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Everything posted by zephyr

  1. lame.... ahahaha... Mr. Hod Rod not playing nice... awesomeeeeee
  2. wowo.. what an awesome idea.. All this while I only open them with my son... Now I really tempted to come...
  3. post the photos mr. ckh... so that i can save it in computer... hehehe anyone else got photos just post here... we share the joy & fun we had... note: please dont post the baju kebaya girl photo... very sensitive wohooo... LOL!!! BTW when i saw first dinner photo, i saw our beloved friend mr Danny.. Al-Fatihah Al-fatihah to dear danny... he was a nice guys... we will miss him dearly... p.s: jangan gelak en. jhc... nanti aku kena sound lagi kang.... my condolences to dear Danny.. Anything funny happen during the previous dinner? share la...
  4. come & join la mr. zephyr... it will be fun & get to meet all the awesome collector here in the forum... people from kl, selangor, putrajaya, johor, penang, kedah, terengganu, perak, singapore & maybe indonesia pun ada seh... I try la bro.. can only commit the time by end of next month.. company schedule me for a trip in february...
  5. congrats brader... marvellous haul..
  6. saw them in Isetan Gardens the other day for RM99 if not mistaken.. Didn't buy coz wife already go shopping before and already koyak at that time..
  7. these are awesome pictures, and look at everyone faces... Look like fun... I wanna go this year dinner... demmmm
  8. what? we have this among collectors?
  9. awesome cars... thanks for sharing..
  10. zephyr

    dodge vs db

    superbbb...spectraflame summore.. awesomeeeeeee... memang legend already la you...
  11. awesome video as always... good to have someone like you to contribute these awesome video to the world... kudas to you bro..
  12. Congrats dude.. Will try to drop by...
  13. these are totally awesomeee... thanks for sharing..
  14. awesome observation there bro.. congrats... and massive purchases..
  15. zephyr

    RG' mini haul...

    ohhhh woooww... that is just ooohhhssseeeeeemmmmmmmm
  16. But the reason for not putting price is because don't want to have other collectors to start comparing price among sellers right? This I think is safe enuff as it is the official Dinner T-Shirt.. Will there be another person trying to sell the same T-Shirt at lower price? hehehe.. just my 2 cents..
  17. superbly creative... awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  18. hello mr. zephyr... if you r free, do join us tonite for the race... the more the merrier... can I still join the race?
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