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  1. jaw dropping haul bro....really salute you man.. bro..i'm still looking for the nissan 350z (white) and also the a-team van. got any extra to spare sifu
  2. Nice elite transport and also the $ MM. Also thx for the trade today. Been looking for that batmobile for quite some time
  3. I call this the "salute you haul" I really envy you...
  4. Oh my goodness. I'm speechless. Congrats and enjoy your haul bro
  5. Congrats. Superb year end haul !!!
  6. Canggih & superb haul. I want the Batmobile !!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Great haul. Quite surprise you can still find the DD Bus
  8. Jazz

    Once in a while haul

    Wah...once in a while also can haul like that. Imagine if you always on a haul Anyway nice haul. Congrat on the double.
  9. For your info since can't upload the pics: All HW unless stated. 1) Lot A (Humvee & Phantom Racer) 2) Lot B (67 Pontiac Firebird 400- Green & Red) 3) Lot C (Land Rover Defender 110-MBX & Swamp Buggy) 4) Lot D (Desert Thunder-MBX & 69 Courgar Eliminator) 5) Lot E (Ferrari 5 pack) If you want to see the pics, let me know your email and I'll send you the pics. TQ.
  10. Items for sale. Lot A, B, C, D and E. Prices are negotiable...PM me. Aiks...dunno why can't upload pics. Used to upload before and it was ok. But now can't. Anyone here can help? If can't see my sale pics maybe you can let me know your email and I'll send you the pics. Thanks...
  11. Py, Oic. Apologies for the posting the price here. Will take note of it. Sahama, Thanks.
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