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  1. hi had a thunderace, when they first came out,in the nineties, and it was a stonking bike, took it to my mates bike shop in sheffield and he was well impressed, it was at that time the fastest bike i had been on and i had been on many. underated bike and im still looking for a good one to come up steve
  2. fantastic edge of the seat stuff, rossi superb steve
  3. hi a6, how about the shell garage at allestree on the a6, just after you go over the a38, i live about 1/4 mile away steve
  4. hi m8 you passing through through derby, i may link up and come along steve
  5. hi "wow" now that is a reason to emigrate to alabama steve
  6. hi this is quite funny, donuts from the front end but looks like it didnt go to plan steve
  7. hi or a spark plug / pool ball in a football sock , steve
  8. hi not just bikers, was out on sunday on the b king and stupid range rover driver would not get outta the outside lane on a duel carriagway , nothing on his inside, so i pulled along the inside of him and just gestured that he should move over to inside lane, i carried on so that i ended up in front of him, meanwhile he took exception to me telling him to move over and was flashing his lights right up my ass , and next minute he undertook me and just came over in front of me with barely enough room for him to squeeze in front of me and the car in front, at 70 miles per hour that is pretty scary, had to brake quick , followed by him giving the finger, so aint just bikers steve
  9. lolz, i got a gold rotary watch not worked for a while do you think you can fix it dave ?? steve
  10. sheesh if they get one in derbys then im screwed steve
  11. hi must admit that seems cheap, very cheap, may be a case of sucking and see steve
  12. on my bike ramp/lift, with ratchet straps fron ramp to rear pegs tensioned slightly to imitate body weight, easy, but always done from side stand as per free play measurements, anyway, done like this for years steve
  13. hi wanna try painting both rear quarters and a front wing in between snow flurries outside on a bmw 320, gave up yesterday , then today nearly had it licked and then it rained, bah, gonna stick to painting bike plastics inside ,lol, steve
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