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  1. dd motu sold. sorry bro sand stinger only sell in set of 4 desert series
  2. lama sungguh pakcik tak upload gambo kat sini hehehh... post gambo2 lama dulu lah
  3. fsrlism


    nice combination of rustic body and shining rims
  4. demmm... really hope this arrived in malaysia
  5. yeah where is it? been waiting for the case too
  6. hehhehe x jual la bro... kalo jumpa lebih bole la jual
  7. got mine at parkson today... nak loose ke x? nak loose ke x?
  8. add aku jugak fsrlism at http://www.facebook.com/fasrulramly come add my design page too as i'm a freelance underground artist hehehe http://www.facebook.com/PossessedRemains (beware byk gambar hantu)
  9. alamakk lesney edition!! aku nakkkkkkkkkkk
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