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  1. The wave with the Flintmobile is out in Malaysia already.. can't believe its here so fast.
  2. I think this is case B. The ae86 will be another really scorching hot item.. something like the bat, or KITT. My friend sent me this pic of some cars in case B.. Now we have a blue DBS! Is this a t-hunt? There's that round flame logo on this Camaro SS. Photo credit to Bonscos Garage. But I'm not sure if that's the TH logo.
  3. Great haul there! Its really mouthwatering! Thanks for the pic.. now I have a rough idea on what to expect from this case P. One question though, how many yellow Ferrari 458 Spider did you find? The red one skipped Malaysia. The Aston Martin comes with card variation.. they are using the 2013 style on the right one but its still a 2012 car inside. No idea why they have the variation.. maybe its for card collectors too. The Evo X and Focus also same thing.. some have 2012 cards and others have 2013 ones.
  4. The Signature just restocked case M over the weekend! This was the sight yesterday morning. No the bat, or Mazda Furai. Rest still got at the time I took the photo. Go go go, help clear the pegs so more newer waves arrive.
  5. I knew this would happen.. the Fiesta is the only usually wanted car in the pack. I wonder how can stores/ hypermarket stop this? Put the 5 pack behind the cashier counter? Put a sample of it in a sealed case at the toys section then go to cashier counter to get it? Am unsure of the best effective method.
  6. Hey everyone.. case M (E24) arrived here early this month. There's a few places that restocked this wave. Among them is TRU 1 Borneo. Obviously I was late for the best cars.. Saw this 5 pack too.. I got one for myself the other day. Just for the Fiesta!
  7. Yes you did, I think there were more than two there. But those are really old 5 packs.. even from 2008 to 2010. Yes, as you said they don't want it stolen. A bit troublesome, have to ask assistance from the staff to open the glass doors. Didn't find anything I want so I just arranged all the good cars in front. Yup.. that's why HW sold out very fast in this store.
  8. Pacific Ngiukee at CP just restocked last year's case N. Most likely was in their storeroom for one year. Plenty of Skyline 2000GT-R! More E20 cars at KK Toys! Spotted the Boulevard Vector too.. No angry bird wave yet..
  9. Wah.. spot any white Audi R8 or black Reventon?
  10. Yup, that's the one redsk. Nice haul.. hopefully can find it easily when the wave arrives here. Huileng personally I don't really like Shelby (or Camaro) without roof top too, but that blue colour just made me want to get it.
  11. I think next year no more t-hunts series.. only Supers I guess.
  12. Anyone had any luck getting this year's blue Shelby GT500 locally? Its in the same wave as the Batmobile and Porsche right?
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