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  1. I have tried to get the event posted on BikerMatch but I may have left it too late
  2. I don't have any camping equipment but only about 1hr 20mins away. Would like to come and say hi on Saturday. What is the plan for the ride out, what time you leaving?
  3. Have you seen this option? http://www.mockettsfarm.co.uk/ all cottages currently available the two nights Fri/Sat 17/18 August. Cost would depend on how many wanted accommodation, but could be down to £63.75 for the two nights.
  4. Oh yes, the best one gotta say, as much as i hate the look of the new zed's, yours in the green looks good Very pretty
  5. could stay at mine saturday night ready for Sunday as if any one else needs a floor for the night .im just round the corner from dave's How kind! You don't know me from Adam... or Eve! Will be running Race for Life on Saturday and may have to right off the rest of the day. Really appreciate the offer though.
  6. Is anyone coming up from Essex? I would love to join you all but I think it's too far for me in a day. Unless I could join in on route, say the optional toilet stop near the A1 which would be under 2 hours from home.
  7. That's brilliant. Well done to your daughter. I am running the Brentwood Race for Life on Saturday but it will take me a lot longer!
  8. I first did the May Day Run about 30 years ago - yes on my RD350 - good times! Started at Locks Bottom, near where I lived. It has become huge now, a bit scarey.
  9. Ian, do you mind me asking how much this costs? Cheers, Carole PS lovely dog... sadly I had to have my 12 year old labrador put down today - heartbroken - need to get back out on my bike
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