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  1. Monique... Please pray about open doors. Sometimes without really being aware of it, as Christians we can leave doors open to the enemy...where the enemy has an opening to come in to your life. some of those doors can be unforgiveness (even from hurts or transgressions against you when you were just a small child) Unforgiveness is used as a powerful strategy of the enemy (satan) to keep that door open to harrass you. Another way to hold a door open to the enemy is to judge others (even when you think you are just "assessing" them, the Bible says " as you judge so shall you be bound" but again it is not ours to judge but the father of us....God instructs us to love our enemy. None of this may pertain to you...but for the readers...and all. It is sound information. resist the enemy and he shall flee....but shut those doors and seal them with the blood of Jesus....clean house and seal those doors and windows with the powerful blood of Jesus....Walk in His way and you WILL know the TRUTH and the truth will set you FREE>I pray that Monique will not be afraid or disheartened...God has not given her a spirit of fear...but of sound mind. Father...please lead Monique to know exactly the steps that you would have her take in her life right now...keep her surrounded with your holy angels. Learn about spiritual warfare....the enemy would not mess with you if you were a Christian who just sits on the sidelines and doesnt do diddly squat in the Kingdom. Father guide Monique, to remove what is displeasing to father and lead her to others that will hold her up in prayer and assist in warfare in the spirit because we are not warring against people but principalities and powers in high places. Lead Monique to recognise and remove any and all provision that may be assisting the enemy. Lead her in to all truth Father...i pray Gods' divine will in her life in all ways. And most importantly...you have no power against the enemy without Christ the spirit of the living God in your heart...this is only possible through believing the Christ is the way the truth and the life and that no man cometh unto the father but by Him. because greater is He that is in us than he who is in the world.....I do not know you so I do not know If you are a child of God. but the only way to become a child of God is to believe God when He tells you this. For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son so that whosoever should believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life..... Let all who read this confess their sins to God, recieve the gift of eternal life from Christ that he bought, redeemed, paid, for us on the cross through his blood. to all who reads this....i may be preaching to the choir but for the one traveler who passes our site and comes across this grand truth of all truths...amen and amen and amen to you brother sister.....receive the truth and come into the fold of the kingdom of the living God...we will know you..........F O R E V E R............................................
  2. Thats exactly what I am saying Dove...Amen..this whole thread is bringing tears to my heart as it should. Our God is an awesome God..The King not only of the Universe and beyond...but the King of our heart, the lover of our soul, the reason we live...all our hope and expectation. We are not able to comprehend the deepness and the wholeness and the goodness of the saviour of our soul...........but how He loves us. And Father God...do you feel the love from your children ...we are sending our love to you Father and to your beautiful boy...Jesus...We dearly love you..we love you Jesus....In these times it is all you....It all goes to you....For we are sending you a hug with all our heart and a longing to be face to face.....amen and amen and amen
  3. Dear Christa..I got online this morning before work to let you know that you are in my prayers...you know God is with you as you walk through these things...don't look to the left or right...God is with you sweetie. God Bless CHrista let her feel your arms around her as she deals with the world...let her feel the peace that passes all understanding ...like a warm blanket around her....Let her feel the calm in the center of the storm...God Bless Christa...I pray your active divine will in the life of Christa and all she thinks and all she feels and all she experiences and all she touches and all whom come in contace with her in her life or who are involved in any way...let it be YOUR DIVINE WILL in the life of CHrista. praise God the Father of us the Father of Light.
  4. Christa....I am praying that same prayer Christa...and Father an annointing on your daughter to walk in your light and perfect peace despite the storm around her that she comfort and your warmth and love pour from her to others...these words to a song just came to me....I will praise you in this storm I will praise you in this storm i will praise you in this storm...let the waters rise If you want them to, i will follow you. I pray after this storm that God will prepare a green pasture for you to rest and be restored in. love in Christ Jesus, Courage is the word, bless you
  5. I have so much to be thankful for. That when i walked away from my faith...God did not forsake me but kept at me until I opened the door, praise God that He does not abandon His children. i thank God for bringing life back into my son Daniel when he was born still and without a pulse or breath...I praise God that when he did finally make a gasping sound and we knew he would live...that when the doctors told us he would probably suffer from brain damage, he was wrong. Thank God that my son went all through school in the gifted classes with no brain damage. Praise God he is now in the alive and well and in the United States Air Force Praise God for talking my other son Shane down -from throwing himself off a mountain-in despair from struggles in drug addiction. THat when my son told God...I am playing my guitar on this mountain and If you cant give me a good reason to live I am throwing myself off....but no sooner had he said this than he saw three hikers climbing up the mountain...with guitars and they asked if they could play music with him...they were a young christian group and they ministered to my son and now my son three years later is healed and saved and in church every Sunday....and I am thankful that my third son, was rescued by God from a terrible accident when a 4 ton truck landed on him and broke his skull in three parts....I have so much to be thankful for that I could die this instant with no regret....I have a healthy husband and healthy children and a warm home and my mom and dad are alive and well....i am a daughter of the king and I live my life in Christ Jesus....which Is an exciting adventure...and now I have this new place where i can meet and commune with my brothers and sisters in Christ....and best of all...when this life is over....theres more...a big party where we can all meet and rejouce together with The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit...Praise God
  6. I agree with Just Blue Skies and Cholette....this is my understanding of the word of God. I do know however that God uses those desperate situations for good as All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called together for His purpose. In my past, even as a born again Christian I invited all kinds of demon activity in my life through sin and ignorance. God says that his children perish for lack of knowledge....that was me. i did'nt realize when i was young that I was truly making provision for sin in so many ways...walking oblivious to the importance of staying in Gods light. i knew that I was doing wrong but i was still trying to justify wrong..... I know that sin did open the door to bad things going on in my life...but it was not God...it was me. God used the opportunity to teach me. I think your friend is confused on this truth...Lets pray that God, you will lead these folks and all who read these words in to all truth. In Christ Jesus Holy name....amen
  7. Thank you both for your kind words...It was a sister in Christ Jesus who inspired me to try again, for my husbands blessing in this. i am so excited that no matter how many years that we have lived on this earth..there is so much more to learn from God. It is so exciting for me that Our Father is involved with His children in this way....among so many other ways...Praise God!!!!
  8. You are a prince in the kingdom of God...God is blessing His children...Praise God....Our God is an awesome God...!!!!!!!
  9. i think it was last August when I started accessing this web site...and I have never belonged to a "group" before, at least not online...so i wasn't expecting it when i started to fall in love with my brothers and sisters in christ. God has so blessed me with Mia's site and meeting you all. I have a buzy lifei have 8 children `13 grand children a full time job as a life coach and I am gone three evenings a week for other endeavors...but I so look forward to coming to this site and eating the word of God on this site and distributing the word of God and learning more about understanding dreams and caring and praying for the other brothers and sisters here...thanks all of you who have acknowledged my posts and cared for me by your thoughts and encouragement. God Bless you all. You are awesome, but what would i have expected...you have the living God within you!!!! love in Christ Jesus.....Linda Irish
  10. I ask God when I am talking to Him...and then I just let go of it. When God tells me the answer He gets my attention I don't need to look for it. There have been times in my life though...when I have felt led by the Holy Spirit to fast or go away alone with Him for awhile.... To flood ourselves with God and be revived. the only thing that is on my mind right now that comes to my mind ( that I know can get in the way of hearing God) is unforgiveness...God tells us that when we come to Him in prayer...If we have ought against our brother we are to go to our brother to make it right first....and then, God will hear us. Hope this helps...Love in Christ Jesus..........................
  11. my husband doesn't tithe and when I have tried to encourage him he is concerned about how little we have to begin with. He is very responsible to be the one to pay the bills and calculate the cost etc..... It is'nt out of fear that I wanted to tithe but out of wanting to please God. I believe God is pleased with that kind of faith in us. So I went back to my husband this winter and asked him If I could tithe on the money that I make at my job and his answer was not good the first time. he said, "Oh do whatever you want"...but my desire for his blessing was way more important to me than to tithe, so I told my husband that. I only want to tithe If I have his true blessing. A day or so later he got back with me and said to me in earnest, that If I felt that strongly about it that he would give me his blessing and he did. It has been almost a year now and I have been blessed tremendously by God. I have made more money this year than in my whole life. It is also the first year in my whole life that i have not once had a check not clear from my checking account...I have been able to buy engraved Bibles for nine recovering Christian drug addicts, help the homeless shelter and give 40.00 monthly to my favorite Christian radio station KLOVE....God has poured out the windows of heaven and is providing for me in a way that i have never experienced. Tithing is an opportunity provided for us His children, It is not required...it is a blessing...Test and see If the Lord is Good. he has truly blessed me in this area of my life. God bless you.
  12. Good Words thanks for sharing...All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called together for His purpose.... Everytime i lose my keys or lock them in my car....I ponder If God is keeping me from some car accident or bigger problem....I hope I am getting better at trusting that He's always got my back...God is good that way, we just don't always see it amen?
  13. Reading through this Bible Study tonight was wonderful!!!!! (Thank you all)...like eating a delicious steak dinner...only this food was for the spirit man...(and didn't go directly to the hips lol) Good reading especially before bedtime....can't wait to dream tonight!!!!
  14. Ok so its 7 in the morning and I can smell the coffee brewing…mmmm. Usually Peter my husband will bring me in a cup and set it by the side of the bed, but on this day, he laid back down for a few minutes….the smell was divine…mmmm.. I had been laying in bed thinking about God stuff going on in my life and thinking about the God stuff going on in this world…it was so great, a cozy bed, an hour before I had to get up and a good rich cup of fresh brewed coffee to go with it….So I popped up out of bed and headed for the kitchen for my coffee. When I got back to my bedside however the whole thing changed as I hadn’t turned on my bedside light yet…I thought that I could see ok but as I set the coffee down there was crash as it spilled all over my marble table and banged its way down the side ot the table in between the bed, and table and onto the white carpet and books and papers piled on the floor…. My husband woke up with loud words coming from his mouth, that we won’t discuss right now…but as I rushed to get the towel, cold water and soap….I remembered what to do…”Remember, Peter, what we are going to do every time that the enemy tries to mess with us?…..we pray earnestly for three more people that we might not otherwise have prayed for, we pray for their salvation. So as I was scrubbing, together my husband and I prayed earnestly together for three more people to be born again into the Kingdom… I should spill my coffee every morning. Amen
  15. DELAYED OBEDIENCE? One New Years morning a few years ago I had an experience where I needed confirmation. I attended church alone that day and it was just a beautiful clear day and I felt happy and refreshed when I went home, but when I got to the porch and took out my keys something happened to me that has never happened before. I was caught off guard by The power of God in a way that I had never experienced …I could not move and I felt the fear of God and an uncontrollable trembling that felt like electricity filled me and it stopped me…a Holy fear came over me and I knew it was God and that this encounter was important. What God, what” I said and God said back to me clearly, “ I am not letting you in until you break off that lie” “What lie? I said?, and He told me “the lie that a woman cannot be a minister of Gospel”…then I really began to shake all over from the experience…my legs were shaking now also as I walked in the door and pondered this whole event. “I hear you God,” I said to Him, “but this is too big God, I need you to confirm in another way to me” Now the reason that It was such a big deal to me, is not just that God did a powerful thing to me to get my attention that day, but that along with his words I knew in the spirit and even more powerful and important message was being relayed to me supernaturally, that God was telling me that I was and was to be minister of the Gospel and this is the message that shook me to the core. Like I said it was on New years and I went on with my day making plans. I was having my little grandson come for the weekend also so I was cleaning house and shopping and getting things ready for the family to come over. When I was done with my fussing, I called a neighbor friend and asked her if she had time for a visit, she put on a pot of coffee and I walked down the street to visit….when I got there I asked if I could use her rest room and there on the counter was a magazine turned upside down open…when I picked up the magazine it was turned to an article entitled “Breaking The Lie, that a woman connot be a minister of God” I was blown away… My friend let me keep the magazine and I told her all about my experiences that morning and returned home. That night we had a blast it was a fun family time the movie inspired all of us and we were all caught up in the message. I remember my one of my boys, my son Dustin was standing with his arm around me kind of leaning on my like my boys sometimes do….and my little grandson Dylan who was about six at the time was also caught up in the moment, “Do you see this big guy Dylan? Uncle Dustin may seem like a big guy to you but you know what? He is my little boy. He will grow up one day to be a man who helps people like a policeman, or he will help poor people get treated fairly like an attorney…or he will be a Minister of the Gospel to tell people about God, My little six year old grandson shot his arm out immediately to point at me and with authority he said, No, grandma, no it is you that will teach people about God because you know about God. That s when I told my husband and my family about what had happened at the front door that morning. Very soon after this event in a quiet moment God told me that He wanted me to write about all the things that he has taught me, moreover specifically how He led me to hear His voice…and he wanted me to call it “it’s a God Thing”… Wow I thought, that’s pretty cool…but later as I was pondering all this I thought to myself, “I don’t know about the name “it’s a God Thing“ ..maybe “God stories” would be a better name! A little later my daughter Christy called from Tennessee and she was so excited to tell me something…”Oh mama I got this great idea, I know what you are suppose to do, you are suppose to write a story about all your experiences with God, and call it “It’s a God Thing”…. Needless to say I was humbled by even considering another title…and quickly made a decision to call the book…”It’s a God Thing” And I worked on it here and there for seven years…writing the things that God brought back to my memory. All the miracles in my life that helped me to follow and fall even more in love with my Jesus… I was feeling like I was just going too slow on doing what God had specifically told me to do, I was feeling slow and like I was maybe letting God down, missing the boat on getting this done for God. After all SEVEN WHOLE YEARS had gone by. Then one day I was reading a book by Joyce Meyers, God bless her heart and she uplifted my spirit to have hope that delayed obedience is not always disobedience, especially if God did not specifically put a time restriction on us..and I was so encouraged that I rededicated my heart to fulfill this direction from God with more passion and more inspiration. Recently God gave me a God dream…and on this web site I received a translation of my dream. In my dream I awoke in the night and saw that my backyard was full of sheep…among the sheep there were monks leading them out of the yard… The translation of the dream was that all the slow moving and self discipline that God had been leading me through all those years…it was now behind me and I was prepared to go. Prepared to go? Yes, now is the time for the book and for the training to be a chaplain or pastor….God has perfect timing!!!! All the lamenting that I did was for naught. It is Gods timing and I am in the time that I should be doing the things that He is saying to me. Be encouraged, What we lament, might be….“Delayed obedience” may not be delayed at all…and even if it is…delayed obedience is still obedience…do the right thing and do that thing that God has given you to do. You WILL be blessed!!!!!!!!!Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the mean time…God added a few more instructions to my life…he has added “the Sheep Will Hear His Voice” to the name of my book to reflect “IT’S A GOD THING, The Sheep Will Hear My Voice” and I am now actively researching with my husband a good program to receive instruction to be as a chaplain or pastor. If any readers out there have any insight or ideas on where to receive solid teaching please contact me and God Bless You…. It is not to late to do that thing that God would have you
  16. Traci..beautiful...Reading these poetic words to and of God brings a song to my heart...Jesus lover of my sooouuuullll....
  17. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Praise the Living God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. i work everyday as a life coach for the disabled..one of my clients has a sister who does not know the lord...she has been suffering with a dying son for three years now...and today she called me from the hospital to tell me that she is in the hospital with her 6 year old grandson and he has been diagnosed with leukema...... it is a break through that she called me. In three years it is the first time she has called me for something not related to work. i know that she knows that i love God and she is reaching out...Please pray that Donna would come to know our God and be saved...pray for complete healing of this child and the Glory to go to God....Pray as the Holy Spirit leads ...Bless you. Linda irish
  19. I am new to this site....but clearly you are loved....ooooh yeah. enjoy your birthday....!!!!!!!!!
  20. Yesterday was a big day…it was the last day that I could visit with my daughter in law Misty and my little grandson Blake, before they left to go back home to Texas. My son Daniel just got home from Iraq and they were excited to head home to see him. I was so happy for them. Recently I was invited to be a guest on a local talk show here in Northern California, called “On Call” I am an Independent Living Instructor, or a Life Coach for people with disabilities. While I was at the studio, recording the show, which by the way, was a really awesome experience, I also met a man who was a Marine who was there to appear on a second show that they were taping that night. This marine had spent a lot of time in the war in Iraq, and upon his return to the states his son, also a Marine, actually was being deployed to go to Iraq to serve. The Marine, the elder, was in charge of a lot of men while he was serving his tour and I was curious about his faith. “I‘d heard that you were a Christian, Is that true? I asked him and he assured me that he was. “Did this experience make you closer with God? And that’s when the soldier told me that he kept a handkerchief in his pocket with Psalm 91 written on it…and that one scripture he’d held to and had faith in through all his hard times. He who dwells in the shelter of the Most high Will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord,” He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust..” Surely He will save you from the fowlers snare And from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wing you will find refuge. His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. You will not fear the terror of night Not the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, Nor the plague that destroys at midday. A thousand may fall at your side, Ten thousand at your right hand, But it will not come near you. You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment Of the wicked. If you make the Most High your dwelling- Even the lord, who is my Refuge-then no harm will befall you, No disaster will come near our tent. For he will command his angels Concerning you To guard you in all your ways; So that you will not strike your foot Against a stone. You will tread upon the lion and the cobra; You will trample the great lion and the serpent. Because he loves me,” I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call upon me and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him, with long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation. A few weeks ago I was talking to my son Daniel, before he left for Iraq and I’d told him that story…”Man that’s cool, I want one” he said…so I told him I would be happy to make him one. On this day, yesterday, I was determined to take my permanent sharp tipped laundry marker and as nicely and clearly as I was able, to record Psalm 91 on the kerchief for my son Daniel, to have with him when he goes back to Iraq and then to Afghanistan after Christmas. I sat on the floor with my pen and carefully worked on the project until it was finished and I read it out loud. Again I marveled at how powerful and loving this Psalm is. I held the kerchief in my hand and prayed that God would honor my prayers and protect my son. I prayed my prayer in this order. I pray Father God always for salvation for my son. I pray father that you will protect my son, but moreover Lord I pray for your divine will in my son Daniel’s life. Then I folded it neatly in half and got in my car to meet Misty and Blake at my daughters home, to pick them up and say our good-byes and head back to her sisters home where she could get a ride to the airport to head home. My destination was about two miles away and just a few blocks from my daughters home a car came out of no where and crashed into me. I could feel myself shaking all over when it was over. I couldn’t think straight, I couldn’t talk at first. but I knew God was with me and I decided to stay where I was at until the police came. Then I realized maybe I should call the police to make sure that they come so I reached for my phone and I dialed 911. I was three quarters of the way through the middle of the intersection. My car was blocking traffic. The other people (driving the other vehicle) quickly got out and the woman started screaming obscenities to me with a baby on her hip. She continued to scream about how her car was ruined and she was angry that there was little damage to my car. I stayed in my car, I could hear multiple sirens in the distance. A man came up to my window…he was trimming his lawn but he came over to me to ask if I was ok and to tell me not to worry, I asked him if he would stay with me until the Police came and he said yes. Another younger man came to the passenger window and told me not to be afraid of the people out there and to stay in the car, he said that I would be all right, and he winked kindly at me. The first man, He stayed at my window as I waited for the police. Someone called for an ambulance but I said that I felt all right and I asked how the other family was, was their little boy all right? I was told that there were no injuries. The Community Officer who had been directing traffic had shared with me that I did not need to worry as I was clearly not at fault and no one was injured. There was a lot of policemen, a lot of measuring interviewing and still the other driver yelled obscenities…an officer finally addressed her and told her not to talk like that with her little boy present. Finally it was all over. The last police car had left, and I was free to go, I could still drive my car and I got back in and continued my trek to pick up my daughter in law and my grandson. I thought about Psalm 91 and how God had actively protected me through this whole ordeal. Keeping me safe from injury, any major damage as well as providing two nice men to come and stand guard with me against an aggressive and verbally abusive person. God also provided a community Service man to comfort me with words to assure there was no trouble. The other driver had much damage to their car, had their car towed away, possibly from lack of insurance (as no insurance company was listed the report ). Also during this whole thing, a young man came up and told the officer that the woman needed to be tested as she was under the influence of marijuana. I arrived at my destination and brought the handkerchief out of the car with with me…I told my daughter and daughter in law about what I’d just been through….and then I unfolded the handkerchief and told them I wanted to read them something. I read Psalm 91 to them as we stood together on this beautiful sunny cool fall day, standing together in a pile of fall leaves in the front yard. I will always remember reading gods words to them…I will always remember this story, and before I went home that night I prayed for salvation for the driver of the car and her family. I pray that they come to the Lord in a powerful way and that they too can experience the peace that passes all understanding. amen
  21. Connie, your post blessed me so much....I also received two confirmations from God on that day that He spoke to me. I did not tell anyone what God had said, a neighbor called be to come down for coffee...but before we started visiting I asked to use her restroom, there, turned upside down was a "Charisma" magazine....and it was turned to an article entitled somethint to the effect of : " Breaking the Lie" that a woman cannot be a minister of the Gospel " Later, My little eight year old grandson came over and we were going to watch "Left Behind" with my husband and my teenager son....After the movie my son came over and put his arm around my shoulder, "Do you see Uncle Dustin"?, I asked my little grandson, "He may look like a big guy, but he is still my little boy, One day he will grow up to do something wonderful, He will be an attorney to help poor people to be treated fair, or he will be a Policeman and help protect people, or he will be a minister and preach the word of God....and my little grandson broke in, He threw his arm out passionately and pointed at me, and in the authority of God, he said, No, no grandma, You, you, will be a minister of the God, It made me cry.....funny God gave me two confirmations as well...He says it three times, yeah...He means it !!!
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