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  1. My other half thinks my five pairs is to many, I'll show her this pic to prove i need some more. cheers.
  2. Iv'e been very lucky this year i got one of these as well very useful. [img][/img]
  3. [img][/img] this is what i got it was to cold in the garage to put it together,so when the wife fell asleep after dinner i borrowed the kitchen.What she don't know won't hurt her.cheers
  4. I might have some stainless steel strip at work I think it's about 30mm wide by 3mm thick and about 12 inches long, would that be any good to mount your indicators. cheers.
  5. Where are you getting your powder coating done I've got a pair of fork legs that need doing. cheers
  6. is this the one that's at the national motorcycle museum if it is i saw it back in the summer,there was also a 3 cylinder norton commando there, a good day out.
  7. Tried this today it didn't work,it froze will give it another go.
  8. Got this on android for my galaxy s2,let you know when I've tried it out
  9. front pads luckily the caravan brakes work well
  10. http://i1241.photobucket.com/albums/gg516/Phil_Read/th_20120917_163211.jpg?t=1347901884http://i1241.photobucket.com/albums/gg516/Phil_Read/20120917_163158.jpg?t=1347901697 Any one had this happen, on the M27 towing the caravan with a mondeo,braked in traffic,not hard and the pad lining came away from the metal backing.I had to pump the brakes to get the pressure back and slow down.the pads and discs were only about 10 months old, and the pads were only a third worn.When changed the pads on both sides two of the others fell apart.Any one else had this happen.
  11. Well it would only sit in my garage, I'd eventually forget what it was for or it would disappear in all of my other stuff.Plus this is what these forums should be about.
  12. you can have it i don't want anything for it. cheers
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