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  1. I just wanted to say....even if you find yourself in a place of "delayed obedience" it is not ok to let it go.... God told me to write my book and I put it on a shelf and left it undone for years ~ sad in my heart that I could not just "get it together" and finish.....but the enemy tried to convince me to let it go...it was too late...I already failed as I did not give it priority with my time and interest etc...... if you are called to something and you do not follow the call in a timely way....repent and begin again and begin again and begin again.....the enemy wants you to stop and let it go. Dont listen to the enemy / Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. when you read someones post...there is a tiny + and a tiny- at the end of the first line that they write...that + will vote to add one more "I love your post" not really sure how the - works :( I dont thing that I want to either....hahaha hope this helps....oh, and you can practice on my posts....to see if the + really works when you click on it.... :)

  3. There is one thing that you know for certain. This is that God told you to to stand firm on restoration of your marriage and that HE WOULD restore it. Praise God!!!! Weither these dreams are previews of the future...or have a deeper significance I will pray that God reveals to you...I do know sometimes it helps to keep the faith when the dreams God gives you, unfold to remind you of His direction for you. Lord I pray Your divine will in Amandas life. I pray that regardless of the way things may look~ that her faith remains strong in the direction that YOU have given her, and Father do a powerful work inside her husband as well. May it ALL be according to YOUR WILL LORD!!! In Jesus name, Amen

  4. Dear Nicoleswann, When God gives me a dream like this the first thing I do is pray. It is more important to pray than it is to understand your dream ~ Father God you know the purpose and meaning to Nicoles dream, We ask You to bring about YOUR perfect will Lord, to take this matter into your own hands Lord and protect and bless all who are involved. Lead them all to YOURSELF LORD...In Jesus name amen.

    Lord we also pray that YOU continue to lead Nicole to greater understanding and discernment in the dreams that YOU share with her. Bless Nicole and her family, bless her loved ones and bring her into a continuing deeper relationship with you Holy Lord. we pray all this in Jesus name. Amen

  5. I knew you all would come through for me. I am still in bed...but today my husband is taking me for a walk and maybe out to lunch. I am still a bit dizzy. everything else is healing quickly and I am happy. The Event in Indiana was fantastic...people were blessed all over the place and came in from all over the place....some found their God given calling and some were delivered...many of us did hold them up in prayer. I know I belong to the Living God and HE is watching over me. I am so thankful once again to be saved by Jesus. love you guys and thank you for your prayers.

  6. please pray for my full recovery. I was scheduled to preach in Indiana on 'Saturday, last night at an event called, "The Gathering of the Prophets of the Latter Rain, A Call To Purity for America" I lost the use of my left side, legs arms on Wednesday and stayed wednesday and Thursday in ICU. I am walking now..on top of all this I had a ptsd episode. I did stay in prayer and gathered a few prayer warriours for the event and it was successful with many people healed and realizing their God led mission. I know God has His hand on me and is doing something big....we are also to pray for each other, I truly Just would like my friends here to remember me in prayer for full healing I am not out of the water yet. love you guys....thanks.

  7. Yes This thread getting what I have been getting too. I had a dream in March...(I have to check) Taken by an Egyptian...where Israel/America is swindled, or tricked by Egypt (Muslim) and the whole thing is being led by Russia. It also refers to what I believe is the beginning of the 70 weeks.... Amazing times we are in...Praise God...keep that oil on your lamp brothers and sisters....and stay in intercession for salvation for others. amen

  8. I am just stopping in to have a cup of coffee with you all and share what is happening with the latest thing God is doing in my life. The book that God gave me to write and publish is starting to get attention just like in the dream I had. I have a radio interview for our 3womenonamission group ~During the radio interview my book was discussed...that show airs on three different stations on Sept 27th and right after that I am doing a book signing...but the really exciting thing that God is doing is the invitation to minister in Indiana in October (I live in Northern California) wow.

    I am watching God do these things and I am overwhelmed with the speed and the blessing of it all. The Gathering of the Prophets of the Latter Rain~ A Call For Purity in America, with half a dozen other speakers and preachers. God is doing all this!!! I am not a trained minister of the Gospel but I am in LOVE WITH JESUS and trained by THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!! YAY HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!

    I also want to mention that the proceeds of the books sold on this site go to Mias ministry to help her with the cost ~ but THEY ONLY COUNT IF YOU BUY IT THROUGH THE LINK ON THE FRONT PAGE... that is the only way we can count it through the publisher. Or if you email me for a book it is also counted. So far Wendy's site here has not sold a book on her site...If you have bought a book at Amazon.com thinking it would count to bless Mia please email me and I will fix it :glory: . God bless you all and YAY GOD!!!!!

  9. Butterfly I am very interested in this statement that you made. I am not very informed politically...I miss a lot, but recently had a prophetic dream about Egypt...Russia and America. I am not judging what you have said just asking you to explain to me what the President do regarding the uprisings? How did he interfere...in your opinion. this is the statement I am referring to:

    "Obama interfered in Africa and the Middle East (the uprisings in Egypt, Libya, Syria) and as a result that has put Israel's nation in danger. (By the way I am not judging you at all I just want to understand since I had this prophetic dream (that I will post after this...in the correct forum)...thanks...and if Butterfly is not here tonight and someone else can explain that is great too.

  10. No one has posted on the multiples of earthquakes felt all over today...I have a list on my fb page but havent memorized it by heart yet....I agree with all the statements on this thread. God is angry at the refusal to turn away from evil and to put HIM first in our lives...I told my husband if our country does not support Israel and divides that land that belongs to Israel....woe be to all of the ones who live in this land....we need to repent and turn away from rebellion against God....and the children of God need to intercede. truly. while there is still time.

  11. Virtuous, the scripture that says not everyone who calls me Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of heaven...but the one who does my will of our Father who is in heaven~ we arent saved by works of course....but we are to walk in HIS word"

    Virtuous: " I must STAY on the foundation of Jesus Christ. Linda, you are very correct to keep emphasizing the importance of OBEDIENCE because it brings blessings. I'm learning to walk in obedience...prompt obedience. Because I have also learned that "delayed obedience" is disobedience.." I am working on this also....praise God!!!

  12. Dear Destine...I have been troubled in the Spirit all day and I text my daughter and said something is wrong...please pray for our family something is terribly wrong.... I have spent half a day in the Spirit of God asking God to take care of the thing that is troubling my spirit and now I see that a sister in the Lord is struggling....this is the hard part dear sister....let God use you dont let the enemy keep your eyes off the hope for a future.....you DO have a destiny in Christ Jesus and the war is in the spirit in in principalities in high places ....hold on Help is on the way...and where does my help come from it comes FROM THE LORD.... HOLD ON HELP IS ON THE WAY...AND WHERE DOES MY HELP COME FROM IT IS FROM THE LORD.....you are loved and precious in his site......silence to the lies in your head they are from the enemy......you are precious and have a destiny waiting for you....i am praying for the joy of the Lord to return to you dear heart...please pm me and let me know how you are doing...I will be here again in about an hour....God Bless
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