sales thread updated... All pm has been replied.. quick quick.. Buy more can get mystery gift... Buy now regret later...
  12. Good luck bro... all yummy cars.. but no moolah..
  13. I follow you... hehehhee.. Spoiler:
  14. Get it while its hot.. First sight was in Carrefour Alamanda.. Price at RM19.90... Awesome casting with rubber wheels..For collectors go go go.. before those scalpers buys them and sell at higher prices...
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