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  1. Wow that is a really profound way to see it!!! Paul absolutely thought that he had it "right" and God had to stop him with a miracle...to make him see the truth....and not an "illusion" of what he percieved to be true.
  2. Praise God...let your children have a heart, to pray for others Lord. Let us have a burden for the lost and the hurting. We Love you Lord In Jesus name, amen
  3. THE UNDERGROUND BOMBINGS To this day I still don’t always understand what God is saying to me in my dreams. Our education in the Holy Spirit is a lifetime endeavor. But I have learned a lot, and I love the fact that God does talk to us in dreams. One of the things that God has taught me is to be able to discern the difference between a prophetic dream (which I fondly call a “God dream”) and an ordinary dream. Sometimes there is a waiting period for a prophetic dream actually to manifest, as the dream may not be for a current situation but a future event. On one occasion in particular, God gave me an immediate understanding of what this dream was about, and I had the opportunity to share that with my son-in-law before the dream manifested. In the summer of 2005, I went to Tennessee to spend some time with my daughter, Christy, and her family. My son-in-law, Mo, and I were at breakfast one morning having a theological discussion on our religion of choice. My son-in-law is a Muslim and I am a Christian; this can make for some interesting discussions! Usually my daughter is very nervous when we talk religion and would rather that we not. She is concerned that maybe we’ll offend each other or get into a heated argument, but actually I think Mo enjoys our discussions as much as I do. On this one morning we were talking about why we chose our religions. It started with our families and what their beliefs were and then we moved on to our own personal relationships with God. This then led in more detail to my personal relationship with God. I was telling Mo that I talked to God and that He talked to me. Mo seemed interested and questioned me on this. “What do you mean God talks to you? How?” And I talked a little bit about the ways that God does talk to me, and then I remembered. “In fact I had a ‘God dream’ last night,” I told Mo. In my dream we were in a basement. It was night, and my little daughter, Courtney, was getting into bed with me. I whispered to her, “Courtney, do you see those evil entities that are plotting against us?” I was pointing to what I could see in the basement as a table with spiritual entities that looked like men, standing over a table with what appeared to be some kind of map that they were studying. I knew that they were evil. “No mama, those are real men who are plotting against us,” said my daughter back to me…and I then I heard the sound of the voice of my stepson, Dan Irish, yelling out “FIVE”…and then I woke up. “So what does that mean?,” said Mo…and I knew. God had imparted to me an understanding of the dream. I said, “God is revealing to me that someone—evil men—are plotting to attack us underground, and the number five has something to do with it.” Not that day, but the next day, in the late afternoon, Mo came home from work, and when he walked in the front door I heard him yell my name. I immediately found him to see what he wanted. “Did you hear what happened?,” Mo said to me. “No I haven’t heard anything. What happened? And Mo went on to tell me about the terrorist bombing in England—underground in the subway. The bombings had taken place on July 23rd in London, at the Kings Cross station. “It’s just like in your dream,” he said. And I told Mo what I thought. “This really sounds like the manifestation of the dream that God gave me, but we will know for sure when the number ‘5’ has something to do with it, because that is how I will know for sure that this is the manifestation from my dream. In my life, when God tells me something, every part of what God says comes true. The number five is an important part of the dream and it will confirm the dream to us.” So for days the news covered the bombings, and the press reported that there were four bombers involved, but still nothing about number five—until several days later it was reported that they had found a fifth bomber. That’s it!, I said. Now I feel a peace that, yes, this is what God was talking to me about in my dream. God used this event to show my son In law Mo, that my God is real and does talk to His children. Praise God!!! http://lulu.com/product/paperback/its-a-god-thing-my-sheep-will-hear-my-voice-2nd-edition/14456456
  4. Yes, GOD IS SO AWESOME, and He is longsuffering with us, Praise God!!! Reading this story again brought tears to my eyes...I am amazed at God.
  5. I don’t even remember when I started all this, but ever since I was a young mom with little children I remember praying every time that I heard a siren. I may have been inspired by the car wreck that I was in when I was nineteen with my husband and my newborn baby, Christy. I had amnesia from that, I now remember waking up alone in the hospital and not having a clue who I was and completely amazed to find out that I had a husband and a baby. But whatever the catalyst was, I had incorporated a habit of praying every time that heard a siren…what made me think of this is the siren that I just heard just this morning here while I am still in bed and drinking my coffee for the day. One summer day my daughter Courtney was over and we heard a siren and we kind of laughed that we were praying at the same time, and then she said something that I will never forget. She told me that one day she realized that she was starting to feel less passion when she prayed ~ and that really bothered her, so now when she prays she imagines that the ones who are in trouble, in a wreck or ill, she imagine that they are her children and this has restored the passion back to her prayers. I was so inspired by what she said that I do this now. When I pray I imagine with all of my heart that it is my daughter, my son, my grandchildren, my parents or my husband who is in trouble. The Bible says, “The fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” but we know we are only righteous through faith in Christ and not any in ourselves alone. One day in the horrible heat of the summer here in Northern California ( where I have seen days as hot as the 120’s), one terrible hot day, I got a call from my supervisor to stop what I was doing and go home too work on my reports. I was not happy as our computer was in our garage and it was so hot it was like torture in my hot hot garage with the sun beating down on a room with no cooling system and no windows. This is where the computer was hooked up.(I preferred to do my reports in the evening during this hot weather…but here I was in the middle of the day)…I put on a t-shirt and shorts but still I was suffering. To make it even worse, if that were possible, we always have my husbands fire radio on, and the noise of that ceaseless chatter was getting on my nerves…Finally in anger and irritation, I got up from the computer to shut it off….but as I was reaching for it, I felt a conviction in my spirit and the Holy Spirit said to me “I see, you only obey if it is convenient for you”… I immediately felt remorse in my spirit for the anger…and then I really heard the fire radio. There was an accident, a man was hit on his motorcycle…and I felt it in my heart, and I started to cry. “I am so sorry Father please be there with this man, I pray salvation for his soul Father and that you are there Father for his healing, Lord send your angels to be with him and take care of him”…and I could hear on the radio that even as I was praying still the First Responders had not arrived yet….I was thinking of my son Dustin who nearly lost his life in his senior year in a terrible wreck. I knew then that God had put me here in this hot garage on this very day,for a reason. I was cut to the heart and I continued to pray until I had peace that this man was in good hands and on his way to the hospital. I had repented for my foolish and useless anger that almost kept me from being able to intercede that day. When I think back on this I Praise God for His long suffering with His children and for His mercy. What a mess we sometimes are. The next day I was with a client eating lunch when I got a call from Courtney, “Mama I need you to pray for my friend Joe, he’s been in a terrible accident. He was on his motorcycle traveling at highway speed when a slow truck pulled in front and he couldn’t avoid it” she said. After we compared notes I realized that Courtney’s friend Joe, from school was the same young man that God had me interceding for the day before. My Courtney was deeply concerned and told me that Joe was one of the nicest people that she ever knew. Courtney wanted to so something so she put together a raffle and joined in a larger fundraiser for Joe…and I sent a get well card to the family, with a note explaining that I had been led by God to pray for her son from the very beginning…..this was last year. After all this time and out of the blue, amazingly I got a call the other day. The mother was going through all her son’s “Get Well” cards and came across my letter. She couldn’t believe that she had never noticed it and she was so excited to call me and let me know that Joe lived and he is doing well. He is in physical therapy. We talked and we both agreed that God was there for her son.We are planning to meet for coffee face to face and I am so happy that my heart is dancing. I could have missed this blessing except that God is great. Praise God! Praise God. When you hear a siren…remember to pray. Amen.
  6. This one scripture has revealed to me that even in the most awful things..as I am suffering I hold onto this like a life saver....it is true. this truth hleps me over and over again!!!
  7. John, myfavorite is, "All things work together for good, for those who love the Lord and are called together for HIS purpose" Romans 8:28 God never fails...His word is rock, this always comes to pass in our lives.amen
  8. That she be a vehicle for YOUR spirit this day Lord, that she overflow with your grace,your wisdom your comfort and your love like a warm blanket. All Glory to YOU Father....we pray all these things in your precious name.amen
  9. Bless you Bless you Bless you all for your Kindness and Creativity...but especially the love that you share by sharing with my grand boys!!! I think it is really cool to see how creative the children of God are.... We are imitating our Father in heaven when we create....for He truly is the Creator of all things... Love you guys!!!
  10. God Bless you all....so much love poured out that it overflowed....and you all made me cry. God bless you, love you guys.
  11. Siranta, I think you should print your story in Mias forum also, where you can share your teachings with others. That would be wonderful...Mias page is another opportuntiy to share lessons in Christ with others.
  14. Sirianta, Nine years ago God told me to write a book and He gave me the name for it. "Its A God Thing...MY SHEEP WLL HEAR MY VOICE" My burden in my heart was that I have had a deep and personal experience learning at 22 years old how to hear the voice of God. My first experience of actually hearing God, was asking God a question in prayer and having Him answer me clearly out loud from the sky....My burden was that I had longed to hear God all my life and I know there are others out there who also long for this. God is calling His children to share the Gospel, through their writings, their music, their movies, poetry and all venues know to man. I really feel in the Spirit that He is calling us to do the thing that He is putting in our laps and in our heart. My book was published (and like you this is about your heart wanting to do what God wants) and I know that whatever happens with this book is totally up to God. God will provide the guidance and the training and everything else that you need to compete the thing that He is having you do!!!! God Bless!
  15. amen, thank you traveller, and bless all of you.
  16. My challenge was to be "accepting" of the several "surprize" purchases of run down firetrucks...(yes real firetrucks) that my husband brings home occasionally, (that someone was selling for a really good deal, or that he traded for) and be supportive as he parks them in front of our home..(in a little subdivision). I was so upset about it at first that I could almost feel steam coming out of my ears....but I am much much better now...praise God
  17. Wow...praise God Hinds feet, that is awesome. I am learning how to honor my husband. I thought I was...but God is showing me that real honor goes deeper than I had imagined. Thank God for His grace...!!! Thank you both for the birthday wishes...
  18. AAAAwwwwweeeee!!!! This was nice to read again!!! And it is my birthday in 4 1/2 hours, Yoo Hoo!!!! What a nice birthday present to re-read these nice posts and reflect on the last year and a half on Mias site....you all have definately enriched my life!!! & Thank You Mia!!!!!
  19. Thank you so much Sister in Christ...God bless you too
  20. Praise God, this is the perfect opportunity to ask you all to pray for my friend Carrie...she has asked me to ask my friends to pray for her...she has a broken leg and is in a lot of pain, she has been struggling as a shut in and suffering from depression.......she is crying out to find some joy..............please pray for the joy of the Lord to fill her...Sister in Christ, Kelsy and Traveler....and whomever else reads this.....Bless You!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Cast Your Cares On The One Who Loves You. Don’t hand over your power to the enemy. How do we hand over power to our enemy? By insisting on our own preconceived ideas. By setting ourselves up all throughout the day to for wins and losses, again and again. By holding others accountable to be judged by our standards. By making provision for sin. We do it to ourselves day after day, month after month and year after year. We own it; it belongs to us, and it is so not from God. The enemy keeps us in a whirlwind of struggle, with our minds engaged in our problems instead of entering in to the peace that passes all understanding. How often do we choose to stay wrapped up in our struggles and playing the same game over and over again instead of making the giant leap of faith which is actually to apply the word of God in our lives? Actually to cast our cares on the God who loves and cares for us, and to ignore the tacks in the path that the enemy constantly throws our way. “Greater is He who is in me than he that is in the world….” As children of the living God, we are instructed to keep our mind on the higher things (what is good and pure and of good report). Instead of honoring those instructions, we set ourselves up for continual anger throughout the day. Many of us walk through each day as if it were a contest, or even worse, as if we are walking through a mine field. “I will be angry if I don’t make that traffic light.” “I will be angry if I get one more bill in the mail…if that car pulls in front of me…if I forgot something at the store… if the line at the bank is long…if I forgot my wallet in the car…if, if, if.” Do we forget that we are created in God’s image and that God has given us instructions on how to walk through the day, really? Do we know who we are in Christ Jesus? Jesus was tested in the wilderness for 40 days, and we cannot go through even one day without complaining about insignificant things that happen in this very day that the Lord has made? Truly we need to say to ourselves; “This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it!” And we need to mean what we say. We need to pray for a passion for God’s heart in us, and the desire to walk in thankfulness for all that Christ has done to give us, His children, good things. For everything good is from God. Shall I find fault with my brother, talk about my sister, roll my eyes at my husband (just an example), grumble about the bills? God tells us that when we can be faithful in the small things, He will give us charge over the larger things. Walking through the day being angry at every little thing that does not go our way is ruining the quality of our life. It is dangerous for our health and it is a shallow way for an ambassador for Christ Jesus to live, for it is ruining our ability to shine the light of Christ on others. How can we shine if we are too busy being ugly? Really! As Christians we have an enemy that seeks to destroy us. If the enemy cannot destroy us, he will work very hard to destroy our walk with Christ, and to make sure that we do not draw others to Christ by leading us into this life-choice to continually be angry with the little things that go wrong in our daily life. This should not be. We have the power of the living God inside of us. We have the ability to do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Shall we then begin again…to honor God and walk in this light? Shall we make a choice to walk in God’s ways and in His peace? Or will we choose to continue in our own way? Life is too short to choose our own way. I am listening to the words that God has given to my heart, and I am choosing to begin again. The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning. We can do this. Let us not make provision for sin. God Bless All proceeds from Linda's book, http://lulu.com/product/paperback/its-a-god-thing-my-sheep-will-hear-my-voice-2nd-edition/14456456 from this site support Mia's Minsitry. A short chapter on Mia's site here is also featured in the book to help lead others to better understand the voic of our God. Click on link above, for more It's a God Thing...MY SHEEP WILL HEAR MY VOICE
  22. You are welcome Alexis, I love this site.
  23. Ah my statement in retrospect isnt clear. I have been stopped from speaking a prophetic word from God, (by the authority in the church) before. It is a humbling experience every time but I know God uses these experiences for His Glory in the long run. When I say "who can stop me? What I am meaning is, if a man stops me from sharing a word from God...who is he? When God is telling me "GO" and God is telling me "Speak Now" and the words are practiacally spilling out.....still I have been taught that order is honoring God. I dont want to trip up a brother or sister in the Lord and I dont want to be out of order. I am at peace now but I went through this training for quite some time until God led me to a place that practiced the sharing of gifts in the fellowship....with a sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit. The whole time I was being tested and changed not to have any aught against my brother and to stay in Christ, not be judgmentan and critical of others. Sometimes it is a fine line to know when to stay and when to move. There is not condemnation in CHrist Jesus.
  24. The tv...was not just literal, but in the dream.....it was sharing the news in a similar way, in the dream, the dream God gave me was sharin the news. It was telling us something. When God does things like this....for years continue to glean knowledge and understanding...sparkles of revelations here and there. Praise God.
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