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  1. ok, thank you for the recommendation. we will soon publish an explanatory tutorial. also, a welcome PM with recommendations to what to do after registration is being prepared
  2. hello @NanDee you seem to have fixed the problem because i notice that the user who registered on your forum today has a member status
  3. hello, the forum package has no impact on its acceptance on ForumsClub. in addition to having an english forum, the other most important reason is having a forum with added value content. indeed, we systematically refuse the transfer of forums with little or no content, test forums,...etc.
  4. hello, the latest topics / images are displayed in the forum activity feed that at the page bottom. due to its potential length, the heartbeat tab is only displayed there and cannot be moved elsewhere to keep a correct display. thank you for your understanding
  5. hello @Tomcat i invite you to read this topic in which we have already given you an answer to this same question ;) the elements in the left column are part of the site and are therefore not customizable by admins.
  6. it's already done ;) we have done what is necessary and you should no longer have the problem. so don't worry :)
  7. hello @Hari Yamashite it has nothing to do with ForumsClub. If you have any problems with your Forumotion forum, please contact their support ;)
  8. hello, ForumsClub collabs admins do not have access to the admin panel. you are certainly talking about a Forumotion forum. In this case, please contact Forumotion support at the provided link tahnk's
  9. hello, thank you for this report. we're going to do what's necessary to correct that. regards
  10. hello, yes, we are aware of it. it was an update of the site theme that cancelled the last patch. at the moment, everything is back to normal thank you for the report.
  11. ForumsClub, Forumotion or any other platform are for the most part based on known scripts that have been customized to meet the project's needs. It is therefore not surprising to find other services based on the same script or principle... ;)
  12. Clubber


    It's a very beautiful image, I love it :)
  13. hello, I don't notice anything special in the indicated topic. It's a help request containing only text and an attached image. also, my antivirus doesn't detect anything on this page Probably a detection error of the heuristic analysis used by Kaspersky to spot suspicious characteristics that can be found. He may not have appreciated the topic title containing the words "forcing-re-name-username"... You can report this to them as a detection error ;)
  14. Bonjour @NanDee ForumsClub offers you the possibility to host your community in the form of a Club or Forum. Although relatively close, the Club and the Forum remain different. Club: A new way to create advanced communities. Whether open, closed or private, the Club is distinguished by its simplified structure. Collabs : All the possibilities of a modern hierarchical forum with public or private sections, group management, permissions, downloads, albums or even questions and answers. Having noticed the lack of interest of the community towards the Clubs, we have kept on ForumsClub only the Collabs that you will find here
  15. Hello @Sark Z Kalie IV It is a configuration of your profile that you can update from the option you will find in your Account Settings > Facebook : uncheck the choice "Update my display name here when my Facebook username changes".
  16. ForumsClub is an English site, so it is normal that only forums with English content can be created or transferred to it.
  17. hello @SLGray non-member means users connected to ForumsClub but not members of your forum. guests not connected to ForumsClub will not be able to download the content
  18. I am pleased to inform you about the addition of a new feature on ForumsClub : Topic thumbnail. From now on, when creating or editing a topic, you can set a preview as a thumbnail that can be automatically generated or attached manually. See you soon with other new features on ForumsClub.
  19. I don't talk about the default language you applied to your forum but about its content... ;)
  20. hello @SarkZKalie you can't import your forum on ForumsClub for the simple reason that it's not an English forum. Indeed, the ForumsClub project as well as the possibility to import the Forumotion forums above only concerns the English forums
  21. hello @Tomcat the only items I see on the left side are those in the navigation bar of the site that are essential to be able to use it. otherwise, please give us more explanations about what you mean
  22. hello @SLGray we have released a patch to this problem. can you please try again and tell me if you can still reproduce it now? we apologize for the inconvenience caused
  23. From the album: Wallpapers

    © ForumsClub.com

  24. hello, not for the moment but it would indeed be a good idea to develop for forumsclub we will see if it is possible to add it to our list of improvements to be made
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