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Everything posted by mushr00m

  1. Different car make. Posted above Ford GT LM. You posted Ford GT. I'll give it to you if you intended to follow "Ford" Spoiler:
  2. Now I know which color you don't have, I put them in your wishlist bro.. Modern Classic. My 240z family..
  3. can use for trade mah.... in this case, not collecting, accumulating...
  4. Apsal la buat camtu... pening la... anyway, apsla gambar aku ngan King jek? bapak2 yang lain tak main ke? hehehhee
  5. ini memang tak bole tahan tengok... congrats bang.. psst.. ebay ke?
  6. Bro, PM price lot 1.. cheers..
  7. seb baik bulan posa... suma sangka baik ajer nih.. hehehhe
  8. ala.. mana berkira sangat bro.. pelan2.. aku ok jek.. btw, Spoiler: duit dah abis kat danok aritu.... ko buek apa kat danok? hehehehhee
  9. what a cool brother you have... congrats... nak El camino bley?
  10. ahahhaa.. no worries bro.. insya'allah ada barang untuk ko... ini bukan ah long.. mau tolong saja..
  11. Very nice this one.. Seen it close-up.. marvelous.. congrats bro.. now transform... hehehe.. jk jk only..
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