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  1. That Ecto is cheaper than the 2010, at least in Mexico. I don´t know why if this one has enhanced details!!! Congrats bro!!
  2. Nice cars!! Batmobile always my favorite!!! Congrats!!
  3. Thank you Nick 72 for our trade!!! I will look forward to do it again!!! Regards from Mexico!!
  4. All haunts are great dude!! I´d forgotten your amazing stuff!! Nice update!! haha. Congrats!
  5. HWBET

    Today Shopping $$

    Congrats, that truck is very nice. Best Regards,
  6. HWBET

    Some HW of 90´s

    Thank u bros!!!
  7. HWBET

    Some HW of 90´s

    Hi to everyone, I show to you some new hauls.... Saludos, [img][/img] [url= [url=]
  8. HWBET

    haul of the day

    Ohh!!! Very nice!!
  9. Nice, That Vette C6R is great, it must be a TH`s candidate!!! I vote for it!!
  10. Nice one, I bought it on last weekend too... Congrats!!
  11. HWBET

    Today Haul

    wow, I see some variations and new castings that don´t arrive to Mexico yet... Congrats.
  12. HWBET

    xmas day hunting

    No words!! Amazing TH$ Regards,
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