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  1. i know i know its a bike forum but had to let you know my daughter passed her driving test start of the week so went to the people ive got my and 4x4 insured with they quoted my £10.000 for an old fiesta that i paid £300 for. ive done lots of checking on the meerkat and compare sites and managed to get it down to £2.200 just seems hard on young drivers she needs car to get a job and needs a job to insure the car
  2. he desnt like 4 stroke motors they dont seem to have as much get up and go as a 2 stroke twist and go motor
  3. yet again my lad pushes his bike home only he's done it proper this time. Now i have to be rebuild the engine cant really blame him tho looks like the oil pump packed up and siezed it. Not too bad to do it's only about £80 for a new top end thats the beauty of a two stroke cheap to fix but this is the third engine in 2 bikes blew the first one up twice. What do you guys and gals think about throwing the oil pump away and pe-mixing? ive things for and against but would welcome your thoughts just to let you know his bike is a gilera dna 50cc
  4. just finished rewiring and replacing stuff on my lads gilera dna after he was doing routine servicing (chuffing messing) its taken me 2 days he managed to short the starter motor,blow the battery,melt the wiring to the stator(alternator) and break the key off in the ignition all in one day this boy is good(at breaking things)
  5. Why do car drivers insist in missing the end of my handle bars by bloody inches when they overtake i may not be fast(50cc) but ive got lights on and i ride so they can see me is it just me or do any of you guys and girls get the same thing
  6. was going to quit smoking but im not a quitter
  7. the man is a legend wish i could build half the stuff he has. love his traction engine
  8. guys this is by far the best welcome ive ever had from a forum i think i'll be around for a while
  9. ghostrider13


    Hi all dont know if i'll be frowned upon ive only got a little 50cc twist and go benelli that i use to nip to the pub or into town it may not be fast but its all good fun and i dont have to take the wife i know you guys with big bikes probably dont like scooters but its got 2 wheels and i dont have to sit in traffic which makes me smile
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