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  1. I am so sorry. Look through your dreams that past few months and pray for revelation. Maybe God is trying to tell you something. I dont have and answer but I know in my life when a problem exists on and on...I tell God "I dont get it...what do you want me to know?" I just want through that this past week after struggling to understand what was going on for 8 months...I just recieved a revelation from God and I can move on. I will be praying for revelation for you brother. Sometimes it takes getting alone with God and not being distracted with all the stuff that goes on around you. I think when others see this we will all hold you up in prayer,
  2. They have good taste. amen
  3. Sorry. does that mean that you are having fear because no sign of work right now? Bring your provision to my friend dear God. Please continue to make him sensitive to understand what it is you want him to know in the choices in his life Father God Father reveal your divine will for him ~ and bring n confirmation so that there is not confusion. Bring peace in his life, in Jesus name. Amen
  4. My friend so loved the analogy (is that the correct spelling?) of the baby and the baby baba....that she told me, when she was struggling to do what she felt God was telling her to do (tithe)...(she kept reminding God that she wasnt in bondage to tithing ) but anyway, when she finally did start tithing...she said that she went out and bought a baby bottle, and uses that to puts ten percent of everything into....the baby baba sitting there on the shelf is her reminder to do what God would have her do and not just think about it!!!
  5. EVERY WORD FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD.... Too many of our Christian brothers and sisters have been floundering for years–with hopes and dreams, but they remain stagnant or worse, working hard but feeling like they are only treading water and getting nowhere. God is showing me that so many of us are still struggling with a flawed and “hole filled”, weak and crumbling foundation–because we pick and choose exactly what words of God have value, or not. We pick and choose what instructions from God we shall implement into our life, or not. When clearly the answer to this is, “All.” All the words of God are true. Do we think that Jesus took time to pick and choose what instructions from the Father were important and which were not, or which ones he would implement or not? Jesus said, “Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” To Jesus, every single word was food for man. Jesus did not pick and choose, but wanted to live by “All.” For all of the instructions that God gives us are valuable. God desires to give us life, and life more abundantly. The words of God, consummated with our enthusiastic obedience, bring about the building of a solid foundation. Obedience to the living God is the plan. It is the blueprint for a solid foundation, with Jesus Christ as the cornerstone. God’s children perish for lack of knowledge. Let us not be lacking in knowledge of the truth of God. We are all hopelessly flawed without the grace of Christ. I am not suggesting that we in our own abilities can do anything. I am saying that God is pleased with us when we demonstrate our faith in Him. I am saying that obedience to God is the evidence or the fruit of our faith, and I am saying that if we walk in His way we will know the truth and the truth will set us free. So let us walk in His way and not our way. Let us obey the leading of the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God. Let us, instead picking and choosing what to obey, choose to obey everything that God would have us do, however small a thing it may seem. It is still pleasing to God when we obey Him. By the same token, disobedience in the small things is still rebellion, which is akin to witchcraft. This certainly will leave us not only with a damaged foundation, but walking without the protection of the armor of God. Let us put on Christ and walk in all His ways. So what are these “small” instructions from the Living God that we tend to disregard? These are a some that come to my mind. Grumbling. The words of our mouth. Neglecting to ponder the thoughts that God would have us dwell on. Anger against our fellow man, which is to elevate ourselves as higher than they. These are a few, but there are more. We all know what they are. They are the ones that we hold dear to our heart and repent of rarely. These are the ones that we make provisions for. These are the ones that we have allowed to interfere with the building of the foundation of our life in Christ Jesus. These are the ones that Satan uses to snare us and keep us from fully walking in the light. God has given us a hope for a future, and this begins with a solid foundation. God is always ready for us to repent and begin again. The steadfast love of our Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end, and they are new every morning. Let us begin to build our foundation in earnest. Let us repent of our lack of obedience in all these things and enthusiastically begin again. When we can be faithful in the small things perhaps he will then give us the big things. So If God tells us to do something, do we do it? Not in theory–I mean do we really do it? I have come to believe through my experiences with God, that if he tells us something and we don’t do it…over and over again…before too long He will just stop asking us to do things–that is, until we do that one thing that we are trying to ignore and justify. Its as if we are saying, “God you know me–I will do anything you want …except that one thing. …I am only human” But our God is pulling together and raising up an army that will go out and do the will of the Father. They are the faithful who believe God, and it is accounted to them as righteousness. This is how God looked at Abraham, and God is not a respecter of persons. If God says that Abraham’s believing is counted as righteousness, it is true for all his children as well. If we can’t be faithful in the “small things” that he tells us to do, how can we expect God to keep talking with us? God is not in the business of making small talk. If we ignore God when we read in His word that we are to forgive our brother, or if we continue to judge our neighbor, shall God continue to enjoy conversation with us? The Bible teaches us that If we have aught against our brother, God will not hear our prayers. I believe God. God wants us to go make it right with our brother, and then God will hear us again. This is not a hobby…God loves his children, yes. But don’t we all want our Father to look upon us and say, “Well done, my good and faithful child.”? I do. I want dialogue with my Dad in heaven. I want a daily camaraderie with my Father, and I want to go about doing His will on this earth. It begins with believing God, and then if you believe, do what he says. Don’t pick and choose which instructions from the Lord are important and which are not. They are written on your heart, you know. Make no provision for any rebellion against the Word of the Living God. Swearing once in a while, a white lie, a partial truth, anger against a sister or brother, judgment against the one that Satan used to terrorize you, pride–nail these to the cross. Forgive, ask God to forgive you for judging your enemies, pray for your enemies…. Begin again. Every word that comes from the Father is worthy of our believing and obeying. Believe God. If you truly believe God, obedience will follow. That is your fruit, your confirmation. God speaks to us with the written word–the Bible…do we obey ? God speaks to us through the leading of the Holy Spirit…do we obey ? God has His ways written on our heart so that we do not sin against Him…do we obey? God tells us to call that friend, visit that neighbor, pray for our enemies. Cast your cares on him. Do not judge others. Have no other Gods above Him–like our children, our mates, our passions, our hobbies, our will, our (you fill in___). Or do we think we are so busy in this life that we don’t really have the time to spend with God, believe God, walk in his ways, and learn His truth. If we are not obeying God, we are not really believing Him. If we believe a rain storm is coming, we bring an umbrella. We are prompted to action by our belief that it will rain. If we believe the gas gauge on the car when it shows near empty, we go straight to the gas station. If a woman believes that she is pregnant, she begins to turn down that glass of wine and to eat well. The fruit of our believing spurs us into action. So, in other words, the believing, or the faith, brings about obedient action. That is the fruit of faith–action! So, pondering all this, when you wonder why you may not hear the voice of God, consider these things: Are you believing God? Look for the fruit to provide confirmation–does your action (obedience) confirm this? That is the confirmation that you believing God. That is your fruit. When you begin to look forward to obeying God whenever the opportunity arises…and exercise this at every opportunity…before long you will begin to hear His voice clearly. …Because who are the children of God? They are the children of the promise, the ones who believe God and it is accounted to them as righteousness. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BELIEVE GOD
  6. I love love love it when famous people use their platform to praise God...The God that so loved the world that HE gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth on Him will not perish.
  7. Is that true Dreamster, were your feelings hurt for real? No intent to hurt feelings dear heart...only playing. Sorry if I pushed you too hard.
  8. Not to be confused. I knew it for sure that something was "not right" with her spirit...I still do not know if she has witchcraft connections, but then rebellion is a form of witchcraft as well.
  9. Well, I didnt really know what it was, because in the experience this church lady always called to talk about the latest Christian author and prophet and always going here and there and reading all the latest books. I mostly depend on all my food directly from God, so I didnt really share her enthusiasm for the manymany people that she talked about. But she seemed to say the right things, yet in the spirit I wondered if she was a witch mascarading as a Christian because someing wasnt right. I knew it for sure, when after knowing her casually for a few years, one time she shared that her son was living with a girl and the girl got pregnant. The woman was enraged and said the girl had "trapped her son" and now she and her husband had advised the son to shake the dust off their feet and have nothing to do with the baby, basically to abandon it as the girl was strange and it was all a plot from the enemy. I told her straight up, that to abandon the child, was like the Bible says, the man who will not take care of his family is worse than an infidel. I never heard from her again.
  10. With all of my heart, I believe God is moving His people to depend on Him alone, not in the world system. Yes, because of sin man must work to make an income in this world, and women give birthto their children in pain. But we all have taken our eyes off of the living God,to some degree, as our full and entire provider. I didn’t think that I was doing that, but so I was and am still learning….it is a fully dependant child that is empowered in Christ Jesus…….. not an independent one. It is a changing of the mind set from the “world way” to “The Way”. It is a changing of the mind set from “the God of logic” to “God of the universe” from fear to faith… to be in this place ~ this spiritual place of ~the Kingdom of God~ the place that we go from from glory to glory Yesterday, I asked God what do you want today Lord ? And God told me that I was not to let fear control me, but the Holy Spirit alone. I thought, wow that will be great, yeah, I can do that. But I had company coming over and needed to spend the day preparing my home ( it looked like a bomb hit it ...lol) so the first thing that happen.. I walk into the living room and see my Christmas sitting there ~like it was Christmas or something...and I think "OMG>>>Ive got to take the Christmas tree down or they will think I am a slacker for sure!"...then the Holy Spirit stops me, and I realize bam, Ive been hit by fear...fear of man's judgement against me, to be more precise, "Oh no....I say to myself, I am not taking that tree down, I will use it as a way to demonstrate how God is teaching me not to allow fear to be a puppeteer over me!!!" Then I move on to wash the dishes and part way through I turn around to glance at the clock and think, "Ok Linda, 45 minutes in here and then you can move on to clean the next room" and again, the Holy Spirit grabs my attention, If I am making my own law, rules, list criteria....etc..than I am not allowing the Spirit to be in charge...wow...what a revelation to me. I have made lists everyday of my adult life for forever, (now this is what God is doing in MY life, may not be relevant in yours, the list thing) so I take off my wrist watch and I tell God, I will try not to look at the clock today, (because today this day God is teaching me to walk in the spirit moment by moment) and a couple of hours pass, and I had a couple more episodes of fear on me that the Holy Spirit led me to repent of ~ but each time I felt led to identify the fear, follow it through, (for example, wow what if I dont finish cleaning and I feel ashamed?) answer: If this happens Linda, you will have an annointed story in the Lord to share with others ~ and you will have had victory in Christ Jesus today, for God has shown me that VICTORY IN CHRIST.....is not about the end of the story, (such as " a clean and spotless house" no, VICTORY IN CHRIST IS THAT YOU HAVE STAYED IN THE LIGHT as you walk in what you must walk in today .......all the way through until the end. This is the place where miracles flourish. It is such a challenge to give give give it my all minute by minute for a refreshing change ~ as Christ would have us give, truly, according to faith and not by sight. It is high adventure in Christ Jesus….and God is faithful to lead us through this door if we are willing……. So, God, what do you want me to do today?
  11. Does this Jezebel spirit appear as an immature Christian,walking the walk but not talking the talk?
  12. Wow...I am learning a lot about the Jezebel spirit...I appreciat this collective lesson. I don't have many people that are in my life with this spirit, but have wondered about a woman who I just sensed in the spirit that something was wrong...she said she loved God and she always seemed passionate about running here or running there for a concert or to hear a Christian speaker, but I always got a check in the spirit every time she invited me...and I wondered if she had a Jezebel spirit, because she pressured me in ways that seemed fearful to my spirit....totally out of peace. But I thought wow, this lady knows so much...could it be possible that she is just an immature Christian, knowing the ways and the words of God but not applying them? what do you think?
  13. Hey...We decided last night, Dreamster, you need to be a stand up ""Comedian for Christ!!!! Honestly you had us in stitches last night on the chatbox.....What better way to minsiter to others than to share the Joy of God...we all need an extra dose of laughter, becsause we all need more strength....(the joy of the Lord is our strength)...amen
  14. I Want to share what God is doing in my life right now, I am to focus on not stepping out of the Holy Spirit, walk always in the Holy Spirit, God showed me that there are little attacks from the enemy all day long in our lives. Fear is not from God, so every single time that we are moved by "fear" we are stepping out of His protection and following the enemy, (actually being controlled by the enemy like a puppet), For example, oops, surprise company, Do I have enough time to pick up my messy house?...(fear in my heart)...what will they think about the mess?....(translation: I am afraid they will not like me/ I am afraid they will judge me) that is what fear says...but this is truth: Surprise company? I have a messy house and company is coming, maybe I dont have enough time to have it as nice as Id like...but God is with me and staying in His lightand His peace (instead of fear) is the challenge in front of me. holy Spirit has been prompting me all day....everyday...Just thought I'd share. God bless all. ps. It works with every single fear that crosses you mind, omg where are my keys? Oh no~ so and so is coming over~I just know if I run into the store like THIS someone I know will see me ~
  15. I dont know if anyone uses the chat box but it always looks empty...I am here it is Monday night....22 people are online now...please stop in and join chat if you want. Dreamster...talkin to you brother...and all are welcome.
  16. The "regular" Mia Sherwood homies....(lol) know that God recently had me set all my things aside to finish writing a book that He has been leading me to write for 8 years...I was so excited to get this completed and the next thing God instructed me to do was to host a book study in our home, and God told me that He would bring in 7 people. Well that will be this Friday and I have never done this before...(yes i have stepped out to obey God before, but never hosted a Book Study in my home) I am walkiing in the Spirit and asking that you my friends will hold me up in prayer, especially on Wednesday when I will be fasting...I want to pay attention to what God has or us. I am excited for the wonderful things God is doing in our lives.....thanks a lot guys!!!!! Please intercede against any plots of the enemy...a safe harbor of peace and brotherly love and the blessings of revelation from the Father of us, as well as the fullness of the Spirit of God is what I desire. God Bess
  17. Ok...the little traps that "catch" the mice just sat around and were never visited even once....I asked my husband to pick up the poison and put it in a few stragic places and the last of two little mice just met his reward. No more knocking in the walls at night...but they were such cute little guys...I dont ever want to have to do THAT again...thanks for all your help guys.
  18. Amen Nina and Deborah....A step in the right direction is a good thing...learning about love and forgiveness is a good thing...
  19. I read the book and enjoyed it..yet I am sound in my relationship with Christ. I believe God is using this book in a lot of ways but one of the best things about it is that a lot of us have grown up without a real role model to know what real love is suppose to be, to look like, to be lived. I believe this book reaches out to reveal that love. My concern of the book is that My beloved Christ and the significance of Christ isn't shared....but God willing the book is a step in the right direction, as LOVE and the ability to forgive are manditory to walking in the Light of Christ. The Word tells us that If we walk in His word, we will know the truth and the truth will set us free. Clearly there is one way unto the Father, it is the Christ Jesus. I am the Way the Truth and the Life and no man cometh unto the Father but by Me. It was a good read!!!
  20. Looking for your dreams...Dreamster....
  21. The Light on The Path….The gift. So we are all beginning again, with this huge gift that has been set in front of us. Shall we put the gift in the back of the closet for another day, another time? Do we look at it and think, Oh yeah….I have had this before, I get one of these every year… or do we open it and experience this thing called LIFE to the fullest? Do we begin again with new eyes…to enjoy this life in it’s fullness through the eyes of Christ? I caught myself feeling bad for a few minutes, the other day, for the mistakes that I’ve made in the past. It seems like every once in awhile I find myself doing this. I don’t think that the sting of feeling bad, is a bad thing in itself, really. Especially if this is a catalyst to help me to remember to stay in His light ~ to do good. I don’t mind a reminder now and then ~ that I am a new person in Christ Jesus. When I remember my selfish choices in the past, that I made through negligence, ignorance of selfishness, I quickly feel moved to pray for the ones that I impacted. When I think of how others impacted me with their selfish choices…I feel compassion for them because I see now that I am the same. We are all hopelessly flawed without the grace of Christ. I have no right to hold judgements against others for their shortcomings. Haven’t we have all fallen short of the glory of God. Thank God that He still loves us and wants us. Its amazing really. Thank you God that you sent Jesus, and that this beautiful and Holy Son of Yours was willing to buy us back into the fold through His suffering. And all of the sadness in this world that clings to the hearts of the children of God. One day it will all be gone and never exist again. Praise God. I say we need to cling to the Lord your God now ~ for the ride of our life… for this world will soon be passed away and only love remains. How do we make our decisions now that we are “born again” into the life of Kingdom living? How do we navigate the choices that we use to make based on logic or “feeling”? God tells us that as children of the Living God, we are to walk by faith and not by sight. We are to walk based on trusting what God says and not by what we see. Doesn’t that seem crazy? Yes it does seem crazy to” the logic of the world” because we walk by the Spirit and understand by the Spirit which will sometimes appear as foolishness to the man who is without the Spirit and cannot discern in the Spirit. Nevertheless we are called upon to walk by faith. Wow…and what an experience this is when you really put this into motion. God provides for His children, I am learning that God provides but doesn’t usually expect us to sit at home waiting for His provision to land on our doorstep. No, ….He says “Walk in my way and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”…yes. I want to continue to “Know His truth” so I will continue to walk in His way in all things. This is my desire, my inspiration my passion, to walk in His way and walk it out through the end. It is on this path while we are walking that God provides. I know there is a time to wait and there is a time to walk, but weither we are waiting on the Lord or walking in the things that God lays in our lap one thing is the same that we are to stay in His Light, His way, His will, His joy,His spirit and most precious of all….His Love. This is what Victory in Christ Jesus is all about. It is staying the course walking in His way all the way through and when you fall, you are forgiven and you get back on the lighted path that God has for you. It is running the race, staying the course THAT is the VICTORY….it is not the specific situation that is at hand…it is, STAYING THE COURSE, STAYING IN THE WORD, OBEYING GOD, WALKING IN THE LIGHT, WALKING IN HIS WAY,WALKING IN HIS LOVE… again THIS IS THE VICTORY IN CHRIST JESUS……THE VICTORY IS WALKING IN THE WAY THAT WE ARE CALLED TO WALK IN CHRIST JESUS…….not the “situation at hand” not the results. First we pray. Then we make sure that what we decide to do is right on with the word of God, for this is the very same word that became flesh and walked among. So we make sure that we are thinking in a way that is scriptural and behaving in a way that is pleasing to God. We, as born again Christians, seek scripture diligently for the truth. We pray regularly, actually God tells us to pray unceasingly….I want that God. I want to be “in” your spirit connected to “YOU” always. So If we are reading the scriptures and praying regularly we should know what to do right? We have a spirit of thanksgiving and worship God often in this spirit of true thanksgiving. This is a state of being. We are always thankful for what God has done for us, we all have the memories of the good that God has done in our lives. If we are not bubbling up with thankfulness and praise for our Father in Heaven…then we need to ask for prayer from a Pastor or a trusted friend or friends in Christ Jesus. If you do not feel the thankfulness in your heart we need God to restore that to give you the fullness of the Joy of Christ. And then of course it is the joy that gives us strength in the Lord… If you are in the Lord and you are joyful, who knows the capacity of the strength that comes from this place. I believe we should never underestimate the power of the joy of the Lord…I believe it makes the demons tremble because it is in your joy that fear is so so so far away. When fear is so so so far away it has no power on us. Praise God. So we all are beginning with this huge and wonderful gift that has been set in front of us. Shall we put it in the back of the closet for another day, another time, or do we open it and experience this thing called LIFE to the fullest? Do we begin again, with new eyes…to enjoy this life in it’s fullness through the eyes of Christ? I vote: Begin Again. All Things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called together for His purpose. amen.
  22. Merry Christmas Mr. Dreamster..."D" I mean....I finally found your new Christmas and New Year posting!!!!! God Bless all who read these words...God Bless our world Lord and draw all unto you....In Jesus name, Amen amen amen
  23. I raised eight kids...and I just cant make myself take on one more animal in the house...lol. My husband it pretty low maintenance...but a cat? I am just not ready for the training and the hair and the sandbox, and on and on........ but thanks! I did get the D-Con and put it out where my little grandchildren cannot reach...sad for the little critters...but I hope I hope I hope it works.
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