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  1. Happy New Year to You all, brothers and sisters in the Lord!!!!!! I just stopped in to let you know that I have been busy with some things that God has been having me do, here over the holidays...I was in the middle of a fund raiser for a little boy with Leukemia, when one of my clients experienced a fire in her home and lost everything. Those two situations kept me too busy to check on line to one of my favorite places which of course is this Mia Sherwood web site that we all belong to. I love it. I am still assisting my client to get all settled in her new home...after several nites in a motel and then a homeless shelter ...but a lot of nice people were watching over her. Pray for Jayne that all goes well with her in her new home and please pray for Landon, the little guy with bone cancer. God bless you and your loved ones and thank you for your friendship in Christ Jesus....love you, Linda
  2. Praise God...!!! How far to Northern California are you going?? If you come up to the Redding, Red Bluff, Corning area thats where I live ...I would love to meet you in person!!! just a thought!!!! have a Wonderful Christmas!!!!
  3. so I waited all day...and still no confirmation so as I am in Gods presence... I get it, that I need to make the call based on what 'God has taught me and what the Bible principles are and first I seek christian counsel....and get online with our web site....oooops....no immediate answer and it is getting late...so I am inspired to ask my husband what he believes I should do...he says call the national weather station and I do.....It is cold and muddy outside and the weather guy says 70 percent chance of rain...next i went on the KLOVE chiristian radio prayer chain....to request prayer for wisdom, and i begin to think of the dozen or so venders and moms who have rented space for our giant sale and I decide to call each of them and ask their opinion, what is their preferance...I wanted to honor them as well. All agreed to rescheduled.......I know this is a training session in leadership.....and i felt so light after that....later in seeing the posts I agree God can and does make all things work for good for those who love the Lord and are called together for His purpose. I did not feel bound to have the event on that specific day, but i did feel bound by conviction to honor the people who were trusting me to help this turn out to be a successful event for them as well. They had all invested money to rent the space to sell their food or wares etc...... There is so much more to tell but it is in two days now...and we have a new place that is covered and safe from the rain....it was 200.00 and the insurance to have the event was 279.00, I have brought in 340.00 so far from the sale of donations for space and raffle tickets, and the we havent even had the sale yet....(so keep us in prayer......we are putting my husbands fire engine with a big sign on it to tell others that the site of the sale has been moved.....will keep yu updated thanks for the input and the prayers.............In Christ, Linda
  4. ok...so the sale was to be in the muddy field and I was talking to God through out the day...i said Im good with following through with tomorrow if that is what you want God...but I need a confirmation. God knows I need a confirmation because I want to honor God first, and I did not have a specific solid knowledge....I felt llike maybe like a little kid...who is so excited to tell the joke...that he just can't wait for the right moment, the timing, and instead just blurts out the punch line for the sheer joy of it..and I was feeling like this, I was so happy to do what God wanted me to do....that (and I am telling this to God) maybe i need to slow down and be in your timeing God....not like a little kid that blurts out the punchline to the joke....too early....so that is why I am asking for a confirmation If yu want me to have the sale as I had planned....I will but if so send a confirmation...that I know, that I know it is YOUR will and not mine.
  5. Praise God!!!!!!!!!....Glad you are ok and not hurt, but it alters everything when your life is in danger like that........How good that you went home to your family tonight......amen
  6. This is the situation, The fund raiser is scheduled for all day tomorrow...about 20 tables in a field, with mexican food, venders, yard sales, jewelry and home made Christmas items...all were told to bring their own table tent etc..... I have been praying for sun, it is almost 200 pm here on Saturday..and it is and has been raining all day...the field where the sale is, is muddy buy not so bad that we cant have the sale....the ad says, COME RAIN OR SHINE...(tis a fund raiser for a little 6 year old boy with leukemia to help raise money to make it possible for his parents to rent a healthier home to live in.....I do know that God of course can make the rain go away and the sun come out.....but i do not know if that is what God will do or not. I read a dream that gave me hope that this might happen but i have been seeking confirmation from God and not recieved it as of yet. God is having me learn as I go. My ideas...i thought I might call the people with the tables and ask to take vote on if they just wanted to reschedule til next Sunday and I would call everyone up and let them know and put a large sign up in the field to let others know as well. Or i can just continue to wait for a confirmation, and follow through with the original plan....and let the chips fall where they may.....I truly would like prayerful input and possible ideas on this from you please pray that i have wisdom in this decision ...............thanks
  7. I would love to chat in real time....I am on Pacific time....I have a big fund raiser this weekend and will be buzy outside most of the week end but Monday or Wednesday every week nite I am home and would be available after 6pm my time, at 6pm here it is 4pm in Tennessee where my daughter lives (Whitehouse) and 3pm where my sisters live, (Pontiac Michigan)......I will check the chat on 6pm Monday nite to see if anyone else is there...........ok??????
  8. Keep expounding girl!!!!!!! This has blessed me. I have a book that I love it is one of the bound books called "Jesus Freaks" about the saints in past times. One awesome story that encourages me greatly. i will share what I remember. In the times when Christians were burned at the stake for turning their back on Catholisism....one man was to watch his friend burn in town square with other "rebels"... this is how I remember the story...before the killing he went into the prison to say goodbye to his friend....and he asked him this. Ive been afraid of what would happen to me If I was ever in your position, could I go through with it and not deny the Christ, please for me, as the fires are consuming you, If God does come to you and make it bearable, please as a sign, clap your hands together above your head and I will know that God has come to you to make it bearable. The fires were lit and became large and the singing turned to the cries of humanity....but the bodies were being silenced one by one and the man thought....ah...he is dead...there was no sign......just then, a man, burned beyond recognition raised his hands above his head and clapped his hands...not one, not two....but three times....as his body was devoured in the fire. Be not afraid brothers and sister of what the world can do to you.....Greater is He who is in you than He who is in the world......praise God
  9. Thanks for taking the time for encouraging me. the prayers of the saints are appreciated and I feel so happy right now...God Bless you Cholette!!!!!
  10. Wow....I just realized...it was fear........I confess my fear to God and God yes........I give it all to you....pour your lite on me and on every brother and sister reading this today...let us walk in your way, your joy, your light, your spirit, your unlimited resources and your holiness...............................botta botta bing!!!!!!Praise You God!!!!! in Jesus name....AMEN
  11. Ok.....I emailed the fellowship forum a few days ago to request prayer...I am stepping out in faith and walking on air right now.....so far, praise God....I am free from fear and God is leading me in wonderful ways to pull together this fund raiser for the little boy with leukemia, Landon, who needs a safe home to come home to. God, of course,, as always God is awesome, He is GOD....and I am happy to be used as His right hand man in this project....but i realized this morning that my priorities are out of liine..I have been more concerned with "How I will look (If it rains, if no one comes, if we are all sitting in mud puddles without anyone attending our fundraiser etc.....) I just realized that I have been more concerned about that than i have been about landon......and how he will benefit from this. and I am so sorry. I tell you now God, i know that kind of thinking is so wrong and I am truly repentant Lord... you guys...Please agree with me that i will be in Gods light through all of this and that I will resist the enemy. It is all you father and although I want a sunny day, with no rain and all to go well and glorfy you in this fundraiser for little Landon. Father....If you chose rain and mud and no one to come...still I would be glorifying you and praising you God...for you have not given us a spirit of Fear..... So guys...bro and sis in the Lord......Pray for Gods divine will in this fundraiser to help little Landon come home to a safe home and I love you guys......thanks
  12. That is what God did for me and He is not a respector of persons. I spent many months in solitude. Though I had two small children - all that i owned had been stolen from me, including my car. I had no friends where I lived. I would sit at night when the kids were down for the night...and when i heard a car coming down the road i would rise to look out the window...but it was not for me. ever. Lonliness was not what i was used to....I am a people person, but God used it for good. This is the place that I began to be hungry for God and began to Embrace Jesus as Lord of my Life.... I continue to be put to the test regularly...and sometimes I fail...............but Praise God that when i least expected it My God sent me a beautiful God fearing and kind man to be my husband. My true husband, as we walked in the Spirit together through our courtship and My true husband supported and encouraged and protected me to remain in the light and insisted that we stay pure for out wedding vows. All things work together for good for those who are called together for His purpose......
  13. praise God this is the TRUTH.......don't stop talkin it.....in Jesus name....amen
  14. Father God, In the name of your precious son Jesus...I pray that you will come in to the lives of Ann's family in fullness that your divine will be implemented. i pray salvation for all through the faith in our Jesus Christ the saviour of the world, that they all would come into the fold of the kingdom of God. I pray that the son will find employment that is hand chosen by the living god of us and that all the needs of the family will be met in abundance according to the will of the Father of us, the Father of lights...I pray this prayer through our Lord Jesus Christ, in Him name, Amen HE IS THE ROCK OF OUR SALVATION praise God.
  15. I pray Fathers only your divine will in Dreamsters life........in Jesus name...Amen!!!!!!!!!
  16. Amen.................really...what a cool experience to have God directing others to sign up for the fund raiser...rent booths, donate money.....we are working to bring this little boy Landon, home to a home that he can recover in. I had so much fun with God yesterday.....He is in charge of this fund raiser and i am just hanging with him.......thank you for your prayers...I was so happy today and woke up happy again this morning....there will be approx 22 spaces for vendrs and God led me to fill the first row of three rows up only yesterday, while I was working full time.................................thank you for the prayers of the saints......oh....you you you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are a blessing!!!
  17. another thought....This reminded me of the young man who came to Jesus and said (paraphrased) that he'd done all that he knew to do to Go to heaven and what else was there to do? When Jesus told him the only thing now for him to do was to go home and sell all that he had and follow Him...the young man was sad...because his wealth was great..... how hard it is for those who trust in riches to enter the Kingdom of God mathew 19-15-26 mark 10 17-27 luke 18-18-27 ..for so many of us, there is that one thing in the way of being abandoned to Christ...let it not be ...let us search our heart and have moral courage to address ourselves to pull the thorn out........NOW.....we are in these end times NOW......Dear God help us.
  18. Spiritual boldness to step out in Gods truth for us in spite of the waves. Just a little thought for the day was on my heart when i woke up this morning. Moral courage is what we all must have in abundance...The world will know we are christians by our love but we must have moral courage or the ones who watch us can be tripped up and we are responsible for what we say...just as we are responsible for what we don't say. It was uncomfortable for my 23 year old daughter to talk to her father in law about being offended when he claims that religion is for weaklings...but God empowered her, though she is a shy and quiet private girl she shared with me that she knew in spite of her emotions she MUST stand for Christ. and she did. In our world we are daily expected to tolerate not just sin, as sin, but to embrace the thought of sin and celebrate that all are sinning. We cannot close our eyes and we cannot remain silent. I am not saying to offend, I am saying in the Holy Spirit when the opportunity arises we must not pass it up. No, we must have moral courage to address the lost, regardless of the waves...... A little neighborhood girl who was cognitively disabled adopted our family...because she was lonely from haveing alchoholic parents. We took her to church with us...and she became friends of the family. Over the years she grew up and moved away and began a new life in the gay community. When she she came back to me one day to ask if she was going to heaven....we had a long talk. She was choosing Sin over God and making provision for that sin. This separated her from God and was a choice that God warns us about in the Bible.....Christ died for all our sins, but i would not let her leave with peace about choosing sin.. I told her I loved her but she needed to choose God and not sin. This was one of the hardest things I'd ever done as she has no family. We prayed together for moral courage to do what is pleasing to 'God, for my friend to be cut to the heart and confess her sins to God.......she did not choose to do it then. and i watched her drive away. I have compassion for her and still praying for her........and this makes me even more aware of how good God is and how thankful I am for the presence of my Father in my life . he is not an absent Father ...He is a Father who is there for me in all I do.....as long as I walk in His ways.....Praise God. Please feel free to add your thoughts to this thread.....I want to know more...
  19. I know I could have put this in the prayer forum...but really felt comfortable to come in this forum to ask for your prayers.... A friend has a little 6 year old boy recently diagnoses with cancer...she has been dealing with ministering to her grown up son who also has cancer. i felt led to plan a fund raiser (which i have never done in my life) God is stretching me. It is a large 20 table yard sale with room for trucks with produce or arts and crafts for sale too. We need tents in case of wind or rain and i need prayers for Gods divine will in all of this...please. it may sound like no big deal...but to me it is.....i am usually the one to donate...but not arrange the whole thing......................pray pray pray.....thanks and God bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!Linda irish :freezing:
  20. I can hardly wipe the smile off my face....What God has done for you makes me so happy that my face hurts....God Bless!!!!!!!
  22. IM JUST GONNA GO PAST GOD ON THIS ONE For Single Women Yeah. …that’s the chief (past tense) unspoken motive of my heart that left the doors of the Holy Temple open to destruction, and horror in my life. I am sharing because I love my sisters. This is an expose’ on the trap the enemy sets for unsuspecting single women, often vulnerable, pain filled and or broken and or abandoned women- many are mothers…one of our highest callings…these are my sisters in Christ Jesus Satan sets….a trap to destroy our life, and our children’s life, and satan searches for every opportunity to draw us away from our source of life…the living God of us the Father of Light. Satan wants to invalidate our Christian witness to the world in any way that he can. When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden…(which by the way they didn’t do anything that we’ve never done…right)?…… right. So when they sinned in the garden and decided that they didn’t want to do what God wanted them to do…..(namely to believe him…which is to obey Him) all of mankind inherited a curse. The curse on Eve, to the woman He said I will greatly multiply your pain in child bearing, in pain you shall bring for th children, yet your desire shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you. What exactly does that mean? Hold that thought. Now the curse on Adam because you have listened to the of your wife and because you have eaten of the tree of which I have warned you -you shall not ear of it- cursed is the ground because of you, in toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life. Thorns and thistles it shall bring forth and you shall eat of the plants of the field . In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread. Til you return to the ground . For out of it you were taken You are dust…..and to dust you shall return. Genesis 3: 16 through 19 So a woman who marries a man…You have a strong feeling that you cannot live without your man…Your desire shall be for you husband , takes root in your life. Also…He shall rule over you. What happens when the wife, that has a strong desire that shall be for her husband….. no longer has a husband.? She still has a strong desire for her husband, God basically says, that in spite of the pain your desire shall be for your husband. A woman who no longer has a husband, still may have an emptiness that she longs to fill. Her husband may not be there but the longing for her husband does not all go away just because the man is gone. She lives with the agony of this desire for her husband, her man. Not only does she have this, but If the man in her life is no longer in her life there is an emotional and spiritual impact….usually there is mourning, or anger, (which anger is truly Pain incognito) there is processing and searching….the woman….who’s longing was for her husband…(the man) now is very vulnerable and the man is no longer there to minister to her. She no longer has security in her relationship her marriage….she is like the long grasses in the fields, blowing about in the wind. How many woman have been in this place with a longing to feel whole…To feel “one” again (as the two flesh become one) I was there…it was a painful and scary place . I didn’t understand it all at the time…but now I know… holy daughters of the Living God need to seek refuge under the wings of Jesus….they need to be set aside for Jesus…They are not to search for this longing to be fulfilled by a man. Jesus must heal and restore before God directs you to a man. You are not to be with any man as a husband, in a way set apart for marriage…never. It is a dangerous and unholy thing… The enemy wants to bait you to come into a unholy union by filling that longing with the counterfeit….in that way the doors to satan are open night and day to the enemy…who comes to kill and destroy. Ah we are so weak and vulnerable…we don’t want to hear “NO” from the Father of us…we don’t want to hear “Come out from among them” from the Father of us. No we do not want this. We want the familiar spirit of the desire for our husband to be fulfilled and to feel whole again. . We ignore that “love” is not marriage….By doing so we step into the torture chamber of demonic enmities and moreover….we prop the door open to the ugliness of Hell to welcome them into our humble abode……….THE TEMPLE OF THE LIVING GOD……so that we, can partake of the fruit that God has commanded us to stay away from We ignore Gods direction for our life …we make provision for the sin….We are partners in crime so that satan not only has access to bring pain and destruction to us but to our beautiful innocent children as well…. All because it is hard to walk without the husband….it is hard to live with this longing that we have to be with a man to make us feel whole. Now I will tell you what this sin has cost me, that I pray the reader will glean Holy knowledge from….. I was a young Christian woman who made provision for sin…which left the door to the enemy open. Some of my children were raped. I was physically and emotionally abused I had several nervous breakdowns and was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder I could not cry a tear for ten years Two of my children tried to commit suicide And the list goes on….but the most horrible of all is that all of this, all of this was directly related to the fact that: I chose to sleep with a man and or live as man and wife with a man who was not my husband. This choice to sin left doors open to the enemy to come in rape and plunder my little family that I loved. Do not entertain the thought, that sharing a bed with a man you love (but are not married to, is a little thing) this is not a little thing… do not make the provision for sin, do not be a partner in crime with satan to invite him into the Temple of God and rape and destroy all that God has for you….do not leave your little ones unprotected for hobnobbing with the enemy…. Wisdom cries out in the streets and no one listens…LISTEN Please believe me sisters in Christ…it is not worth it….When I realized what was going on it was still hard and I fell, but the lover of my soul , Jesus Christ of Nazareth, was there to receive me…praise God. I am forgiven I am blessed my children are being blessed and I am in a good and alive place in my life. I am in the light. My lessons came hard…but my love for my God is huge because of how lost I was and how I am now so grateful to be home in my fathers arms. This is a song I want to share…found it in a 100 year old hymnal Come Back to Me Come back to me with all your heart, don’t let sin keep us apart The trees may bend though straight and tall, so must we, to others call… Long have I waited for your coming home to me And living deeply our new life And you will sleep, secure in peace Faithfulness shall be your joy…long have I waited for your coming Home to me, and living deeply Our new life
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