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  1. hello, not for the moment but it would indeed be a good idea to develop for forumsclub we will see if it is possible to add it to our list of improvements to be made
  2. thanks for the links. I just did several tests and it seems that these links were already broken in the source forum !
  3. Hello, Your two account has been merged. Regards
  4. hello @SLGray can I please have the url of some posts with this problem? thank you
  5. hello @NanDee thank you for sharing your opinion with us. like every new project, it takes time to adapt, especially if you are used to using similar systems. habits are hard to change but nothing is impossible. I don't know if you were at the launch of Forumotion, but forums only had a few features and the forumers said the same thing about the project. look at the large community that Forumotion has become today. but it would never have been possible without the support, patience and willingness of the forum membres and administrators who supported us and were patient until the project came to life. it is you users and admin of collabs who are the real resource of this project. by bringing your collabs to life, inviting your members, friends to join them and sharing them on social networks to make them known and attract people that you will succeed in growing your communities and ForumsClub with. in the meantime, we are accompanying you and making the project evolve technically by taking into account your feedbacks ;) regards
  6. Hello, For the moment, signatures are not allowed. We will then study the possibility of implementing them. Thank you for your understanding.
  7. Hello, For the moment, only default smileys are available. So you can't add your own.
  8. Clubber

    Support Album

    Upload here your images / screenshot
  9. Okay, got it. Little CSS problem. Nothing bad. It'll be fixed soon. Thank you for reporting it.
  10. hello, in order to avoid spam, this feature is not available at the moment. we will study the possibility of making it available to admins thank you for your understanding
  11. hello, this information has been clearly specified on the forum before it's importation. in the conversion request page : in the conversion confirmation page : we cannot therefore invest in development time to cancel work that is only just beginning and that needs your support in order to be launched and come to life ! this is not a test project but a community site that needs to live thanks to your actions and that is why we refuse requests to import test forums or other empty forums. we are counting on your support and understanding to make this project as flourishing as Forumotion that has also experienced difficulties before being there as you know it today thanks to the support of its community and forum administrators
  12. Hello, ForumsClub is a challenging project and is only at its launch. It goes without saying that new things will arrives but above all it is up to you as Collabs membres and admins to make it grow and live so that we can have an active community that justifies this kind of development
  13. Hello @Skouliki Once the forum is converted into a Collab, its content will no longer be accessible on the forum. The forum's activity will have to continue on its new Collab. This procedure is precisely there to avoid the duplicate content between the forum and its Collab because all the forum urls will answer with their equivalent in ForumsClub and not on the forum itself. Hoping it will be clearer for you now.
  14. Be sure to log in with the right admin account... the GC Meows and Purrs administrator is the account @Tomcat-meowsandpurrs and not @dad2paisley Please read my answer in this topic because it is the same for you
  15. Accounts merged, regards
  16. @dad2paisley can you please try again and tell me if you have access to these elements after refreshing the page (Ctrl F5 on your keyboard) : Reply to this topic button + text editor Website Management menu
  17. If the Forumotion forum had a custom domain name acquired via Forumotion we will redirect the domain to the new GC address but it is always the base address of the GC that will be the main address.
  18. @ivan192 we have no date to provide at this time.
  19. Bonjour @TheCrow Be careful not to confuse your accounts! The GC administrator of Crossroadz you imported is the account @TheCrow-crossroadz and not @TheCrow It is therefore normal that you do not have access to the website management with @TheCrow account. If you want to be able to manage your GC with the same account, you must request a merge of all your accounts as indicated here Thank you.
  20. Hello @dad2paisley What do you mean by "it won't let me as admin make posts" ? I see that you have access to all the GC administrator tools and website management tools. Can't you create a new topic? have you checked the permissions of your GC?
  21. Hello @SLGray Can you provide me with the 2 profiles that belong to you here on ForumsClub and that you want to merge ? Thank's
  22. Hello @SLGray Can I have the direct url of the indicated page please ? Thank you.
  23. There is currently no alternative. But there is still very little chance that the 20 mentioned forums will be imported here ...
  24. Duplicate user names can not normally be created. They exist because the data is imported without performing this check. To avoid problems we recommend : - to merge the accounts - or rename duplicate accounts
  25. Your two account has been merged. Regards
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