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  1. can't believe I've been away for such a long time and I'm still in the top 10 posts, now you all see plenty more of me all the best to you all Micky
  2. streetfighter

    I'm back

    How's everyone jus thought I'd pop back an say hi to you all, been away for a while but I'll keep poppin in now an then all the best Micky (street)
  3. Allo m8 welcome to the forum
  4. Glad you enjoyed your trip, have a safe journey home and make sure you let us all know you arrive home safe and sound
  5. Dave hope he gets well soon,and my thoughts go out to you and your family, you know I had cancer and when I hear something like this it makes me feel like it should ave been me, he is only a baby 11 years old he has had no life what so ever, sorry I put this up but it's just the way I feel and the way I am, my thoughts are with you all.
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