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  1. Wow, nice variation and collection u got the bro! Creativity memang terserlah!!! Thumbs up*!
  2. wow, cant wait! is it face to face interview bro?
  3. new additions to my garage, after a long hunting journey in the end it really pay off enjoy!
  4. hardcore packard fan, nice vintage collection there bro!
  5. Nice wheel swap bro! Welcome to custom world 
  6. My recent custom during holiday.... =) thanks for looking.
  7. Nice squinkie u got there sinclair! i share my bs toy also
  8. JonImai

    ei8ht's Garage

    Awesome mothers detailing editon u got there eight mini collecter kaw kaw!
  9. i would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my muslim friends in HWC! pls forgive me if there a wrongdoing in the past..... Hope u guys enjoy this year Ramadan!
  10. Nice custom Hassan! Scarface edition?? Btw nice avatar sejak bila u layan tenga lol
  11. the evo looks damn fierce with the decals! awesome work bro! nicee...
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