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  1. I am completely and totally blessed by your experience. I am a believer and look up expecting and have been for more than half my lifetime, the rapture...I believe you were caught up in the spirit and God revealed this to you.

    When it is from God it is vivid and powerful and leaves me knowing that I have been touched. I pray you will continue to grow in the Spiritual things of God. What a blessing.

  2. Absolutely right Christa...this really moved me to take an independent stand for Israel....I had a prophetic dream about America, being inticed to go along with Egypt and Russia, in fact in the dream Russia was running the show.

    Then I had a dream of a sower sowing seeds...three times I awoke from the same sign, a sower sowing seeds. I am convince that this is all a part of the same thing and yes. We are to intercede and do what we are able to support our Israel. Is it ok if I share what you have had to say here with my friends and family? I will wait for a reply. I hope everyone who reads this has ears to hear. amen

    Don’t hand over your power to the enemy~ a repost

    How do we hand over power to our enemy? By insisting on our own preconceived ideas. By setting ourselves up all throughout the day to for wins and losses, again and again. By holding others accountable to be judged by our standards. By making provision for sin. We do it to ourselves day after day, month after month and year after year. We own it; it belongs to us, and it is so not from God.

    The enemy keeps us in a whirlwind of struggle, with our minds engaged in our problems instead of entering in to the peace that passes all understanding. How often do we choose to stay wrapped up in our struggles and playing the same game over and over again instead of making the giant leap of faith which is actually to apply the word of God in our lives? Actually to cast our cares on the God who loves and cares for us, and to ignore the tacks in the path that the enemy constantly throws our way. “Greater is He who is in me than he that is in the world….”

    As children of the living God, we are instructed to keep our mind on the higher things (what is good and pure and of good report). Instead of honoring those instructions, we set ourselves up for continual anger throughout the day.

    Many of us walk through each day as if it were a contest, or even worse, as if we are walking through a mine field. “I will be angry if I don’t make that traffic light.” “I will be angry if I get one more bill in the mail…if that car pulls in front of me…if I forgot something at the store… if the line at the bank is long…if I forgot my wallet in the car…if, if, if.”

    Do we forget that we are created in God’s image and that God has given us instructions on how to walk through the day, really? Do we know who we are in Christ Jesus? Jesus was tested in the wilderness for 40 days, and we cannot go through even one day without complaining about insignificant things that happen in this very day that the Lord has made?

    Truly we need to say to ourselves; “This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it!” And we need to mean what we say. We need to pray for a passion for God’s heart in us, and the desire to walk in thankfulness for all that Christ has done to give us, His children, good things. For everything good is from God.

    Shall I find fault with my brother, talk about my sister, roll my eyes at my husband (just an example), grumble about the bills?

    God tells us that when we can be faithful in the small things, He will give us charge over the larger things. Walking through the day being angry at every little thing that does not go our way is ruining the quality of our life. It is dangerous for our health and it is a shallow way for an ambassador for Christ Jesus to live, for it is ruining our ability to shine the light of Christ on others.

    How can we shine if we are too busy being ugly? Really!

    As Christians we have an enemy that seeks to destroy us. If the enemy cannot destroy us, he will work very hard to destroy our walk with Christ, and to make sure that we do not draw others to Christ by leading us into this life-choice to continually be angry with the little things that go wrong in our daily life. This should not be.

    We have the power of the living God inside of us. We have the ability to do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Shall we then begin again…to honor God and walk in this light? Shall we make a choice to walk in God’s ways and in His peace? Or will we choose to continue in our own way?

    Life is too short to choose our own way.

    I am listening to the words that God has given to my heart, and I am choosing to begin again. The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning. We can do this.

    Let us not make provision for sin.

    For more about author see http://lulu.com/product/paperback/its-a-god-thing-my-sheep-will-hear-my-voice-2nd-edition/14456456


  4. The first thing to do is intercede for your co-worker.

    Lord, my brother in Christ is appealing to you to reveal Your will to him Father. We lift up these dreams that he has been having Lord and ask that YOUR WILL would take place regarding these dreams. We pray that we remember to stay in your Holy Spirit and walk in your ways father always offering up our minds to be renewed by YOUR TRUTH and YOUR WAYS.....Let it be according to YOUR will Father. Let us all continue to grow in you ~and know YOUR heart Father~and hear YOUR VOICE...We pray revelation to my sibling in the Lord, Let him hear YOU lord and understand ...in Jesus name. amen

  5. I know that giving birth in a dream sometimes means a new thing...like a new idea being made real...a new change or beginning. I dreamed of my friend Laura one year. I saw her pregnant and she was having a baby( in real life her boys were now teens and she would not have chosen to have more children, yet is was sooooo real)...It was so real, but I hadnt talked to her in many months. We have always been very spiritually and emotionally close.
    I was so moved by the realness of the dream that I made a mental note to call her feeling that this was a prompt from the Holy Spirit...but I'd forgotten and let a few days pass.

    Then I went into work one morning and I saw a sticky note on my phone....it said "call Laura" and it had her phone number on it.
    I shared an office with the pastor, and about three other workers so I asked them who had taken this note? ...All my coworkers denied taking the message. I talked to every individual that had access to the office, even the remote chance it could be the gardener. But all said no, they had not ever received a call or taken any message.
    The job was new, Id been working as a secretary at a church(that neither of us had ever attended or been a part of) for less than three months, and I'd not had the opportunity to tell my friend Laura about my job yet...So I didnt know how she could know that I even worked there .
    So I called the number and, her husband answered and put her on the phone.
    No she said, neither she nor her husband had called me. She said , however that she'd wished that she'd called me~ she was going through a horrible time, even in a program over the weekend for an emotional breakdown. In this program she had Identified me as her "safe" person....the one she trusts the one she felt could understand and not judge her the one she felt at home with.

    But she had not called me, in fact she had no idea that I had a new job or where it was.
    God was showing me that my friend was going through a break through period~ birthing something new...and in her life that "something new" was to build her life on truth...and not assumtions. or ideas from the past. Everything had to stand up to the criteria of the BIBLE....truth must stay and everything else in her live must leave.
    This is a long story but I believe Mia says to look at your feelings in your dream, they seemed happy. Look at the life that you live everyday~ Could a new dream, new ideas a new hope for your future be experienced by you or someone else you are close with. In the dream it appears as If you are supporting someone else in their new "baby" and or the birthing of this "new " reality itself, and happy about it.
    I am sharing my experiece ultimately God will make the revealation to you. God Bless

    If you get with God and really spend intimate time with Him He will reveal what you need to know. Will be praying for a revelation for YOU> God Bless

  6. The following is an article I read online today on a World News site~ Egypt and Russia strengthen ties
    02.11.2006 16:36

    (news,bbc.co.uk) - Russia is expected to offer assistance for Egypt's proposed nuclear programme as the two countries' presidents affirm their warm relations in Moscow.

    Egypt's Hosni Mubarak and Vladimir Putin may also discuss trade and arms deals, Iraq, Iran's nuclear project and Israeli-Palestinian tensions.

    Mr Mubarak recently urged Mr Putin to seek a third term in office, despite the constitutional limit of only two, reports Trend.

    Mr Mubarak himself has served back-to-back terms since 1981.

    This presidential visit comes almost a year after Vladimir Putin became the first Russian head of state to set foot in Egypt for 40 years.

    It is clear that the two leaders enjoy a friendly relationship, says the BBC's Emma Simpson in Moscow.

    Mr Mubarak told a Russian newspaper that his counterpart was a "very good, very clever leader; Russia needs him".

    The Egyptian president is the first leader of a major country to call for President Putin to remain in power.

    The two countries enjoyed close ties until the 1970s, when Egypt turned to America as its strategic foreign partner.

    Mr Mubarak said relations were now developing "in a positive direction... based on solid groundwork of years of friendship and co-operation between the two countries".

    Mr Mubarak has recently proposed reviving Egypt's nuclear energy programme, which was abandoned after the Chernobyl disaster 20 years ago, and it is thought the leaders will discuss nuclear co-operation.

    They are also likely to talk about increased Russian arms sales to Egypt - something that will not impress the United States, Egypt's traditional arms supplier, our correspondent says.

    The Middle East conflict is also on the agenda.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed Egypt's "leading political role in the region" and Russia's "weighty involvement" in attempts to pursue peace.

    Mr Mubarak will go on to visit Kazakhstan and China, to try to boost Egypt's relations there too

  7. I do not know but i did some research on the tambrind seed and it is a very fragile delicate seed, it needs high maintenance to make it grow.

    you need to propigate it in your home and start twice as many as you need as it is hard to get them to grow, and the water must be 68 degrees indirect sunlight. I dont know if this means anything...but I thought it was interesting. i am looking forward to seeing what God is trying to say in this dream. I'll keep checking in and pray for revelation.

  8. I love that you are so authentic in your earnestness for clarity Jasmine. God did a lot of talking to me in my life. At first it did sound just like my own thoughts in my head ~ but as I persued the Lord in faith the voice became more clear and more clearly not my own. I even heard God speak out of the sky one day...when I was in a huge valley in a nearby park, spending an afternoon with with my sister~ THAT time when I heard God it was deep warm and felt like liquid love pouring down on me...Ten years ago God stopped me on my front porch in a powerful and supernatural way...to get my attention...that day He told me to write a book and
    call it "Its A God Thing...MY SHEEP WILL HEAR MY VOICE" Mia was gracious enough to allow me to represent the Mia Sherwood Dream site there also, the book link is on the front page of Mias site here at the bottom. In 2011 I am donating all the proceeds of the books purchased on this site to Mia's web page. God inspired and directed the pages of this book, it may assist you in hearing His Voice.

  9. Dear Mighty Might...I was so blessed by all of this...it is very like what I have been going through at different stages of my life, God wants me to have my identity in Him alone....not what I do, where i work, who I am on this earth...only in Who I am in HIM ALONE. I dont know if this makes sense to anyone else but my heart can wrap itself around a cause so easily....and my identity can become lost in that cause....that is not what God wants...our Identity shall be in Him ALONE.....I am learning more about this as the years go on. God Bless and thankyou for sharing this good food.

  10. hi guys I just wanted to make an announcement. A few months or so ago I made a post on Mia's site that all the proceeds of books purchased through this site will go to help support this great ministry. I think it is a great idea and I for one love Mia's site. It is a Bible based and Spirit led Ministry that has blessed me tremendously ...and hearing the voice of God is so important to us, the children of the Living God.
    What I am posting today is this: If you are buying one of my books, "Its A God Thing...MY SHEEP WILL HEAR MY VOICE".. you must use the link on the front of Mia's site. There is a specific link to purchase books there at the bottom right hand corner...Do Not Order From Amazon.com ~4.00 from every purchas then will be mailed to Mias site quarterly. God bless :)
    only us the link provided or the funds will not go to Mia's site.
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