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  1. id rather get the clap then use JLS jonnies pmsl
  2. im thinking its dave with a split personality. if it makes you happy ill re-set my pass again
  3. haha im serious. i reset my pass to a random thing and forgot what it was, just its automatic at home lmao.
  4. sorry chad here. that was me not kai i forgot my pass and round his. could you PM to kai's "this" username please
  5. cant make it this year from chad cant remember my password haha
  6. ill take them thanx i had 36p in bank but kai owns me a tax disc holder so he can get these instead do you have paypal? if you do could you pm me it please? Thanx
  7. hahahaha are you the kid btw :P
  8. haha whats that say about you then chad being the inviter ? :P
  9. i so many to list drawing shooting photography bikes of course love working on em want to learn how to spray and rework bodys on em to trolling forums :P buying stuff with money i dont have selling the stuff i bought to get outa debt painting pircing tattoos armoursmith leatherworking blade work karate my x-box o how i love you lol reading and in my spair time work and lookin after the family lol freekin hell thats a novel im sure edit novelist hell yea
  10. hey peeps just joind up thanks to chad boy haha nice sight ya got here dave
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