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  1. Ask God. when I don't get something and it keeps me pondering it is the perfect opportunity to discuss it with God. He just told me the answer to something i'd been pondering for weeks.....God wants us to fellowship with Him. I know God wants His children to informed about the things that He is doing...but I am interested to find out about the desires of Gods heart...that is a really neat question.....
  2. Thanks for your prayers Jubilee....Hi :o) nice to meet you I'm new too! love the little yorki
  3. Please pray for Kelsey...in Northern California. She is only 26 but her body is struggling to recover from a gastric bypass. Please pray for not only a full recovery but that she will give the glory to God. Thank you for your prayers
  4. I am a newby to this site, but a born again child of God for 35 years...I pray the blood of Jesus over you, Lurdy, and that the Joy of the Lord will be your strength. I pray Gods blessings on your home and family. and I ask my Lord and savior to give you a double dose of revelation and favour. Thank You God for annointing your children to serve your children amen.
  5. LET OUR FAITH BE OUR EYES September 22 2009 Watching the desires of our heart unfold and bloom in the garden of life, that’s what this is…. and our dreams are waiting, waiting…waiting for their turn, to unfold and blossom in God’s perfect timing. In my life it is time for the stories to be told, time for more simple and calm and time to keep putting one foot in front of the other to fulfill Gods direction for me…it is time to bloom. These are the things that God has on my heart this morning. I am bursting with inspiration to write more of the good things that God has done for me. They are wonderful sparkles in my days that stand out in another wise wonderfully ordinary world. It’s not that these things that God has done for me are any more important that all the other great stuff that God has done for everybody else. Clearly I’m not saying that, for God is not a respecter of persons. But what I am so thankful for; with all the wonderful things that God has done in my life, is that He has also allowed me to see how He works miraculously today, through all of us, his children. And God has reminded me, again, who are the children of God? They are the children of the promise. They are the ones who believe in God. Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him as righteousness. In the same way that Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, likewise He is the power in all our spiritual experiences that takes us from glory to glory, from the seed to the fruition to the full harvest. In watching God’s hand through the events in my life, I have come to see with my own eyes why obedience is better than sacrifice. Our obedience to the living God is to walk as He wills. On the other hand we can sacrifice to God all day long, but it is our faith that is pleasing to God. If we believe God let us obey Him. We saw this in the Bible with Aaron’s two sons, when they decided to go against Gods instructions and make some kind of a fire offering. Aaron’s sons had spiritual training and knew the instructions for sacrifices in the day but instead of obedience they decided to do their own thing. This was not done according to Gods will and because of this disobedience there was severe consequences. Thank God we have grace through Christ Jesus for our sin today. Yet it is still important to please God by walking in faith, which is to believe God. When we walk in Gods ways we are walking in the light. We are His children of light, how else should we walk Evidence of our faith is the fruit and the fruit of faith is our obedience. Amen. As born again children of the living God, we walk by faith and not by sight…Let our faith be our eyes. In addition I am learning that when I hear and obey the voice of God, I don’t need to know the end of the story. I use to get right in there and try to figure everything out, but not now. Actually I don’t need to know any of the story except what God would have for me to know. Nor do I need to “own” the situation, (such as feeling responsible to do other things or to “help” the situation”) unless of course God is leading me specifically to do so. I am learning now, to trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not unto my own understanding. Not that I always demonstrated this immediately…but like the song says…He’s not finished with me yet!! I have been fortunate to experience some miraculous things in my life. I have seen God in action and because of this I feel blessed that God has shared with me. I have seen dreams and miracles that have gone from seed to fruition to full harvest. This has encouraged me to obey God more quickly and more passionately. I have come to trust that God is doing what God does, and He will take care of all the things working out the way He wants them to. We know this because all things work together for good for those who love the lord and are called together for His purpose. I feel at peace in my heart that I am to do the part that God gives me to do and whatever God does with the rest? Well that is His. There are so many things of God that I may never know the ending to. A word for someone that I may never see again or a dream that wakes me up praying for the safety of someone that I may never know. Whatever God gives me, it is my honor to participate in it. There are times that I hear the word or the voice of God and I follow through to do what it is that God has instructed me to do. I may never have a clue what God was doing,…( at least not in this lifetime)…but everything God does is good. When I was a girl, my dad use to tell me to do the best I can.. “and then let the chips fall where they may, pal.” That is such good advice. We do our part and then trust that God will take care of the rest. After all, He is God of the universe who made the heavens and the earth. He’s got our back. According to the word of God, I figure my part in all these things is to be free of care, because in casting my cares on Jesus it leaves me free to walk in the light. In other words I am free to walk without care…carefree. I can then walk in faith in the light and in the spirit. Not only am I free to do this but this is what our father wants for all of us. “Cast your cares on Him for He cares for you” This is important because God isn’t just suggesting that I would be nice for us to do this. God is instructing His children to do this because it is impossible to please the father without faith. If we are walking around troubled by the cares of the world then, clearly we are not walking in faith. If we are not believing God and we are not trusting God then we are also not pleasing God. We can’t please God without believing God. We are instead trusting in our flesh to focus on fear from the things that we see before us. This fear is not from God. Our faith should be our eyes. Amen? If we are in Christ Jesus we are free indeed. That is why God instructs us to take those burdens to God in prayer and leave them at the throne of God. All our worrying and carrying on over the troubles and pains of the world won’t do diddly squat to resolve them. Only God has that kind of power. We as children of God have access to that power through prayer. So let us then choose to be effective Christians and let us pray. The fervent prayer of a righteousness man availeth much. Pray for God to take care of the problems and then leave all that with Him. We know that we are not righteous in ourselves, but praise God that Jesus is righteous, and He is our covering. If we are to be effective Christians and obedient children of God then we are to believe him when He tells us to cast our cares on Him. Then we are carefree and can walk in joy…for the joy of the lord is our strength. I read a book once by a man of God named Harold Hill. Harold called his walk with the lord “high adventure in Christ”. Amen. I too like to refer to my walk with the Lord as “high adventure in Christ”. God us training us and teaching us, his children, to go about doing the will of the Father. Let us be unburdened then, according to Gods will and cast our cares upon Him. Let our faith then be our eyes. LET OUR FAITH BE OUR EYES September
  6. Poor thing :0)..... thank God that we can find joy in those stories now...all that suffering was not done in vain. These days just thinking about it can give us strength for the day!!! !!!!!!!!!!!The Joy of the Lord is my Strength !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I'm not offended I can feel your kindness and you are a good heart. All is well! :0)
  8. Thats ok Cholette...I wonder how I would go about making it less story like...It was a humiliating moment in my life...but "all things work togther for good for those who love the lord and are called together for His purpose...." Thank God!!!
  9. I am learning that God sees our heart...doing the right thing doesn't always make us look like a hero to the world. Even though I was embarrassed and felt horrible that I was misunderstood and judged .that day.......I can laugh at it now, and I know that doing the right thing, is pleasing to God...always.
  10. I do know personally that there is one thing that can get in the way of God hearing our prayer. If we have ought against our brother we are to make it right with our brother first and then come to God in prayer. I went through many old wounds and forgave many long lost foes....who may not have even been aware of the pain that I experienced. I forgave them and asked God to forgive me for my judgement of them.. I was baptistised in the Holy Spirit before i even heard of such a thing....but my walk in Christ demonstrates that Our Father uses us in whatever spiritual gift He chooses...in His perfect timing.....I would ask that you walk in that peace. I pray that God will give you the desire of your heart.
  11. Doing The Right Thing.....It's A God Thing I know that my husband says that even in stressful situations I try to make the right choices and do the right thing. It's a part of who I am. I try to consider the welfare of others in my decision making. I also believe he thinks I act irrationally when I am under stress sometimes. Which I do...(like when one of my boys would come home with a cut lip...I have been known to hit the other kid on the head for no reason...before I even know what happened. I don't think straight when blood is involved..... But as far as making the right choices...under stress, I did have a situation a few years ago where I had never met any of my previous husbands family. I was rather nervous and a little self conscious about meeting them all that day, at the grandfather’s funeral..... It was a sad day, the whole family was gathered together on the front lawn of one of the relatives...they were still visiting, until signaled to head over to the graveside services..... I was prepared for a spring rain..I had my umbrella and was thankful when one of the Uncles suggested that I go and sit with grandma...the widow, and keep her company until it was time to head out..Grandma could'nt hear very well, she was sitting quietly in her sisters brand new Cadillac. It was at the very top of a steep wide driveway that headed straight in to traffic. I sat in the backseat and carried on small talk with grandma...until suddenly I realized, Oh My God...the car was rolling down the hill. In that split of a second I had a major decision to make.....Shall I jump out of my open door and let the car go careening into dangerous traffic with grandma still in it? Or shall I (remember I am wearing a dress and nylons) shall I dive over the seat...(that seems very high to me just then) and hit the brake with my hand..and risk my dignity...for the sake of grandmas safety? .... Remember this decision is made in a millisecond.... and I decide, yes, yes...I will throw caution to the wind and I will Go for it and I dive over the seat...and my umbrella gets caught in my nylons ...tearing up the nylons and cutting my leg and my face is smashed into the horn that is blaring as I flail about trying to reach the break with my hand...and my legs are flailing about.... wretched and bloody in this compromising undignified way with the umbrella still tangled in my hose and grandma can't see or hear very well and she is saying "Oh my, Oh my" because she doesn’t know what the Heck is going on........ but I did it!!!! I stopped the car...I saved grandma...I am holding down the brake...the horn is still blasting but we are safe....... and then the faces of all the family members come around us...they are surrounding the car and they are horrified...some angry. My husband says "What in the Hell are you doing?".....and that is when the horrific reality hits me....that we were not rolling down the hill....we were never rolling down the hill.....the car next to us was just pulling in....making us feel like we were rolling down the hill..... Edit Remove
  12. Sparta...God has been showing me that we all need to assess our foundations...God was sharing with me that so many of His children were not getting all that they desire because their foundations are broken and hole filled. It was a revelation to me. If you want to hear what God shared with me It was posted this morning under BUILDING OUR FOUNDATION IN CHRIST JESUS. I would love you to prophet (I mean profit) from all that God Has for you. Bless you, In CHrist Jesus
  13. When I (personally) know the meaning of the dream via the Holy Spirit....it usually has already manifested and I am like "wow...thats what God meant"....like one time I had a dream I was in a basement, I was in bed and I could see bad guys plotting against us. My little daughter climbed in bed with me and I whispered to her...do you see those evil enities? they are plotting against us. my little daughter said, "No mama, those are real men plotting against us" then I awoke with my son screaming out the number "5"..... two days later the underground bombings in England were in the papers...it took a few days to find the 5th bomber. I did not know exactly what the dream meant, until my son in law called (I had shared my dream with him the morning before) to tell me that my dream had come true. I dont spend much energy trying to figure things out....I know now to pray....for everyone and anyone who might be involved and I aske God to provided His divine will in the situation that He has revealed to me. That to me is the most important part. When God gives me the answer....I dont wonder anymore. it comes with a secure knowledge from above.
  14. I agree with rnestseekr.... God created us to fellowship with Him....Dreams are God's language to us...You know there is this old song that I love. and He walks with me and He talks with me...and He tells me I am His own...and the joy that we share as we tary there....none other has ever know. When I was a girl I asked so many questions and no answers about God....I wanted to know why He did not talk to us. I was told that this was just how it was. I was was just a girl...but when i heard those words for the first time....my whole world changed.....and I walk with Him and talk with Him now. You are brave to ask questions....I pray God reveals all that you can possilby hold. Walk In His Way...and you will know the Truth and the truth will set you free!!!!!! God Bless
  15. This was insightful...thanks so much for sharing.
  16. BUILDING THE FOUNDATION Too many of our Christian brothers and sisters have been floundering for years with hopes and dreams but they remain stagnant or worse, working hard but feeling like they are only treading water and getting nowhere. God is showing me that the reason we cannot go forward and build a life in Christ and walk in our hopes and dreams is because we are still struggling with a flawed and “hole filled” weak and crumbling foundation. Our foundation suffers because we pick and choose, exactly what words of God have value or not. We pick and choose what instructions from God we shall implement into our life, or not. When clearly the answer to this is –all-. All the words of God are all true and good nourishment for His children. We must build our house upon the rock…not just parts of the rock…all of the rock. Do we think that Jesus took time to pick and choose what instructions from the Father were important and which were not or which ones he would implement or not? Jesus said “Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” To Jesus every single word was food for man. Jesus did not pick and choose but instead embraced all that God had for him. Jesus chose to live by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God. For all of the instructions that God gives us are valuable. God desires to give us life and life more abundantly. The words of God consummated with our enthusiastic obedience bring about the building of a solid foundation. Obedience to the living God is the plan. It is the blueprint for a solid foundation with Jesus Christ as the cornerstone. God’s children perish for lack of knowledge. Let us not be lacking in knowledge of the truth of God. We are all hopelessly flawed without the grace of Christ. I am not suggesting that we in our own abilities can do anything. Far from it. I am saying that God is pleased with us when we demonstrate our faith in Him. We demonstrate our faith by embracing all of God’s instruction for us and writing all of his ways upon our hearts so that we do not sin against Him. I am saying that obedience to God is evidence of the fruit of our faith and I am saying that if we walk in His way we will know the truth and the truth will set us free. So let us walk in His way and not our way. Let us obey the leading of the Holy Spirit, the word of God. Let instead choose to obey, everything that God would have us do, however small a thing it may seems. It is still pleasing to God when we obey Him. On the same token, disobedience in the small things is still rebellion, which is akin to witchcraft. This certainly will leave us, not only with a damaged foundation, but walking without the protection of the armor. Let us put on Christ and walk in all His ways. So what are these “small” instructions from the Living God that we tend to disregard? These are a some that come to my mind. Grumbling The Words of our mouth Neglecting to ponder the thoughts that God would have us dwell on Anger against our fellow man which is to elevate ourselves as higher Holding a grudge Judging others These are among the few but there are more. We all know what they are. They are the ones that we hold dear to our heart and repent of rarely. These are the ones that we make provisions for. These are the ones that we have allowed to interfere with the building of the foundation of our life in Christ Jesus. These are the ones that Satan uses to snare us and keep us from fully walking in the light. God has given us a hope for a future and this begins with a solid foundation. . “God is always ready for us to repent and begin again. The steadfast love of our Lord never ceases, His mercy never comes to an end, and they are new every morning. Let us prepare to build our foundation in earnest. Let us repent of our lack of obedience in all these these things and enthusiastically begin again. The plans of God deserve the best foundation available. We must build it on the rock as the cornerstone. In doing so we must put on the whole armor of God. This is our garment that keeps us from making those provisions of the flesh. This isn’t just a nice suggestion this truly is required to walk and live in the light. So put on the garment of light, the armor of Christ and walk in his way. Put on the armor of God every morning. Begin by submitting all your ways to the Lord. Submit all your thoughts, all the words of your mouth and all your ways to the Lord. All the small things shall become big things. Clearly, there Is not one thing that comes out of the mouth of God that is unworthy to be held in high regard. Not one. And when we can be faithful in these “small” things perhaps God will then entrust us with big things of God.
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