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Everything posted by mushr00m

  1. macam tak biasa datang lepas kol 1am la kan... hehehhee bro, kasi bbm gambar civic yang ko takde tu...
  2. Gathering jom ari khamis nih.. lepas terawih.. probably around 10.30pm.. @ dabel trabel.. ada brani?
  3. Guys, I have these extra stuff which I want to trade off with.. Looking for loose : 2011 - TH$ '71 Mustang Funny Car 2011 - TH$ '64 Pontiac GTO 2011 - TH$ Occ Splitback To trade off with any of these.. Carded Looking for : 2011 - TH$ '71 Mustang Funny Car or any other TH$.. Offer me.. To trade of with this.. Cheers..
  4. Thanks to all for the birthday wishes... @matbear - hang nak kasi aku DD yang tu ka? hehehhe
  5. Courtesy of ADvedder... The turn-ups... unlucky that kown and sahama have to leave early..
  6. I could see Sinclair post... but could not understand what you said... I also too distracted... ahahahahha
  7. aku nak belah kanan tu... tuka ngan strawberry bole?
  8. superb batmobiles... luckily i'm immune to this...
  9. Nice TH$ you have there bro.. Probably this will join you soon...
  10. yeah, you better come as I have stuff for you..
  11. lawa ni... rare gak.. mana dapat? congrats..
  12. simply superb... ada saje barang baru.. memang terel..
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