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  1. the second thing that was literal and spirutal...was the tv in my dream...it was long dream and I will look to see If I posted it here on Mias site. In the dream I dreamed of a black and white old thirties television set...and on that tv a black and white news reel was playing. It showed a race down a city street with men in wheel chairs and in this group of people was one man with an elongated wheel chair and his leg straight out in front. In real life, My son was telling his buddies all about my dream on the way up to the cabin...he'd just finished telling them the whole dream when they walked in the old place, they saw an old tv...(same as in dream) and his buddy Peter turned it on and the picture was a movie of a newsreel in black and white with a group of men in wheel chairs racing......they were really blown away.... It was a testimony to Christ that night...as all those boys experienced the truth of the unfolding of that dream as it manifest.
  2. This has happened in my experiences with prophetic dreams. For example, God gave me a dream one weekend, right before my son left to go to the cabin with a few buddies. I called him into my room befroe he left to warn him of danger and we prayed together before he left. The dream and all the details came true, but one detail in particular came true in the spirit and in real life.(two in fact) in the dream my son was in an old clawfoot bathtub being filled with water, he was not reacognisable as he looked like he was beaten beyond recognistion, like a monster. His arms were out over the sides of the bathtub....like Christ on the cross. He was under the water...the blood was everywhere but his body was proteced in the parts under the water..... the next day my son actually woke up in an old claw foot tub (in real life)(younger days drinking with buddies)....but the spiritual meaning was that a week later a two ton truck landed on him in a horrible horrible accident...he was injured beyond recognition just like in the dream, they did now know if he would live. But we had prayed the blood of Jesus over Dustin and his friends(that night my son and I before he left for the cabin) The water is symbol of the baptism...the Holy Spirit and the blood. Jesus was faithful to give mom a message to pray with my son, as always I do plead the blood of Jesus over my children, and God was faihful to spare his life. This is one of the experiences in my book, for sale to help support Mia's site.
  3. I agree Father, Your divine will and plans in my sister's life, In Jesus name. amen
  4. I just want to say it again....I LOVE THIS SITE!!!! Mia...my experiences in coming here and my enjoyment and learning experiences here have truly blesssed me....thank you!!!
  5. Owen...yes all those questions were the same questions that I once had in my situation as well. It was a real struggle wanting to do what God wanted and wanting to have confirmation to know absolutely. In my case, after months of wondering and praying... I left for six weeks to have a baby and when I went back half the church was gone as a split had taken place. My situation was a lot like Chollette in that some abuse was going on...like abuse in power and lack of God's divine order.... human jealousy getting in the way of God's gifts free flowing to bless the body..... It is all a growing and learning experience like every trial that we go through. It is painful while we are in it.
  6. Chollette, I love this scripture, where can I find it? , "our gifts will make room for us and bring us before great men." I love it. I too went through very similar experiences in a church that I attended for a dozen yours or so. When I left and could see in retrospect...There was abuse in power going on and slowly crippling the moving of the spirit for quite some time. Having a group of Christians in your life that do not all attend your fellowship is a good thing. A few trusted mature friends can really be a blessing in times like that. God Bless.
  7. The streets are calling for evangelist and the streets are free for the taking....When it is time to fly it is time to fly...Truly it is the Holy Spirit in us that will let us know. We can't be moved by fear...(as I have experienced in the past). So I pray for us all here to know what it is that God is doing in our lives and that conviciton I know God did say go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father th Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded and lo I am with you even unto the end of the age.
  8. Dear Chollette, that is wisdom...a time for training and then a time for release to the place that God would have you. I also experienced what you are describing...praise God He is placing His children where He wants them. Prayers for you KDRE...that when it is time to for you to move or expand..by tthe Holy Spirit you will hear and know...praise God.
  9. God is my covering...If I am moved by the Holy spirit to speak by the Holy Spirit...Who would stop me?
  10. Still by our obedience in willing to do what ever it is that the Lord would have us do. We are being trained and raised up to be prepared for a time that God will use us. More and more from seed to fruition to harvest. I believe we shouldnt be wearyof well doing and I know God is calling us out from among those who do not truly believe in Gods power. We have victory in Christ when we stay in His light and His way and His love. I am praying for a break through for the children of God...for true freedom...not just in knowing in our minds that we have this freedom but the freedom that demonstrates ~ freedom witnessed by others in the doing ~ the action....the following the Holy Spirit to the park to witness to the lost impromptu...filled with passion and faith not timid, but filled with God's light and love and hope and strength.... that kind of freedom. I pray that we have a break out....that we kick down the invisiable door and go~ For every man who partakes only of the milk (knowing the word of God but not walking the word of God) is unskilled in the word of righteousness for he is a baby. But soid food (doing the word of God) belongs to those who are of full age, that is, who by reason of use (doing) have their senses excercised to discern both good and evil. Hebrew 5 11-12 : amen
  11. KDRE..You said that you are realizing how important it is for others to understand their gifts and to get training. I so agree. I believe that is a good thing and maybe oneday that will be your mission. Are you involved in leadership in your church or have you considered it?
  12. I remember many times that God would tell me to share a word at church or a vision and I would go up to the Pastor, as is the protocol at the church that I belonged to for years, and sometimes I would hear. "maybe later"...or "what is the word" for me to whisper in the pastor's ear, and pastor then would not share it or forget. Sometimes I have been visiting churches and God would have me share, and the Pastor would say, "we don't do that here" I know it made me fearful sometimes to "do" the thing that I know God wants me to do. I don't want to "fear" rejection, but I stilll struggle with it. But I will follow through on what God says to do, like you said, kdre, and just do it....He is the one that I love, more than anyone and anything. I know that all those times I have been in training because the Bible says, "In this way I will know that they love me, in that they obey my word."
  13. yes you've got a point there...and I also love the treasure chest that you downloaded...I think when we get to heaven we will all be walking around with our mouths open....no matter how much we read about heaven....I believe words are just not enough for us to "get it" and thats ok. I am glad that we have heaven to look forward too and to motivate us to bring others with us!!!
  14. One of the very underated and under appreciated ways that we hear the voice of God, is actually through troubles and difficulties. I was reading the Bible yesterday morning when I came across this awesome scripture…just another confirmation that God does talk to us, His sons and daughters. “Although the Lord gives you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, your teachers, will be hidden no more; with your own eyes you will see them. Whether you turn to the right or to the left your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:20 What God is talking about is that when we are children, when we are immature we see the problems and struggles in our life as being of no value, like tacks in the road, so to speak. But as we mature in our spiritual growth, through walking in the Holy Spirit we will soon see that God has given, us opportunity to develop our skills in hearing His voice through these difficult times. When we have these times we will not longer wring our hands in despair but know that “All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called together for His purpose” We all have these struggles in our life, but as a born again Christian we know that we are to walk in all the difficulties in a way that is pleasing to God. This is what is pleasing to the Father of us. Are we then able to walk through the hard times…with peace in our heart, with the spirit of God filling us and leading us, with a mouth that has good, true and uplifting words, and a mind that thinks good thoughts?. Are we counted as having a humble and forgiving spirit and an attitude of thanksgiving and appreciation to God, and the desire to continually grow our faith in all that God would have us know and believe? It is not the circumstances in the world that determine success, it is the status of our heart mind and soul. The thing that satan likes to control people with is fear…We know that we are to trust God, but often instead of trusting God, we decided to listen to the fear and do something deemed “more dependable” than God. It is our version of the “Sara thing” where God told Sara and Abraham that they would have a child and where Abraham believed and it was accounted to him as righteousness, Sara laughed in disbelief (as she was very very old)….and then she persuaded Abraham to impregnate her handmaiden Hagar, instead. So I struggle with this fear also, let me give you and example. The other day God gave me a dream, it was a prophetic dream and in the dream he was telling me that there was going to be an accident (a wreck) and that it was to be an opportunity for ministry. (you can read all about it in the story called; God Can do In Our Lives More Than We Can Imagine! www.3womenonamission.com ) When I woke up God told me to tell people, and I knew that He was talking about my friends and family on facebook as well. That was out of my comfort zone. Fear was the first thing to try to keep me from following God. The enemy puts those thoughts in our head “yeah, you will look stupid if you post that, people will that you think you are a prophet or a mind reader and full of yourself”….I instantly said to God, “Oh, I don’t think I’m doing that”…but then I realized that God was not asking me what my opinion was….He told me to do it. So I did it. I thought to myself, I have to be willing to stumble and maybe get it wrong sometimes in fine tuning my “hearing from God”…maybe I won’t always get it right, but if we choose to ignore God and disobey and disregard that things that He is saying to us, why even bother saying that you are a Christian? Really. So satan tried to control me by putting the fear on me in hopes that I would “play it safe, If I did not post I would not risk ridicule. That is true, I needed to post whether I would get ridicule or not. As it turned out the dream warned me to pray for whoever was going to be in a wreck…and I did, and posting it gave others opportunity to pray as well. It was a Thursday early in the dark morning when I awoke from the dream and prayed, and later that day I called my close friend but she couldn’t talk, she was upset that her daughter had just been in a car wreck. No broken bones but banged up and sore. Then on the next day my sister was in a car wreck that totaled her car…same thing, no serious injuries but or course the car was messed up. I am only sharing this because it is important to recognize this kind of fear as the enemy of God. God had me and othes praying in intercessory prayer for others, and they were not seriously injured, who can say what the outcome may have been without the power of God interceding. Shall we be thankful to God for keeping our loved ones safe? Absolutely. If you stay in the Holy Spirit, you will walk in His way. God will continue to lead you into all truth. God is our source. God is our identity, God will speak to His sons and his daughers. We need to learn how to listen.
  15. ooops....and Virtuous, I was just looking over these posts and I missed your comment to me..."God is great, ain't He?".....Amen Amen Amen...yes God is great. Makes my soul dance in happiness, He does.
  16. 'there is a lot of meat on this study in tithing....and grace. I am coming back again at a time of leisure...when I can digest this all in Gods spirit. I am so blessed to be a part of this site, there is so much food and so much passoin for our King. Back soon. love you all. Linda
  17. hahaha thank you for the modified prayer....that made me laugh...and thankyou both Dove and Hinds Feet. God bless and encourage all that will be led to be here tonight in Jesus name. Let Gods Holy Spirit and not fear...be their guide this very day. In Jesus name amen.
  18. Hi Chollette, how are you liking the job these days...is it still a good fit? I also have a job after all these months..and I am so thankful. God's timing is perfect!!God bless you Chollette.
  19. It's the second book study on my new book ...tonight, in my home (actually Thursday january 27th). Please pray that I am sensitive to the Holy sprit~ pray for God's divine will, for things to go the way God would want. I am new to having others in my home for ministry. I am doing what God told me to do. last week the was annointstudyed...Praise God. But I know I have to continually work on staying in peace and not fear. I want God's divine will. Thank you for your prayers.
  20. That is a beautiful testement to Mia Sherwood and her ministry, and I agree one hundred percent John. I have been blessed tenfold by the Saints that have reached out to me and others ~ day in and day out. I have thanked Mia for her obedience in walking in the things that God would have her do. She is a very commited and busy person with a lot of responsibility and yet she continues to follow through. I thank you to Mia ~ bless you.
  21. MJ..sorry you were hurt, I have been emotionally hurt (when my heart was right )also (at church and at my work) the devil will use whomever he can to stop your joy to shake you from the good you are doing in Christ Jesus. God sees your heart and I would encourage you to continue on in the good you have been doing, as the Lord leads,and not to let the weakness of man (in the flesh) hamper your obedience to God (as you are in the Spirit). Certainly not to say I am judging him nor you or any other person as we all are hopelessly flawed without the grace of Christ and are guilty of slipping into sin and selfishness occasionally. Praise God for His grace! Following Christ makes waves into the darkness ~ we war against principalities and powers in high places....not man, what you have been through is a confirmation that in Christ in you is making those waves...(or you wouldnt have been under attack in the first place. I dont believe the enemy bothers with the luke warm Christian....he's already got them right where he wants them...he goes after the Spirit filled believers who walk in His way. So be encouraged...God Bless
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