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  1. Hello all, I have a question. As I make this attempt to get to know & bond with the lord I want to know when is the best time to heed the advice from my loved ones & when should I heed the advice of the lord?? A prophet told me tht I disreguard my friends & ive been guilty of tht & it scares me I dnt want to repeat tht. Im beginning to notice tht when im spending time with to the lord I dnt want to tell my friends about it. Not out of shame, I feel like im gonna burst some days thts how bad I want to share my good news. But im so afraid to fail with this. I feel tht people look at u different when working with the lord I dnt want to be view as a hypocrite, or a liar. I feel kind of bad because im hiding him u know? But at the same time I feel like I can focus on just him & I because I am concerned about my well being spiritually. Is this wrong??? Please let me know.
  2. thnk u connie for the verse tht brings u peace. I will be reading it...i needed the wake up call I will not deny tht & I appreciate my friend for being honest. but also I feel tht there wasnt enough encouragement u know? Feeling down like tht is not of the lord & now I know tht....i'l be sure to remember tht if I ever help any1 whos lost thier way. To every1 who responded & gave me these words of wisdom it is appreciated more than u know. Thnk u all & god bless.
  3. I would like to strt by thnkng everyone who responded to the email I sent it meanse everything to me. its like dreamster said, wht my friend has told me about myself may be fact, but its not the truth. The woman who spoke to me at the deli I held onto tht for days & the my friend to tell me the things she's seen, those are definately clashing right now. Like I said tht moment of happiness I had I felt like it was taken & it hurt my feelings so bad. I come home feeling like maybe I can do this & then read a msg & feel dwn all over again. In my mind I didnt picture a god whos pulling me off the ground & telling its alright, I got u & we'll try it again :) I seen a god who was mad & I felt like him & my friend just sat & tlkd about me. I have to remember tht the way god loves us, is the complete opposite of how we love each other... Daphnie, thnk u for those verses I will be reading them..
  4. It has helped. I felt like the little happiness I experienced when tht woman tlkd to me at th deli was taken. It hurt my feelings because I felt like I just cnt catch a break. I know ive made some stupid mistakes and im stubborn when it comes to change but maybe the last thing I needed was to be let down. Now I feel like ill nver be able to change.
  5. The rest of tht day was perfect. & then to hear something so different from my friend who is gifted. Either im too sensitive, it was bad timing, or the devil is really busy. I cant make heads or tails of this. I dnt know too much about wht I need. Im already scared & the last thing I need is discouragement. Plz, alot of responses are needed.
  6. I have a question, what exactly does a prophet do???? I heard that they come to confirm things god has already shown us.. I have a close friend ho has such a gift. Everything she's seeen in my life good & bad has come to pass. We have been true speaking recently & she told me th true t my soul is in trouble. I have problems with firgiveness & faith. Thts just to name a few. The things she'said are true. I want to change my ways so bad but I feel tht im too weak & lazy to do so. When I say Jesus died for my sins & that he loves me all I can do is say it when i dnt feel it in my heart its scaring me because im trying to build my faith, tlk to the lord, & i'll be happy & the little faith I have might just get bigger, then hearing whts going on with my soul is discouraging. I am in no way trying to make excuses for myself nor am I bashing my friend she has left a huge impact on my life & I know tht if something is wrong & ur friend doesnt tell u then they dnt care. Maybe I needed to be shaken up. But I cant shake the feeling tht something isnt right. About a week ago, I was helping a woman in the deli she said god bless u & at first I didnt say anything because I feel tht I dnt deserve anything the lord has to give me. She asked me did I believe in our lord & savior jesus christ? I told her I try. She said tht god has a big plan for me & to stay strong. She told me to read my bible even if its just one verse a day. U have no idea how en encouraging it was to see god break through like tht. All I could say was, through all this he still loves me & I heard him say, im still here.
  7. everything shes ever seen in my life or said has come to pass in my life. There is alot of power in this woman.
  8. my friend ment no harm by what she told me. Because she's right & it definately shook me up. She gave me a book in the bible to read corinthians im strtng there &I will do wht u said dreamster. Any godly advice is needed right about now.
  9. Thnk u so much for yiur reply. I need the positive reinforcement badly. I was at work & I felt like I have a problem with believing in something tht I cannot see. & it made me wonder if that is me saying I dnt believe in god?? My answer was im not sure if I do or not. It scared me. In that instant I felt empty like nothing was there but @ the same time there was also something inside of me that refused to accept that & I didnt want to settle with tht. I wasnt comfortable. Im not a strong person right now, very weak I finally understand wht "the flesh is weak, but the spirit is willing. I positioned tht all wrong but u get my gist right? Lol
  10. What is faith? Because I fnt have it. Lately ive been battiling with myself about god. I havent been spending time with him like I should. I haveva friendd who is also a prophet & she told me im in alot of trouble my soul is. Im not a forgiving person. I dnt know how to let things go, dnt know how to forgive, & let it go sincerely. & I read my bible, & I read the thngs u all have posted in here about how much god loves us Its :baeautiful but it wont resinate in my heart. I want/need to change my ways but I fear tht I am too weak & too lazy to do it......dnt know wht else to do with myself. If I dnt change I WILL be going to hell.
  11. hello, im asking for prayer in thearea of my job. Im being bullied by my manager. We had an arguement on saturday about helping a customer. I am a Deli clerk at grocery store, new to the department and was trained that we always look out for each othr & help each other too. I plan on speaking with her today about how the issue affected me. I'm not the only one she's treating this way. Im just praying that the lord works in my favor today. Thanking everyone in advance for your prayers.
  12. In need of prayer. I think i'm spirituall dead. For the a couple of month's now I've noticed that i dont feel the way I used to when I'm praying. i dont feel lit in my spirit when I'm reading my bible, It doesn't resonate within me. It's like I feel nothing, & i cant hear him. i know he's right here with me through it all but there's something different about this but there is something different about this. He has something for me to do & when I decided not to do it is when I began to notice this. Please pray that the Lord will guide & bring me through this.
  13. my sister & i were talking one night & she said i looked Humble. kinda caught me off guard because i've never been told that. I dont really think i'm humble i can be mean @ times. i was wondering What does it mean to be humble & how does someone carry themselves that way. i would also like to know what does Humility mean? i've decided to take on one of the problems i have. i want to overcome my issue withbeing prideful. it's an ugly quality & I dont want it to cause me to lose more than i've already lost. Any advice is appreciated.
  14. Hello cloud, we are in the same boat. i understand where you're coming from when it comes to companionship. Cholette is right, you are in the RIGHT place even if it doesn't feel like it God will never more on us than we can bear. Focus on building your relationship with the Lord first & everything will begin to fall into place & wait Patiently for him. God Bless you!
  15. I will be praying for you as well. I used to cut myself a couple of years back. i was looking for a way out but i can assure you continue to seek out the Lord. Do not give up he has a mighty work for you. I believe that when the Enemy see our potential & how powerful we can really be so he puts thing's in our way to stop us. i am still a work in progress but looking for him saved my life!!! Do you have any friends that can help you with this issue??
  16. i was also wondering, alot of times I look at the situation to see if there was anything that i had done to make a person react the way they do to me & I think i do that to see if there's any forgiveness that needs to happen. Idk if that's practical or not. & how does one handle being selfish, prideful, & has issues with lying. i cant seem to be open & honest with the people that are the closest to me. My friends & dont feel like I can just relax & be myself around them. they've always protected me, guided me through all kinds of thing's & i dont know how to treat them. & with the way thing's are going in this world I seriously have to get it together & i dont have the strength to do that. i know we dont know the day nor the hour that Christ will return but i can feel in my spirit that he fis getting ready reclaim what it his. i dont want to miss out on eternal life because of my pride & selfishness.
  17. I've probably asked this question before, How do u know when you've truly forgiven someone, & how do you forgive yourself. i've made alot of milettstakes in my past & i'm having difficult time letting those feelings go. I know that God will forgive me for my sins but when it comes to forgiving myself idk...
  18. Thanks you guys for the replies it really helps. The hardest part is trying to stay consistant in spending time with the Lord. @ times when I feel that i am getting stronger i tend to drift away from him. which sucks because before i know it I've landed on my face again. smh, Plz keep me in your prayers. & once again i appreciate your help.
  19. hello, I have a few questions & a problem i'm trying to understand. a couple of years ago I used to be this person who was truly happy with being who i was. I wasn't easily manipulated, i someone didn't like me it didn't matter to me. & despite the differences my mother & I have had she taught me to be strong & to take care of myself. my question is how do I get back the positive traits that God gave me? cant I even get them back? & i've been struggling with wanting to the things that God needs me to do. I'm having a major problem with pride to the point where i don't want to pray. that happens often. I'll be fine for a while & then i'm back to having these feelings again. what to do, what to do.
  20. I really liked this post i needed to read that :)
  21. Hello everyone, im seeking prayer in the area of health. I have recently been diagnosed with Pid. This has been an ongoing problem but my previous doctors didnt have any answers about what was going on. I moved to nevada recently which is where i was diagnosed. They also see that i have a hight white blood cell count. So far, all my test results have shown that im fine. Im asking for prayer that whatever my body is fighting will be identified and that i can be treated.ALL YOUR PRAYERS ARE MORE THAN APPRECIATED! Thank you.
  22. I have a question & what we do in the dark, will come to the light. I know that god sees everything we do & that we will have to answer for the things we've done. My question is, that if we reconize that we have done something wrong(even if its more than one thing) & we are truly sorry for what we have done will we still pay for that?? because I notice that eventhough I've asked for forgiveness stuff still seems to happen I know that god forgives & washes our sins away, but sometimes It makes me feel like its kind of a contradiction if things still happen to a person Makes me wonder what is the point in asking for forgiveness??....it worries me.
  23. Hello blessings all, i have a question. What rights do we have as christians??? i know we have the authority to bind and cast out demons & even heal but I want to know what other rights do we have??
  24. Hey I have a question...I've been wanting to know tis for a while now. When reading the bible how should what you're reading be taken??? should it be taken literally, should it be taken metaphorically? Some say literally, some symbolically. when I'm reading my bible I'm not really sure how to take some of what i'm reading and it bothers me a little bit because I think i might be missing something important & I dont want to do that. i really want to know the people's P.O.V. on this.
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