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  1. Your welcome. It just crossed my mind that you might pray about fasting in addition to prayer in understanding how to overcome in Christ. I know that there are some demonic influences that Jesus advised, would go out with fasting and prayer (instead of just a prayer). Keep looking up sister. amen
  2. I never thought "a mouse" was going to be such an exciting adventure but since the little trap isnt working and its been a week, and since my husband is not in to having an inside cat, D con it is....gulp. Awwww poor little guy. Thanks for all your help guys.
  3. Good and entertaining conversation!!!!! I'm sure our Dad loves to see His children getting along so well !!!! and it doesnt hurt to play nice this close to Christmas....huh! (wink wink)
  4. Chollette, Would your mom still know the name of the mouse poison? I checked the little trap today...still no mouse. hmmmm I feel bad about it but I gave the lttle guy a chance to be "caught and released" Thanks everyone...
  5. Wow...Now there is a pregnant Idea....hmmm a Christmas kitty....I will ponder that. Thanks Lola
  6. Ok...I bought on of those little trap houses...but i swear I can almost hear the little mouse laughing as he is making all sorts of noises eating my walls and everything...I thought maybe I didnt bait the trap well enough so i went online and (I baited it with peanut butter) and they said to add anything that is sticky and sweet so I added some maple syrup a few hours ago and still nothing...my husband wanted to go after him last night, with a broom stick and I stopped him. I dont like the idea of half a mouse sticking to the paper either, is there such a thing as "painless poison?"
  7. Then what? is the mouse stuck to it?
  8. I know this sounds strange for a Christian web site but help. I have lived in my home for 26 years and never had a mouse in my house. Now Ive been hearing wierd sounds and finally when I was sitting in bed drinking coffee one morning a little mouse ran into my doorway paused and looked up at me. I was flabberghasted. He is so cute...but I know they can have babies and eat your house up so I got a little mouse trap at the store and it is suppose to trap the little guy in the house once he goes looking for bait....then I just throw him away..(but i think I will release him in a nearby field...we live in CA and it is still quite survivable weather. The problem is that I have baited the trap and waited 3 days.....the mouse will have nothing to do with it. help!!!!! please. please. Any effective ideas? Linda Irish
  9. Congrats "D"....you deserve it!!!! I've always wanted to know, do you take those little yellow guys with you wherever you go? Or do they just hang with you here on Mia's web site?,,,,, >(*:*)<
  10. I thought you looked really darling...I had no idea it was Nichole Ritchie but I am not up on the latest these days....:o) lol
  11. Amen To That Sister....we cant outgive God!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Dear ja. I had to make a choice. I made a choice to be married to 'Christ when I was trying to pull myself away from men and sensual relationships when I was young. the Holy Spirit was showing me that what I was doing was not pure. It was a big deal for me. We have to make that decision to consecrate ourselves to Christ and when you do, God wil give you the strength to follow through. It is violent and hard to break through in some things with following the living Christ but it is worth it. I pray for the power of the Living God to enfold and empower you.
  13. Certainly I am referring to God in the Trinity, The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.... and we all know that the Word, is the Son, the word became flesh and dwelt among us. amen
  14. I agree Hindsite...all things big and small...I believe God is calling His children collectively to move into this place and to begin now. Truly. I believe God is calling this to our remembrance now...it's scriptural, and we will be blessed by our obedience, in ways that we cannot, now, fathom. Our desire to embrace His will for us. in all things. I also believe with all my heart this site is part of this calling that we depend on God...one of those ways is to "hear Him".... In the times we are now in it is becoming more and more important that we learn to hear the voice of the Living God. That as born again believers, and children of the Living God, we become dependent on tlhe moving of the Holy Spirit in our lives to lead us into all truth.
  15. Right now with all of my heart, I believe God is moving His peo;el to depend on Him alone, not in the world system. Yes, because of sin man must work to make an income and women have children in pain. but we all have taken our eyes off of The living God,to some degree, as our fulll and entire provider. I didnt think that I was doing that, but so I was and am still learning....it is a fully dependant child that is empowered in Christ Jesus........ not an independent one. It is a changing of the mind set from the world way to the Way. It is a changing of the mind set from "the God of logic" to "God of the universe" from fear to faith... to be in this place this spiritual place of ~the Kingdom of God~ that we go from from glory to glory It is such a challenge to give give give it all as Christ would have us truly, according to faith and not by site. It is high adventure in Christ Jesus....and God is faithful to lead us through this door.......amen.
  16. I never had an inkling or a clue, when "my God chosen mate" was in my near future....I too think God has His own plan for each of us in His own time.
  17. Thank you for YOUR encouragement my dear sister in the Lord!!!! Thank you God, we love you so!!!!!
  18. I havent worked in 8 months. I was fired for a fabricated cause, my generosity and earnestness was slandered. It was a vicious and spiritual warfare, a sticky wicket my husband would say, and attack from the enemy that was a hard hit on our family and on my spirit, I was mistreated by my employer as I was thought to be a whistle blower, for the neglect of a disabled woman. but I know that I know that I know it all will turn out for good, because the Bible says so. "All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called together for His purpose". So in giving you that background I can say that my husband and I, we survive on our combined income and it was truly miraculous that we did not lose our home. On the past Friday, five days ago I got my first check on my new job after 8 months of no work. I had a list made out of all the people and places that I owed money to and was so happy to pay back my debts....but when I got down to the last 45.00, I made out a check to my dentist ~ and I was so happy because I havent been able to pay her in months....thats when I realized, wow....I did not tithe any of this check, I didnt even think about it. The dentist is just going to have to wait. So I was talking to God as I was driving and since I am not a member of a church right now, I asked God where He wanted me to tithe it. He brought to mind a young man who lives on the streets with his dog. Ive known him for a couple of years and hadnt seen him for eight months, but he moved back into our town recently....just a few minutes later I turned down a road and there he was...the boy, walking his dog down the street.....so I pulled over and waved him down. after a big hug, I told him that I was going to give him 27 dollars (10% of my first check) but he said no, he didnt need any money right now. I told him, look, God told me to give this to you, If you need it right now or not, I want to do what God wants. My friend finally backed down when I told him, Look, I cant outgive God, He will bring in the funds to take care of what I need. I had my little grandchildren over for the weekend while my daugher was out of town and among the excitement one of the little boys stepped on my open phone and broke it in two pieces, I didnt tell my daughter as I didnt want to burden them. When my daughter and son in law got home the two of them insisted on paying me a bit, she slipped 60.00 into my pocket. Funny how the next day I paid exactly to the penny, my new phone came to 60.00. Well, I was talking to God again, I was telling God,thats good and all, and I don't want to be a complainer or anything...but that was kind of like not getting paid, right? Still a new phone, how can I possibly complain right. The next day, I meet my friend and she has a card for me...for what? She says that she's been talking to God, and that two months ago when I watched her cat while she was out of town, she did not pay me enough. She said she calculated the gas money and she counted the extra days and when all was said and done, she'd not paid me enough. I opened up the card that said thank-you, and there were three 20.00 bills. I tried to tell her that I didnt need it that she didnt owe me anything....but she said she had to give it to me....it was a God thing. You can't out give God. I am so happy to be able to mail my dentist her check!!!
  19. It takes more faith to believe that this world and the heavens are an "accident" truly. I believe it is the love. Agape that is the biggest talker to the unbeliever, really. The athiest,agnostic,unbeliever, they watch us closer than any believer....they watch to confirm that we are not real and we have ill motives and that we are full of crapola....so to speak. I so want to stay focused on walking in His light..I love Mias saying that ticker tapes across her posts....it reminds me to keep pointing to God and keep tellling others I am sorry for my falling short...because God is not finished with me yet....lol.
  20. I was truly challenged to witness to this young man, he said things to instigate anger in me...and without the power of the Holy Spirit it would have been futile. Each time God encouraged me to rest be humble and consider the whole picture. I had to be in the Spirit and not the flesh. In the end it is love that reaches out to the lost, really. My lifetime role model, my Christ, who on the cross. said forgive them for they know not what they do. That is the picture that I keep in my mind. I also beleive in some ways, it is easier and more effective to communicate with an an athiest than a peron who is proud to be a Christian, but is not really a Christian...If you know what I mean.
  21. That's for sure, God's timing is perfect!!! amen!!!
  22. Thank you for being so candid so transparent. I know exactly how you feel. We are all on our journey and I know that the more passion that we have, to keep reaching out and to keep communicating with or Father, the closer we come to hearing His voice. We arent born knowing English,or whatever out natural language is, and in the same way we don't automatically understand everything that God says to us either. But God tells us over and over in His word that we will hear His voice. I believe Him and I continue to learn more every year. I love God so much...He is there beconing us. God Bless.
  23. THE CROSS AROUND MY NECK A few years ago I had a beautiful cross that I wore around my neck. A friend gave it to me and I loved it. It was, and still is to this day, the most beautiful cross I’d ever seen. It was gold, and it was delicate, with diamonds, and it was rich and beautiful. It was one of my favorite things and I was happy to wear it. One Sunday, during the praise and worship time at our church, as I was praying, God spoke to me by giving me a vision. In my vision I saw one of the ladies at church on her knees, and in the vision, while she was on her knees, I saw myself putting my necklace on this woman. I recognized the woman from our church; her name was Susan. A peculiar vision—and again, like so many times when I feel that God is giving me instructions, I wondered about all this. “Do you mean that you want me to give this lady my necklace?,” I said to God. “I will. But where, and how? Do you want me to do this now? Do you want me just to go up to her in church and give it to her? Do you want me to look her up in the church phone book and call her, go to her home? What Lord?” Then I was still and waited on the Lord. I knew God would tell me when and where when He wanted to. Very soon, I had the distinct knowing—from God—that I was to give my necklace to this lady the very next time I saw her. I was to put it on her, just like in the vision, and to tell her that this was from God. The thing is that I had lived in this town for years and years, and I have never seen this lady anywhere other than at the church. So I didn’t have a clue as to where she lived, and I couldn’t even recall her last name at the time. But I did see her clearly in my vision. I did have a plan of action, and I knew now what God wanted me to do. And I was excited. A couple of days later I was in the local Wal-Mart store with my husband. We were in the pet department, getting cat food. “I’ll be right back,” I told my husband, “I’m going to the ladies’ room.” And then I immediately wondered to myself why I’d said that, as I had no desire or need to be in the ladies’ room, and I thought to myself, “Hmm…that is funny. It must be habit, like a horse just heads to the barn,” …and I pondered that thought all the way to the back of the store. When I walked through the door to the ladies room, there she was, standing right in front of me, the same woman that had been in my vision! And she was clearly troubled. I could see that she recognized me from church, and she seemed startled. Her eyes were red and watery from crying, and I knew then what God wanted me to do. Just like in the vision, I took off my cross necklace and I put it on the lady. “This is from God,” I said. “Oh my God…you’re kidding me,” she said. “Oh no, I’m not kidding you. God told me to give you this necklace and to let you know that it is from Him.” The woman was clearly emotional as she began to tell me her story: “I came in here to use this room for a prayer closet. I had been praying to God when you came in. I was talking to God and feeling like I was alone, feeling like I had been abandoned in my suffering. I was asking God, ‘Where are you?’ Then you walked in and put this necklace on me and told me that this was a gift from God.” It was a gift from God. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and we are the sheep of his pasture…and that WE WILL HEAR HIS VOICE. God does amazing things If we are only willing to step out in faith. I am encouraging all of us to listen, amen.
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