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Everything posted by mushr00m

  1. 2005 Ford Mustang Mach 1, from the Real Riders series Parnelli Jones..
  2. Funny Money from the 2009 Hot Wheels Delivery Sweet Rides series..
  3. Franken Berry Exclusive..
  4. mushr00m

    CC PRIME..

    Ini test? jangan scrap off paint.. aku kasi CC baru... kasi tuka ngan nih.. hehehehe
  5. mushr00m

    CC PRIME..

    giler bebeh... crazy awesome superbly marbeles... congrats bro.. psstt.. aku nye yek?
  6. pergh... crazy MOTHER!!!!!!.. congrats bro.. awesome old skoll haul...
  7. R34 mana? saper post? hehehhee.. kawe ada ni je..
  8. Another mini gathering pics and videos..
  9. bukan aku nyer bro.. keta orang.. pinjam gambar je..
  10. this one is a custom bro...
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