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  1. ooops sorry - told you some of that already !!!! Just so pleased with my progress I want to tell everyone lol!!
  2. Thanks everyone just to update (sorry I only post about me at the mo!!) but hopefully i'll be able to say I managed a bike ride 1 day - op went well - Tendon didn't have to be repaired but I had (surgeon words) a mass of very messy scar tissue that had to be removed (kinda like a frozen shoulder) can't believe the difference - PAIN free for the 1st time since last Aug . They had me doing physio LITERALLY a couple of hours after my op - Get up from that bed & work woman lol . Stitches came out wed & being doing physio daily - I have SOOOO much more movement already it's amazing & start Hydrotherapy this coming wednesday - swimming in a lovely warm pool - Bliss lol - Feeling REALLY positive for the 1st time since my off. Thanks for letting me share this with you & Thanks for your kind words of support - 1 VERY HAPPY BUNNY
  3. Well had my op - Shoulder very sore but the Tendon was ok so they just removed scar tissue. Started physio while I was in my hospital bed - bloody hell that hurts with fresh stitches!!! All I can do now is wait & see if I get a better range of movement after intensive physio - sadly i'm not that hopeful & my surgeon told me that I might just have to accept the outcome of the op or have even more sugery with no guarantees. Time will tell I guess - but on the positive side - i'll recover relatively quickly from the surgery & at least it wont be months before I can drive like last time http://i909.photobucket.com/albums/ac295/1964rockchick/P10005741600x1200.jpg Sorry USELESSSSSSS at adding pics !!!
  4. My Fazer 1000 - the way it's going with me op it'll be a bloody classic before I get to ride it again !!
  5. Great tattoos - love that they have such a great meaning for you
  6. Well I have just had a call from my consultants secretary to say after a VERY long wait - my op date is the 10th Aug> I have to admit I'm scared!! if they got it right the 1st time I wouldn't be needing it - So 'm praying ( athesist me lol ) that it goes right this time . IF I get decent mobility back in my left arm there's a fair chance I will be able to ride again but IF not - )-: But i'll still be able to give my worse half a good slap with my right so all is not lost & i'll be buying a trike TBH it's the 3 months of physio before I really get to know the results that's the worst - So roll on November lol & hopefully it'll be time
  7. fazergill


    welcome to the best forum around ( might be a bit quiet for a day or 2 as most of them are off partying)
  8. Excellent taste in bikes - Lovely
  9. Not many pics i'm afraid (try taking pics when you can only hold the camera in 1 hand over peoples heads lol - mostly blurred!! ) http://i909.photobucket.com/albums/ac295/1964rockchick/P10005371600x1200.jpg [img]http:/ Tried to upload short video & more pics but gave up LOL !!
  10. Im paying for it tonight but well worth it when you getting the knee sorted?Hopefully no later than september sooner the better though Soooo Glad you got out on the bike Stu Just hope you get your op date. I was on a 20 week waiting list in DECEMBER - Still Bloody waiting
  11. FANTASTIC weekend - Greg won - knackered - will post more when i've recovered
  12. So who would you like to win Stu ?? & who do reckon will ??
  13. & getting covered in shale if you stood on the bends & getting high on the smell lol . Don't you just love Healthy & Saftey for ruining our fun !!!!
  14. Well roll on saturday when I'll be in Cardiff at the Speedway GP Wooohooo ^ we got the POSH seats (yep lol paid a fortune but get in early & a meal & 1 free drink ) & will be sat right on the start/finish line So ok - it would be great to see Bomber win - but sadly - like that#s gonna happen again !! So i'm rooting for Greg Hancock ( would LOVE to see this true speedway gent win again before he's to old lol ! ) Or Jason Crump - well he's as good as British :-) or Chris holder - he certainly deserved to win last year - so please guys & gals keep your fingers & toes crossed for my top 3 faves. GOD FORBID Tomasz Gollob or Emil Sayfutdinov win ( my most hated riders) - I will be in more tears than when Chris Harris won LOL. Have to admit I am really worried my ( & my other halfs ) hard earned cash will have been spent on tix to see Gollob win Well just have to wait till saturday to see Hopefully i'll be back on next week with a smile on my face & some pics. But you can watch it on sat on Sky sports 2 at 4.30pm . Keep your fingers crossed for my faves please Thanks
  15. Funnily enough I posted that on facebook the other day - Love it
  16. Lol I Read everything on here too- I Love this site - just haven't got anything much "bikey" to post at the mo . Hope you get a date for your op soon - if not get Mrs Stu to sort it bike wise - No Shame in going pillion apart from the fact that she gets the final say in what goes in the panniers LOL
  17. Well as some of you know I still can't ride my bike (sold it to the other half lol JUST in case ) & him indoors managed to break his wrist while working abroad - So can't go even pillion So this year so far has been a bit of a downer as you can imagine ! But we did get tix for Radio 1's Big weekend & got to see the Foo Fighters & it was held in Carlisle where we live !!! AMAZING - (nothing ever usually happens in Carlisle ) Then went to see Foreigner/Journey/Styx in Birmingham ( managed to drive there between us lol ) Excellent & next weekend is the British Grand Prix i Cardiff ( the highlight of my year so far ) . So what do you or would you do if you can't be on your bike ??? apart form LOL ??
  18. pulled mine backwards out of the garage (sitting on it ) cleaned it - then tried to ride it back into the garage (maybe .0000001? of a mile ) couldn't hold clutch with knackered left arm - stalled - pushed it back in - oh well at least we both got to see the sunshine
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