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  1. fair enough, it's just the earth seems absolutely fine and I've tried several different relays so i'm having trouble diagnosing the problem. The best result I got the indicators blinked too quickly, the worst being they came on but didn't blink at all. Tried a resistor and they blinked too quick but dim
  2. Is it possible for a faulty Rectifier to cause indicator issues? Just trying to figure out a theory a friend threw at me
  3. Glad I found this thread. My indicators are playing merry hell, they aren't even LED, bought 3 relays, none made any difference. bearing in mind my bike is a Suzi GN 250 I tried my friends relay off his Yammy TW 125 and for some bizarre reason it worked, although they blinked a bit quick. With the relays specifically for the GN 250 they either didn't blink at all or just didn't come on :/ I'm guessing a new alternative relay and a resistor might be the way forward?
  4. LOL, love it. Although I'm only 22 and I'm already feeling half of that list
  5. lol, If I got them I'd be gasket sealing them. Doubt they're very hard wearing.
  6. Sure, I'll get the bonfire going lol
  7. they've gone now, sorry guys
  8. same as these- ebay 50 litre sorry, god knows where I got that figure from. bought them from a friend for £40, I'd take £20 for them
  9. How much is he asking?
  10. Got a set of Blue and reflective silver Oxford Sports Panniers for sale. barely used. 2x 7ltr roughly with extra compartments. Few oil stains, heat resistant bottoms. Come with water proof cover bags. If you're interested make me an offer, I don't fancy posting them as postage would take the mick.
  11. I've got one I need to get rid of, Don't know what brand it is but it's never let me down. Has a see-through compartment, a main compartment (10 ltr roughly) then can be expanded to double. HOWEVER, it does have a pretty nasty hole in the bottom, could be stitched back up, somehow nothing has ever fell out of it. If you want it make me an offer.
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