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  1. yes Dave we must get out soon. Bandit passed its mot with flying colours.
  2. Just dropped the bike into Redcar Suzuki for its MOT and service. Looking at last years MOTand shit i've only done 2000 miles since last May, is that shit poor or what.
  3. Happy Birthday Mel hope Dave looks after ya today.
  4. shit Dave only just seen this . hope ya ok. will try and do some miles with ya this year on the bikes.
  5. just stopped raining here in Leicester been pissing it down all day.
  6. Both ways Dave you have to stop at the barrier and when the bloke in the kioske thing sees ya a bike he will lift the barrier.
  7. Dartford tunnel is free for bikes. Going from north( Essex ) to south (Kent) you go over the bridge coming back other way you go thiugh the tunnel. Hope you have a great weekend . i would have loved to have come along but can't make it due to other things (sorry). Have fun.
  8. yeah nice when somat like that happens
  9. you was luckey ya got it working again.
  10. just chill boys, don't get stress its all good.
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