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  1. Did any of you answer the poll? It asked things as what we liked most and some of the answers were playing with our pet, decorating,running ,fishing, visiting friends,and their were a lot of cooking related questions as well as how did we earn coins and if we bought cash coins. No idea if this has something to do or it's more future related.
  2. Love reading, right now im reading My sister's keeper
  3. Love all items much more than this weeks
  4. Oh my !! This is absolutely wonderful !! Need to visit friends for more coins lol
  5. I will miss those envelopes but surely won't miss the 50 coins it gives me everyday!!!! lol
  6. Just tried it and it works!!! Never used the old trick as i was totally unaware of it ,so this comes handy Thank You for sharing
  7. I love Xmas!!! Decorating the tree and house with my daughter.Our dinner just the two of us and our traditional sitting outside in the garden watching fireworks while eating ice cream!!! As you can see it's not always about having tons of people surrounding you ,it's about how special it's the person by your side. It's about seeing families rushing to buy presents or doing them themselves to make someone else happy.For us it is always waaarmmmm but nevertheless it's special. It seem Christmas is coming early this year maybe it's the need for something better to happen. Love the decorations on the streets, on the malls, the ads and the feeling it's Christmas Eve when you can't find people on the streets at 6 pm. Sometimes i get a little sad for times gone by but nothing that my daughters smile can't take away
  8. People are already decorating their houses with last year Christmas items. I think it's too soon, let's not forget Thanksgiving comes first
  9. Nowadays... The Office Lost Grey's Anatomy Ghost Whisperer Cold Case ... sooo many more !!!
  10. Solcito

    More Sales

    Just stopped by the shop and items already are on sale , is this normal?
  11. Solcito

    More Sales

    Thank You !! Im always concerned with what is going to be on clearance :shok:
  12. Any ideas where the Clearance Sale will be?
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