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  1. When I was a little girl, I saw a movie where a the Jewish people had to show their identity at different check points to travel. I saw the family and they were scared. I was mortified and even as a small child I knew my freedom was valuable. I remember my parents explaining to me the difference between a free world, or a world where you are not free. As United States citizens we have had the liberty to be free, travel to and fro without having to produce documentation (perhaps only to prove you bought the ticket?) and free from harrassment. But today Men and women are subjecting themselves and their liberty by trading it in simply to reduce our fear. There is not even a gaurantee of safety, and still we are willing to abandon those things we have held dear. we are trading it in, as if our freedom was not earned in blood. We are trading it is as if it were green stamps. Our forefathers died and suffered for our freedom and we are selling out simply so we will "feel" more safe as we travel. We have more car crashes than we will ever have "bombings" we have more hospital deaths from yearly "errors" by healthcare providers, than the rare chance that anyone would ever be in the same vicinity of a "bomber" but here we go following the masses as sheep to the slaughter. We have a wonderful role model to show us how to be effective without looking at the body under the clothes or molesting the people who walk through the airport terminals, If we would only emulate Israel. I am ashamed of my countryman. That is how it starts...selling out. We may not be able to stop any of it, I agree, but we can speak out and we can intercede and I am encouraging us all to do so.
  2. I read something today that I never noticed before. It was about Noah, in Genesis. Genesis 9:4-5 There’s a lot about Noah and the Ark and the flood that I still don’t know. Its one of those things that every time I read more about it, I glean new knowledge. So today I am reading about how God had given plants and animals to Noah to do with as he wished but with instructions, “But you must not eat meat that has it’s lifeblood still in it.”. As I was pondering this, I continued to read some of the notes on the subject. Apparently it was common for Pagans to drink the blood of animals or even people, in the belief that they would somehow gain a stronger, longer or more powerful life. But in this practice God says no. And then this is where I saw the scripture that really jumped out to me for the first time; “And for your lifeblood I will surely demand an accounting.” I will demand an accounting from every animal. And from each man too, I will demand an accounting for the life of his fellow man. Why have I never seen this scripture, I mean, really see it? I never noticed God telling us that each of us will be accountable for the life of our fellow man. God doesn’t say that some men are accountable for their fellow man (such as Pastors or Leaders) God says we are all accountable for our fellow man, specifically “from each man” He will demand an accounting for such. I believe in my heart I have always felt a kindred spirit to humanity, and a desire to reach out and heal the hearts of people who suffer. But I don’t ever remember thinking that this really was a responsibility for all, or specifically and instruction from God. But today I’m seeing that it is something that God told all of us to do. to love our brother as we love ourself, is big. God does tell us to love our neighbor, and I have loved my neighbor, in a quiet sort of way, but I really need to ponder this scripture, because maybe God is calling us to more, and I don’t want to miss anything that God is saying to us, moreover to me. So I think about my neighbors and the people that I see everyday, in my neighborhood, at the gas station, at my work, and I am seeing them in a new light. In the light, that I am accountable for them. I am to care, intercede and help, as the Holy Spirit leads. I need to take this to heart and meditate on this until it is fully written on my heart. Thank you God for your love, help us to walk in your Light and Spirit and Way everyday Lord. Help us to understand and embrace the renewing of our mind in You Lord, in Your Way. Let us long to hear you say, “Well done, my good and faithful sons and daughters”. Amen
  3. So, as children of the Living God how will we know about these “End Times”? Daniel wanted to know, what we all want to know. When is this all going to happen and how will we know? During a time of prophetic revelation of the end times, this is what Daniel had to say about His miraculous encounter; And I heard, but I understood not: then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things? And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many will be purified and made white and tried; but the wicked will do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand… Daniel 12:8-10,13 So how are the children of God being purified? The Bible tells us that we are to rejoice in our trials and tribulations. It is in those times that we are challenged to stand firm in the truth and the way and the light, regardless of circumstance. We are being polished like precious stones. I may not be able to stop the unfairness or the troubles in the world but when I am challenged by hard times and being falsely accused or misunderstood, let me look to Christ, for my role model. God clearly has made it known by His word, in Holy scripture, the very same word that became flesh and walked among us, that the things of God would appear as foolishness to the unbeliever. A man without the Holy Spirit cannot discern the things of God, therefore pray that you walk in the Holy Spirit, in the ways of God. It is the children of God, the ones who are sealed by the Holy Spirit, that will someday be raptured into the kingdom of God. So how do we know when we are in “The Time of the End?” Many scholars on Bible prophecy agree that the major sign of the times is the return of Gods chosen Jewish people. The revelations of the end times, given in the scriptures were for a latter day, and I believe with all my heart that this latter day is now. Why? God explained that the revelation was made for another time…and this is the time when the prophecies are being understood and coming to pass. Jewish peoples from all over the globe were reunited as a Nation in Israel in 1948. The Bible says that (after this event) not a generation shall pass before His children begin to see these signs. In the early 1970's many books on the Prophetic future for this world were beginning to be written, with a new fascination and desire to understand the end times and how Gods words are actually coming to pass. God says that He will pour His Spirit out on his sons and daughters, and He is. God is encouraging us to aspire for His wisdom regarding these mysteries in the Bible. Many people roll their eyes when we talk about the “End Times’ they want no gloom and doom. Or they are just afraid, But God has written these words for His children. God does not want us to be ignorant of these things… In the Bible in Revelations, more accurately "The Revelation of John" It is written, "Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take it to heart what is written in it, because the time is near." Revelation 1:3
  4. I'm praying here....God lBless you!!!
  5. I can so appreciate everything that you are saying, Mia,...God is God. He cannot be mocked, He knows sincerity or not, He knows the future. God is the God of grace, and yet still, there is something to the "fear" of God. To me, the "fear" of God, is once you have experienced walking outside of His will, and the place that it can take you. I am open to learning from Him, He is glorious, and we simply cannot and should not try to put Him in a box. Praise the Father of us, and Lord help us recieve your full truth always. amen
  6. Is this path, college, a path that God led you on? I am asking because in my past there have been a lot of good things that I have done, but If they are not in God's plan, or not with His timing...I have suffered greately. God also maketh us to lie in green pasteurs, when we need it...I pray revelation in your path and peace in you walk with Christ. Amen
  7. The longer that I live the more I recognise how much better it is to seek God's divine will for our lives, even in some of the small things. I was talking with my sister in Michigan recently and we both had some decisions to make in our life. In her life she was troubled by too much responsibility at work, too many hours and ill health from what she was going through day after day and year after year. On the other side of the coin however, she had a job. finding the right balance is challenging and none of us want to make a choice that will bring more harm than good. With me I was struggling with the decision on what percentage to keep on the sales of my new book and what part to give to others. I'd already decide to donate 20% to others in need, and for the month of November, all of the donations were going to help a local drug and alcohol rehab center in our little town, but I just wasn't feeling a peace about it all. So my sister and I prayed together for God's divine will in our lives regarding these choices. Within two weeks God spoke to my heart and then sent a friend to confirm His answer to me. For now i was to donate all of the profit to The Bondage Breaker Minstries, The Fountain Gate Burn Foundation and others as God would lead me. I felt a solid sense that this would be for a solid year and to be revisited at a later time, and I was good with that. Now here, much later I can see more clearly, why. I wondered why God made this choice but it wasnt too long before I started to understand. I belong to a community chat group online, and for two days I had an ongoing discussion with an angry athiest young man debating Christ with me. All the time, even though his mouth was saying it all in a mean way, I knew his heart was crying out to believe and know the true God. I kept praying that God would keep me and fill me and give me supernatural and spirit led answers for all of his questions and arguments and God did. Finally in a last ditch desperate attempt to find fault with me as an ambassador for Chirist, the young man accused me. "You are just trying to take advantage a get rich off the poor, by selling a fake book about a God that doesnt exist"....is what he said, and in that moment I was so so happy, that I could say in peace, "God gave me this book to share with others and all of the donations are going to help others in the Fountain Gate Burn Foundation and the Bondage Breaker Rehab". Isn't God Awesome!!!!! http://lulu.com/product/paperback/its-a-god-thing-my-sheep-will-hear-my-voice-2nd-edition/14456456
  8. How is work going for you these days Dreamster? or should I call you "baby bear?" lol
  9. Father God I pray that You give "His kid", your child, some rest time Father, with all that is going on Lord, that YOU would comfort and restore this soul and body to health, moreover Lord we pray for YOUR divine will in this childs life....draw them to be a part in your divine will and reveal your plan for a futures. I pray for divine revelation and empowerment, In Jesus name, and all God's children say, Amen.
  10. Back at you Cholette...i feel so happy. !!!! Thank you God!
  11. i am so happy for you, I just started my new job Friday, after 8 months with no income. This job came knocking on my foor literally. The mother of a disabled neighbor came to the door and asked me If Id found work yet, and I told her no. She said If I can get you an interview with a company that works with my daughter will you go and I said, of course I would go, but I was fired from a job (I'd already shared the story about the company retaliating against me for advocation for a disabled woman) and I am going to tel tell them that i I was fired, I dont know if that might put a damper on things? but my neighbor said, "Linda, Im just gonna tell them that the person that you are puts most people to shame" This cut me to the heart, like God put an advocate in my path just for me, especially because Id known this neighbot for 15 years...just to wave as we were passing or share a couple of greetings coming or going, and never had this woman ever given me praise or did I even know she felt that way about it. But the interview went well, and I am so happy! She , my new boss is a filled with the spirit, walking in the Holy ghost Christian...wow....and after the first day we sat and talked about Witnessing Christ to others. God is so so Good! I am happy happy for your new job Cholette...and I feel so thankful too. amen
  12. Wow, I never thought of that but it is a good idea. I have written a lot of music, as we are a musical family,and when I did research on copyright, in the late 90's, the advice to avoid paying for a copyright, was to mail a packet of all your work to yourself. This unopened and post dated, clearly sealed envelope was then your proof that the work was your own. I don't know if that still holds true today. It is worth investigating! :9)
  13. I really believe this with all of my heart. I believe that If you walk in His word, You will know the truth and the truth will set you free. I know that If we are walking in God's Spirit, we are continually being trained and maturing by walking in his word. That we are not just hearers but doers also. If we then are in His word and in His Spirit we need to just rest in that and know that HE IS GOD, He won't forget to show us the things that He has for us, He wont forget to fulfill the desires of our heart (delight in the Lord also and He will give you the desires of your heart) We are in training for the things that God has for us. We are being trained and tested so that when it is time to use us we dont quickly fall, but steadfast walk in the ways of the Father. Until God pulls us out on a new mission, we can rest in contentment in the Light of God and know. truly, that when the time is right we will be in the right place, as the Holy Spirit is always the right place. God wont forget us. and I dont know why I am to say this, but this is true. Until then, I believe God wants us all to know that, like the song," Love'S the only house big enough for all the pain in the world" And we all know God Is Love. amen
  14. Traci and Virtuous, I think we need to ask Mia to open up poetry in christ forum....these are beautiful and moving...God is Good!
  15. Praise God!!!!! My book was published on June 1st 2010! Praise God. Such a feeling of well being and completion to finish the thing that God put in my lap to do 8 year s ago. I encourage you also...What is it that God Wants You To Do....(emphasis on DO) It is not too late to do what God has told you to DO....(the enemy wants you to believe that) but God has known us since before we were born....He knows how long it would take for us to do it......I challenge you in the spirit of Christ Jesus...to do it. and God Bless you on your Journey.
  16. Thank You for your zeal and for sharing in my happiness!!!! I am happy that the stedfast love of our Lord never ceases!!!!!! His mercy never comes to an end....Praise God!!!!!
  17. Hi...I just want to share my joy with you all. My son just got home from a four month tour in Afghanistan and praise God!! He is safe and well. I pray the blood of Jesus over our young men and women serving in the middle east and especially pray for their salvation-Amen
  18. Do not be weary of well doing..God does see you always. I am feeling that there may be something else that God wants from you. Have you given him everything? Have you forgiven everyone..and are you at peace. If so, stand firm in Christ, stand. I will stand with you in prayer. God will never leave you nor forsake you. I pray Gods divine will in your life. In Jesus name Amen
  19. Absolutely Correct...God extends His divine grace throughout the tribulation for those who turn from their ways and call on Him. God is good to allow this time to bring in the lost.
  20. Your encouragement made me cry today. God Bless you, I clearly cannot express how your friendship in Christ is blessing me today. In fact, I love you guys so much. Your words of truth and victory lifted me up and filled me with the joy and the power of the living God today....They bare witnessw with my spirit...and yes...The personal and intimate relationship that I have with my Lord and saviour, transcends anything that can happen to me here on this earth.....and clearly does not have any power to define me. God defines me and if He is for me, and He is....then i am truly blessed!!!!!
  21. Hi..This email is from Linda Irish, i love your web site and visited it usually many times a week for many months. Then God started moving me to complete a project that he instructed me to do seven, in fact eight years ago now. It is a collection of writings called"Its a God Thing, MY SHEEP WILL HEAR MY VOICE" as I am nearing completion all hell is appearing to break loose in my life my home my children my work and my body... The good thing about this is That it is a powerful confirmation that what i am doing right now is in Gods will. The part where i am requesting help in in prayer. Please will you pray for God's divine will for me and my family and for the project that He has directed me to complete...i know all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called together for His purpose...please stand on this scripture with me and MAY THE GOOD GOD OF US ALL BLESS AND KEEP YOU AND DRAW YOU CLOSER TO HIS WILL AND HIS WAY EVERY DAY. AMEN
  22. I loved this so much....I read it again...Praise God He is my High Tower. A fortress over me beautiful and mighty.
  23. Hi brothers and sisters....I have been sick for almost two weeks and for a reason....ahh. think God wanted me to take a rest. I am feeling refreshed and energetic again....I could'nt find which forum to post this but I had a prophetic dream a few weeks ago and I believe God is showing me what it meant. Where do I post the understanding of prophetic dreams....the revelation of what God is revealing?
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