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  1. hello, My name is raven & i used to be on this site very often & i'm just now getting back in here everyone who has spoken to me on this site in the past have been such a wonderful help & it is more than appreciated. i've been going through some things with my friends & alot of spiritual warfare with myself thoughts of suicide...I'm not going to put it out there in public but all i will say is that I would like to talk to someone about it privately is thats alright....I need help.
  2. I was walking away when she attacked me. I'll admit that I may have put my foot in my mouth verbally but not in telling her to harm me....this situation really really sucks.
  3. Hello Everyone, I am in need of despertate Prayer. I feel like I am being attack on all sides & emotionally I dont know what to do. I was in an altercation on 5/7/10 & i was hurt badly. I had to go to the hospital God is good & the injury to my head was'nt to bad. The assailant that I had the altercation with was arrested that night. I was told that night that she was looking to harm me, & that she is not the type to stop @ anything she does. Her court date was today 5/11/10 & she was not released but a member of her family (sister) was there & is as we speak she's getting the money to bail her out. She is going to trial & I feel so weak because I have never been in this situation before. I HATE IT I was thinking about moving away but where I live i've been there since I was 14 its what I know & I dont feel like I should have to give that up. I am concerned because her sister has been looking @ my friends very badly when they pass by I dont know what she's capable of doing & I dont want anyone harmed in any way. My friends have been supportive throughtout this whole ordeal. i am worried about the safety of my family If someone cant get to the source, they'll go for the next closest person. there are sick people out there & it saddens me deeply. I am just asking that everyone keep me & my loved ones in your prayers. I am hoping that justice is served. I pray for the woman everyday because deep down she really needs help & there's something going on that is beyond her control. "It is neither flesh or bone that we wrestle against."
  4. I have a question, I'm still in the beginning of my walk with christ & in doing so, I've decided that I want to remain celibate until I am married. I know its not going to be an easy thing for me to do & I think that it may be a little more difficult for me because Lust is a very big problem for me & I have trouble resisting that urge. I was wondering what else can I do along with reading the word about that? Also, Idk if this question get asked alot on this site but I was wondering is it really a sin for a person to masterbate?? I've heard that for men god looks at that as them wasting their seed, what does i say about women? I think I might be a lil confused here. What is the actual answer to that? I hope this question has'nt made anyone uncomfortable.
  5. Thank you, I kinda figured that's what god was saying. That question just came out of nowhere & I was like, "hmmm, let me ask that." lol :) thanks again.
  6. Hey this just crossed my mind...if two people of the same gender get married if the world considers that marrige, then how does God view that? does he consider that marrige null & void?? does it count?
  7. Thank you So much for all your support & guidance everyone.
  8. SCGirlygrl, I dont mind discussing this, I was in a foster home when I real little & alot of things have went down in that home. i was beaten alot but I cant remember or recall being touched the wrong way, or molested. I am not offended by your question in the least ok? Lola, I have brother that's gay & he's getting married soon. Where they live gay marrige is legal. My family does not know that I am against gay marrige & I am Very afraid to tell them because I feel that they would think that I'm looking down on them & that they would look at me differently. As for my friends its hard to talk to them about it because they feel that no one has the right to tell someone who they can or can't marry it should'nt be a limit. they think i'm messed up for feeling that way. I believe that marrige is something that is sacred between a man & a woman & that it should remain that way. I think that mankind has ruined enough things on this earth that God has put here why make it worse??? I do not look at any of my family/friends any differently because of the life styles they chose to lead. I do feel that sometimes I have to seperate myself from my friends being that the temptation is so strong at times. Its like, a person who just stopped drinking & you put them in front of a bunch of liquor. you really expect them not to drink?? I dont think we stop enough to sit & think about how the things we do really affect or hurt god. "how would he feel if i did this, or that?" i'm learning that now.
  9. Thank you, I will not lose heart I get through it little by little everyday.
  10. I was talking to two of my friends one day. They're women & they're in a relationship together. They were speaking to a minister one day & one of my friends explained to the minister that she has lost alot of friends because she's in a gay relatioinship. The minister said that they were commiting a sin aswell by judging them & that they would suffer a consequence too. Is that true?? I have another question...what do you do if you yourself have the spirit of homosexuality but that is not the life you want to lead?? I struggle with that & because of what the bible say I refuse to act on that urge. It has been very difficult I have a few family members that are gay & lesbian. So since this is in my family Would that be considered a genarational curse??? How do you co-exsist in something like that? & why do people frown upon it so much if that person chooses to distance themselves from that type of lifestyle?
  11. Lola, by space I mean getting away from them :) even if it was for a little while. but based on what will happen when I decide to have my space God has told me to "Be prepared to lose them Permenantly." So im taking that as a sign that God is getting ready to move. I had a best friend that began her relationship with the Lord & she distanced herself from me. I was upset, & I got mad. I thought she didnt want to be my friend. It was'nt until I began to take god seriously & walk with that i understood why she left. I feel that my friends wonde understand that until they've made that choice aswell. Cholette. Thank you for your bluntness I needed to hear that. My mother's been getting on me about that. This is something that has to be done. I have to walk alone I know with God i'm never entirely alone & that gives me alot of peace. Amen Amen!!
  12. Hello again, I was wondering what do you do when God called you to do Something & you know you have to do it but your still tied to your friends?? Whenever im going through something I tend to retreat & seek out God I've been wanting to do that more since i've been going through trials with my friends. Last Year, My friends & I spoke to an evangelist prophet. She told me that "I will do what it is that God has set for me to do." & that i'm not leaving until I do it. I have not been the same since. Now I have this urgency to move for him what ever he wants i'm down for it LOL. The Lord has been tugging at my spirit to move, he's been asking me what i've been doing. I'll admit that i've been kinda doing my own thing but i'm getting tired & spiritually restless. My friends say that if I take space from them then we might as well just be enemies. I have'nt told them how i've been feeling out of fear that they'll just think that i'm using God as an excuse...What do I do?
  13. Amen Amen you guys. Thank you for your wisdom I will follow what god has asked me to do..
  14. Hello, I was wondering is it possible for someone to become still( I mean to become quiet) while being in your circle of friends. Me & my friends have been going through it lately i've made a few mistakes this has opend my eyes & got me to take a really hard look at how I feel & treat my loved ones but i'm having a hard time moving past the guilt. I know it's one thing to feel bad about doing something wrong but that does'nt mean that we have to dwell in that. I feel like i'm not growing spiritually with that in my way. Something is telling I need to be still & quiet even when I'm with my friends Im not sure if its from the Lord or the enemy. that's the confusing part for me.
  15. Hello, My names Raven. I am asking prayer reguarding my safety. I have a problem with an ex love. I'm not sure if I may have done something to him or not but he has a woman out looking for me to harm me. Two of my friends found about it & informed the woman that nothing will happen to me as long as their around the woman wont does'nt do anything when my friends are together the woman wants to catch me alone. I cant leave my house alone, walk down the street alone, & i have to constantly look over my shoulder. No one should have to live in fear like that. I cant go to the authories about it because that will only make my situation worse. The woman who is looking for me is gang affiliated & i dont know what she's capable of so i'm like a sitting duck right now. My ex also said that he can send people to my house i am deeply upset about that in particular because its my mom & brother as well. I will do whatever I have to do to protect them. I've been praying over this situation because I dont want anyone getting hurt or losing their freedom. It should not have to come down to that. I just found this forum I did'nt know we could post our prayers like this. Thank you everyone who took the time to read this & for your prayers. I am a firm believer that there is power in our prayers. GOD BLESS!!
  16. The same things been happening to me..I either dont remember the dream, or I remember it for a little while & then i'll forget..this has been happening for almost a month now its very frustrating to me.
  17. WOW, I've never been to this part of the site before...awww, i'm glad I came in here!! I did not expect this!! Thanks you guys!! my birthday was a blessed one...
  18. I have a question. How do u know if that person is for you? I know there's someone out there for me because i feel it in my spirit, & they feel close by. I think I may have found him but there's a problem. We've dated before & it did'nt end well. When trust is broken its hard to rebuild it. I've had dreams about him my mother & her friend came to me in that dream & told me that he's the one for me but he's not ready which i understand being that we both have things to work on in our lives. We were hanging out one day & there was something that he said I just pieced this together recently. My best had a dream that i was pregnant & i said something about taco bell.(In my waking life) My ex said something about me being pregnant & going to taco bell. These two people dont know each other from a can of paint & they've said the same things lol. I dont know how to make heads or tails of weather he's the one for me or not...True Fight, thank you for bringing that to our attention I never would have thought or looked at it that way...I pray that what you've told us helps us aim towards a stronger relationship with the lord...thanks
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