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Everything posted by mushr00m

  1. mushr00m

    2011 poster

    Tengok ler berapa yang dapat.. kalo bagi aku satu rim, aku pass ler bebanyak..
  2. mushr00m

    2011 poster

    first batch dispatching soon.. poster tak sampai lagi.. maybe next delivery..
  3. koleksi apa? tenga ke ky? ahahhahaha
  4. In this case, its not losing.. more like accumulating... The lendir is so much that he can't seem to hear properly and to differentiate Seri Putra and Damansara..
  5. Last nite @ Dabel Trabel, Putrajaya.. Fish eye view of the Putrajaya collectors.. Superstar of Putrajaya..
  6. mushr00m

    2011 poster

    fuyooohhhh so outspoken.. nice... anyway, the poster which we are distributing will be arriving with your magic box.. delivery should be within a week or 2.. need to compile some stuff from other collectors as well..
  7. freaking awesome... loving the paintjob... superbbbbbb
  8. Thanks to Thorr for this awesome paintjob... and the wheels too..
  9. bro... agak2 la.. tau ler lone ranger skrang nih... control skit bole... hehehe
  10. purple x sebest aku punya... tapi aku suka baju silver... hehehhee
  11. kalo aku bawak yang dalam gamabr aku forward semalam tu bole?
  12. mushr00m

    Hot Ones Mix 2

    wow.. looking at the list, there is none for me to collect.. hahahaha
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