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Everything posted by limsy

  1. Oooooooohhhh! Banyak poison there ooooooooooooo!!
  2. Trima kasih En. Chah! Lama tak jumpa...mana you sembunyi sekarang??
  3. Tks Bro Samace. must be snowing over there huh.... Bro Atom, why the Ham-ham sap-sap laughter??!!
  4. Yes Bro, 1 year in the making. Sometimes in life mysterious encounter do happens and its kinda magical esp during Xmas time!
  5. Bro Fablokejw, Haha! You nevert know watcha gonna get whenever you go hunting Bro Sinclair, Thanks! It was a year long hunt for this beeeeauty!! Bro LSK, You got PM!!
  6. Thanks Bro Ford & Cooper!! It was out since Nov/Dec 2011...now only i manage to find it This particular Camaro is very macho!! Thanks Mr.
  7. This the season to be jolly falalalala...lalalala..... Merry Xmas, Joy to the World & Happy Hunting to all!!
  8. All are nice and wanted cars!!
  9. Was wondering when your 1964 Buick Riviera $uper score will be revealed. Nice one En. Atom!! Merry Xmas & Happi New Year 2013!! ....ching ching ching...ching ching ching...............
  10. Thanks to USA mali Bro, SG mali Bros & Entah-mana-mali Bro May you all find what you wish for is making his rounds
  11. Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year to all!!
  12. Your mom is sooooo hip & happening leh
  13. The aftermath!! But still got plenty of nice cars left at 50% discount.
  14. Gleen gleen stripe mah. So kasi scalp licin licin cleen cleen.
  15. Tx to Atom these peg warmers is gonna gogogogogone!!!!!! Makin way for new cs wave : )
  16. limsy

    Away haul From Home

    Kenapa u tak pergi en. Zoom!! Haha!!
  17. My view of the first question: Individual preference Same scenario for some collectors who like to collect 1 carded and 1 loose for a same model. Basically, for the normal unit, we can always have the reference of right (non-error) design in "softcopy" (from the net) or "hardcopy" (catalogue or printed list). That is also individual preference whether you are a paper-less approach person or you like to hold the copy and review it frequently. My view of the second question: Technically speaking, error unit shall be harder to find than $uper if the so-called defective unit was the escapee from Mattel production. If the whole Production lot was produced in error/defect, that will be common error, hahaha. Or perhaps, in Production or manufactur-ability view at cost term, if the so-called error is "acceptable", well, they can opt to release it to market rather than disposing it as reject. Else, that will affect the production yield, for sure. This sounds like professor lar. Can we call you Prof. MM frm now on??
  18. Lantai kan lebarrrrr.....sejuk pulak tu P/S : Nak kerusi rotan tu...
  19. limsy

    Holy Batman!

    Holy indeed. Let me know if its for sale. Interested indeed. Haha!
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