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  1. Well as far as I can say it is everything the Bandit is not. Comfy, powerfull, Honda quality build, reliable. But one thing it wont have is any SOUL. It may well bore you abit like James May on Top Gear.
  2. Well no matter how hard I wind the throttle on it will not lift & that is reaching about 120 in third. Mind you I have never been taught how to get it off the ground & probable would freak out & end up dumping it
  3. Not convinced espcially the clandestine burial. Anyways if he is truly dead there will be 10 others ready & trained to replace him.
  4. welcome Black Dog where about in West Wales??
  5. Back as well all safe:) Great day I really nice to meet a group of likeminded friends. Ride safe all & see you soon.
  6. Itchy you going to be there tomorrow M8??
  7. hehe rekon i'll need fuel alot earlier have a station near Hereford which is open . Also have your number Stue if i'm running late will give u a text.
  8. You all still meeting at Quatford tomorrow? If so I shall make my way up there weather looks good. Tell me will the gas stations be open? From Abergavenny if I leave at 9am should get there for 11:30. Look forward to meeting you Rob
  9. Nice bike m8 just keep enough in the wallet for ongoing repairs
  10. Thanks for the pictures gravel was wondering what the dampened ones looked like compared to the aftermarket ones.
  11. Just spoke to the previous owner & he had fitted a full DID kit front/back & chain. So now I'm well happy that the noise will be the undampened front sprocket.
  12. Just an addition that was not mentioned in my first post. The howel only occurs under load either when I drop down from 5th to 4th or when I shift up from 3rd to 4th. It also only occurs between 30-40 mph. Gravel thanks for the advice need to check from the previous owner about the sprocket & will try the hugger idea.
  13. Aquired as is. Only 2 major mods are the can & the jackup kit. The rest of the bike is standard apart from the cosmetic stuff. The polished areas are nice but after any wet road rides u will spend at least an hour getting the shine back.
  14. I have a further query to this thread. Agreed K&N pods will need at least stage 2 or 3 depending on your can. However, leaving the K&N out of the equation. If you fit a can then u may get away with doing nothing. Ok now you decide to stubby that fitted can would I be correct in thinking that one may now need to fit at least a stage 1 kit????
  15. I own a K1 series B12 & have always noticed a howel comming from the transmission especially noticeable in fourth gear. There has never been any sloppiness in the gear shifts nor any gear dropouts. The bike pulls like a train in all gears & the only gear misses are rider induced when I wear my steel toecapped work boots, which are rather clumbsy. I have heard other K1 owners with the same noises & was wondering if the gears are straight cut and maybe this would be the cause. Bike has done shy of 24K been fully maintained & systematically serviced using correct semi synth oils. All advice welcome
  16. http://img534.imageshack.us/i/bikepictures090.jpg/
  17. darkember


    Hi there everyone, I'm new to many yet old to others who know me from the bandit forums. Nice to be here thanks.
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