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  1. Just bought mine at Tesco shah Alam. 4 Bizzaro and 3 batman are still there... Good luck!
  2. vavavoom et al >> thanks for sharing. after awhile, i guess all collectors will go thru this dilemma..its really an awkward predicament... but all in all, its how one handle it that makes the different. just like what you said, if this happened then one need to slow down on hauling or focusing on certain casting or rip it out of the card and put it on display cabinet etc..etc.. in short, if the passion is strong then i believed the hobby will stay.. agree with your "lain padang, lain belalang"
  3. wildspirit >> alamak.. plateau syndrome tu...u been hauling too much kot? can i suggest you to try to seek and sort out ur hw by year or series or whatever with a plan to sell it off... see what happen then..
  4. Nomad

    Cars I like

    sinclair >> Thanks.!! Spoiler: next weekend, i will try to "klik-klik' some more and post it here
  5. Nomad

    Lagi masuk paper..!

    Nice collection..and I should congrat Kamal for being brave in promoting this hobby to malaysian public... Rayz-HWC >> with all due respect, i have to disagree with you. not entirely but on some statement.. i believed there is nothing wrong in showing our collection and collecting is entirely different ball game compared to kemahiran to custom. Reason : I suspect most, if not all, of HWCM members are gile.... "gile hotwheels" that is. most of the members here have loads of this little car, thousands of it. and the best thing is we can show it off and be proud of our collection.. indirectly making us or at least me, appreciate it more and giving drives to get more, and more and more which also making scalper happy.. "a healthy forum is when we can agree to disagree with each other"
  6. Nomad

    Cars I like

    '06 variation - black instead of orange..
  7. Nomad

    Cars I like

    momookit >> nice collection.. !! that 2000 th really look yummy..
  8. Nomad

    My Hippo Garage

    i luv that dixie chopper...
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