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Time Attack Nissan Skyline GTR34[WIP included] *56kWarnin*

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Its all started with this...........

A stock GTR34

Then,disassemble it

This time,I use my super glue as epoxy putty on small parts.Yes.3 Second OK glue.it really dries in 3 second.No,Not really.But real fast.if kena hand,no problem.use sand paper and sand the hand.RM1 per bottle.can use very long if got technique...like this..

Drip a little and use toothpick to apply.

This time on this GTR,I decided to make a wide bodykit on the rear fender.Cut pla-plate into thinnnn slices and as a bar stick for support.

Then measure for the cover

Stick it on the pla-plate and cut into shape

stick into it

The wheels arch does not fit


Now test fitting

Now test see which wheel is better

This is better!

Now,Fill in the wing hole.coz i decided to scratchbuilt a new one later

Now mask the area where i have to apply carbon fibre on it

Sand them with a smoother sand paper

I decided to add more skirtings later so the original splitter can be coloured


After primer,another sanding to make sure its really smooth

Then colour on!

While letting the paint dries,I prepares the decals

After the paint dries.apply the carbonfibre and decals

Then clear coat
To make this custom looks more 'hot'.Of course needed is Waterslide decals!Thanks bro Cham for getting me such a superb decals!

Then uses a toaster to dries it up(idea by my father)

Detail it and then prepare for skirtings

The Final Result with
-New spoiler
-Front splitter
-Side skirts
-Rear diffuser
-Detailed interior
-Side mirrors
-Number plate

Some hidden details
Disc brakes and red brake calipers

My collection of Customs Nissan Skyline GTR 34

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you're getting better each time......congrats on your hobby..... Razz

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nice work on the side fender. The outcome really makes the car looks better.
Good job! cheers

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nice work on this baby rikmun
i like everything on it
the side mirrors are just right to scale !
and CF's are good

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