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  1. I got a new Helmet, Leathers and Gloves for the wife last week! Bloody good swap that was!
  2. SOme nice toys there eh boys?
  3. GO FOR IT! Don't worry about upsetting the others by taking the position, you're not there to appease your colleagues, you're there because you want to do the job right and earn your wage, and get on in life.
  4. You do look a bit like Peter Sutcliffe yes,,,,, and why is your new bride wearing a set of musical pan pipes on here head, surely a Tiarra woould've been more appropriate.
  5. Had the same thing with Swinton and Dial Direct. They say, 'well, ermmm, internet offers can be slightly less that what we can quote in this office' Kin'll SAME COMPANY! feck's sake.
  6. AYe, certainly does help keep your costs down when you change insurer every year. You been comparing Meerkats Lee?
  7. Here ya go Dave http://www.farmyardparty.com/en/farmyard/a6240 Cracking party and chill-out weekend, Big bands on the big top stage, Comedy tent which if fecking excellent, Blues tent, loads of food outlets, REAL ALE too and not as expensive as your average town centre.
  8. hahahaha, whooop whooop, big fish little fish cardboard box
  9. Aye, all the best for the little fella, sad to see such a young life have to go through that, breaks your heart it does.
  10. Herb

    Hello from Weston!!

    Not'arf! 10 weeks off work, in plaster for eight of them, very embaressed. Suffering with my knee now 20 odd years on.
  11. AEROPLANE BLONDE. One who has bleached/dyed her hair but still has a 'black box'. Like that one! nice one.
  12. Herb

    Hello from Weston!!

    Lucky escape though eh? I can beat your record of one day though. When I was lad I got an RG125, insured it, donned my new Frank Thomas gear, set off, and a mere 2 miles from home, I fell off on a corner and broke my leg! DOH!
  13. Herb

    Hello from Weston!!

    Bloody hell mate, could have been a lot worse, did you get the brown smelly pants to go with the bruising? Happy to hear you're ok chap.
  14. Herb

    Eyup Na'then

    All good ere, been crazy with work since the bike mag feature, seems to have slowed down a bit now though, thank feck.
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