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  1. hwcars wrote:

    Today's 6 basic cars haul. All 6 are available for trade to other collectors.

    What nice cars bro!
    I hope you still have the THunt and Bat Copter for trade Very Happy

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  2. hwcars wrote:
    Thank you Mortfish, Huileng, Redsk and Jason !
    Mortfish, the silver bus. There was a yellow version too. You have that?
    Huileng, I believe yr area will have these too. I only buy 1 each but for curiosity I buy 2. It was pretty hot when it was launch in USA . But I think the hype has died down.
    Jason ... Exactly, the purpose of the photo is to share what is inside the case. So we can roughly know what is in case p. I think there are 1-2 yellow Ferrari per box. Not certain becos I only bought 1 pcs.

    Nice hauls bro! Very Happy
    You looking for the yellow bus? Twisted Evil

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  3. Zedd_68 wrote:
    Hi Loke...nope, not really. I haul the shapes/tampo that I like...but not always for keeps. You got my FB now..so you can see what I actually keep.

    For example...that Hiway Hauler 2...traded away already Very Happy

    Bro 2012 VW Beetle! Smile
    Can PM me your FB bro? Will add you later Very Happy

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  4. Zedd_68 wrote:
    Dino 5 pack slaughtered. Hummer taken.

    HuiLeng...did not see you at MidV today. Did not pick up much, only a 'memoir' of the He-Man series in the form of Ford COE.

    Bro are the other Dino pack cars available? Very Happy
    Maybe she already 'tapau' and left early Cool

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  5. Zedd_68 wrote:
    Dont tease her too much...she has been missing from the gathering two weeks in a row now, probably coz of you guys Razz

    Anyway, a bit more of 2012 MBX

    Hmmm...I guess even the Thais are not immune to QC Error

    And a couple older MBX 5-pack...to slaughter and grab what I want

    Bro I know the real reason of Huileng being MIA for 2 weeks Twisted Evil
    And its not because of our teasing Laughing
    Will update you when we meet up Very Happy
    Are you slaughtering the Dino 5 pack bro? Shocked
    What a pity... Sad

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  6. Zedd_68 wrote:

    1. Mbx chevy stepside blue horse version and yellow version
    2. Mbx bmw z4 convertible
    3. Mbx express delivery green
    4. Mbx baja beetle from 5 pack, 2 wheels variation, loose
    5. Mbx ofF road rider, from 3 different 5 packs, loose
    6. Chevy Avalanche, from 2 different 5 packs, loose
    7. Jungle Crawler, from 2 different 5 packs, loose
    8. Mbx 43 jeep willys brown
    9. Mbx chevy suburban blue
    10. Mbx jungle crawler chrome w green base
    11. Mbx terrain trouncer (new casting for 2012)
    12. Mbx ford mustang gts red
    13. Mbx ridge raider, from 2 different 5 packs, loose
    14. Mbx ridge raider 2012

    Bro Baja Beetle loose and BMW Z4 please Very Happy
    Are the Bentley,Fisker Karma and SWAT truck still up for grabs? Cool

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  7. vandenan wrote:
    huileng wrote:
    Congratz... I got that hovercraft too today~~
    no sign of Subaru Police and Evo police eh? Sad

    Is this a post from someone who concentrate on her study... cheers hahahhaha..Yet another proof that Hot wheels are poisonous..

    Bro if the exam is about Hotwheels I am sure she'll pass with flying colours Cool

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  8. huileng wrote:
    vandenan wrote:
    Nice..I'm missing the white m3 and black z4 =)

    I know where to find that white m3
    grab for u when i balik to klang

    Huileng ah I also don't have black Z4 yet Very Happy

    Cheers and happy hunting,
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