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  1. dd motu sold. sorry bro sand stinger only sell in set of 4 desert series
  2. lama sungguh pakcik tak upload gambo kat sini hehehh... post gambo2 lama dulu lah
  3. fsrlism


    nice combination of rustic body and shining rims
  4. demmm... really hope this arrived in malaysia
  5. yeah where is it? been waiting for the case too
  6. hehhehe x jual la bro... kalo jumpa lebih bole la jual
  7. got mine at parkson today... nak loose ke x? nak loose ke x?
  8. add aku jugak fsrlism at http://www.facebook.com/fasrulramly come add my design page too as i'm a freelance underground artist hehehe http://www.facebook.com/PossessedRemains (beware byk gambar hantu)
  9. alamakk lesney edition!! aku nakkkkkkkkkkk
  10. got my city bus too love the colours very retro looks
  11. i'm still looking for it to complete my 09 musclemania series
  12. hi there... i'm looking for carded [b]2009 muscle mania '69 Dodge Coronet Super Bee[/b]... if anybody have i would like to buy it oppss sorry my mistake.. actually i'm looking for carded 2009 muscle mania 65 Mustang Fastback
  13. i just bought the latest garage 69 dodge charger but it seems like the paintjob was a bit sloppy.. same goes to some of the other cars i found and frankly said i'm not really happy with it (with the paintjob)... overall with the price 19.90, rubber tyres, can buy locally, this is considered awesome!
  14. thanks for info danielh... i can't find white decal anywhere locally.. looks like i have to do it on white base.. or maybe will have to paint the dark colour after applying the decal on white base.. aiseymen byk keje la pulak hehe
  15. i have a question here on how to make a white tampo on dark coloured base using transparent decal paper.. hope somebody can help me
  16. kayu manis? wife ko tak marahke ko pakai stok dia utk memasak? hahahaha siot jer RG... ni kayu manis bagak2 xleh wat masak aku pakai thanks a lot bro terharu gak la aku thanks bro sahama u'r the king!
  17. actually this was in my mind too hehe ngehehehe i thought hot seat + hot model taking a crap... need to find some hot model here
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