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  1. Amen sister Gods Spirit and his truth sets us free, Glory be to God for you thankyou for sharing. I for one am honored to have felt the quickening of Gods truth within this verse. When God Speaks, all in the universe bows down, unto God in Jesus name be all the Glory, Amen Glory Be To God
  2. Glory Be to God sister that is a POWER verse!! Zachariah 11:3 There is a voice of the howling of the shepherds; for their glory is spoiled: a voice of the roaring of young lions; for the pride of Jordan is spoiled. (KJV) FEAR GOD Repent!! Deliver us Lord of our foolish ways. Glory Be To God
  3. What an awesome blessing, our creator revealing himself unto his flock. It is he who made us, and we are his, we are his people, the sheep of his pasture all the earth :) So blessed Glory
  4. LORD in the name of Jesus I pray father on behalf of herring2011 and his friend, I ask Lord you pour out your blessings upon this individual. Open doors of opportunity bless this man/women with heavenly grace. Bless herring2011 with your peace thank you Lord that his friend will receive in abundance for thou art faithful Lord and I praise thee for great blessings coming this brother/sisters way. Let your Spirit lead each individual into greater understandings of thy grace open to them revelation of thy will in their lives. Unto God in Jesus name be all the Glory, Amen Glory Be To God
  5. LORD in the name of Jesus I stand in agreement of this request and I pray you intervene within their lives, bless them Lord with truth and reveal unto each of these friends thy presence. Touch each individual with thy Holy Spirit bless them with understanding and open to them the wonders and miracles of thy loving mercy and saving grace, unto God be all the Glory, Amen Glory Be To God
  6. Blessed LORD in the name of Jesus I lift to you the many burdens upon the children of Israel and a country in much turmoil. Bless the saints Lord Jesus and bring unto them peace from on high, intervene father bring about change in the lives of thy children bless abundantly with your loving compassion and everlasting mercy. Thank you Lord that your grace is sufficient unto us nevertheless thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven, unto God in Jesus name be all the Glory, Amen Glory Be To God
  7. Amen, Amen, Amen! Hallelujah!! Glory Be To God
  8. MaMaZ


    God is not to blame; he does not keep you from his blessings our doubt/sin keeps us from the blessings of God. I believe if you would just expect and not doubt for this is sin, you will receive abundantly from above. Let yourself be you, stop trying to be perfect, only Jesus can move the mountains but this is done through faith in Christ. Stop condemning yourself each time you fall short of the mark. This condemnation is blinding you from seeing Gods truth, the devil is lying to you, our father does not cause our problems. When you are rebuked by our father, you will be spiritually quickened, you will know, but guilt, worthlessness, pity, sorrow and sadness these are all satans lies. We in our sinful nature cannot surprise God, our Lord already knows the mistakes you are gonna make never forget that, but he loves you and his love brings healing and with this understanding of how you can cast out the problems. When you were baptized the old you was buried, renew your thinking, each day get up claim his promises, rise in the likeness of our savior Jesus Christ, put on his image and try your best to abide in his likeness. If you fail, Jesus says come unto me all ye who are heavy burdened, never forget that, you will find rest in his arms they are open to you always, seek Gods truth resist the devil and he will flee. Glory Be To God
  9. MaMaZ


    Before we go any further you must repent of the downcast attitude and rebuke the oppression you have adopted concerning your walk with God. Daily repentance without faith is useless if you don’t expect God to change your ways. Doubt regardless of how you explain it (3 reasons above) cuts the grace of God from falling upon you. If you would take the time to gather each word shared with you within the posts you have submitted you will find a loving father waiting with open arms for a son who just won’t accept him. We know the Israelites our Lords people rejected him but you are born again a son of God and if you won’t accept this truth you will always reject him? Believe with you WHOLE mind, check your thoughts and pray the Lord gives you understanding of his will, expect Jesus to increase within you spiritually but you must decrease in your own fleshly lusts. Give it over to him and pray for cleansing of your mind, body and soul. You will see truth in your life when you truly give over the burdens you carry. Lifting a prayer unto God for a relationship is healthy, but don’t sit at home and hope God brings her to you. Help God out by going out of your way to witness unto others and glorify your father who is in heaven. As for employment opportunities find work that will please you and fill yourself with options don’t just limit yourself to certain choices. We serve a God Who created all things and that’s what you want to claim father I can do all things so no matter the circumstance be bold if its talent your lacking then find rolls where they are willing to train you off the mark. There are positions available if you only set you mind to it, giving up because of doors being closed is an excuse to be lazy. Now as for your feelings confusion/anger these emotions are sent by the devil, rebuke him, ask Jesus to intervene and cast out the forces coming your way. DO NOT, stay focused on the problems believe all things are coming your way and these positive thoughts will come to pass. Glory Be To God
  10. LORD in the name of Jesus, I pray father you intervene within this child’s life, help the individuals who enter her path to know thy truth concerning her wellbeing. You are the healer dear Lord and I ask you fill each member of this family with wisdom and understanding of thy will in their lives. Let no destruction draw near their dwelling, send unto them thy ministering Angels intercept all forces that try to break the anointing upon their lives. Thank you Lord for thy saving grace and I ask that you forever keep this child and her family within your presence. Touch and open each individual to receiving thy truth, increase thy Spirit within their lives open unto them the tender mercies of thy faithfulness. I ask in the name of Jesus save Lord, let the king hear us when we call, unto God be all the Glory, Amen Glory Be To God
  11. Praise God, sorry love I did not mean you didn’t know Jesus, I said cause you know Jesus it would be good at this time in your life to trust him more. I know from experience in my own walk that speaking out in faith and believing Jesus was there, gave me strength to arise above any situation. It truly did help to talk to others but the healing comes upon you when you start to hope for things unseen in your life, find a quiet place and talk to Jesus. I hope that your relationship with Christ Jesus strengthens; he will bring people into your life and you will begin healing if you trust God. Cast your burdens upon the Lord for he careth for you LORD in the name of Jesus I lift the request of Jasmine into the loving attention of thy tender hands, knowing father thou hast already begun the healing of her mind, body and soul. Lord I ask that every situation that comes at Jasmine you rebuke, intervene and still these evil works. father the many forces that hinder her from coming to you I ask that you go forth Lord Jesus thy word says I have set the Lord always before me because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. Bind these forces, silence the oppression of the devil in the name of Jesus. Father you said he is a liar and a thief, break all ties that hold him to Jasmines life. Thou art able Lord and I thank you for strength in her life, give unto her understanding father of thy truth quicken her with fire and fill her with living waters to overflowing. Peace and love be with you in the name of Jesus, unto God be all the Glory, Amen Glory Be To God
  12. Blessed peace and Love to you all in the name of Jesus Thank you for the blessing, as I read the replys I felt the spirit fall upon me thank you each individually from my heart I praise God for such Love.... Love always Glory Be To God Rejoice in the Lord ye rightoues and give thanks at the rememberance of his holiness
  13. There is always an explanation to why you are being affected I advise you seek the truth ask the Lord to enter your life. You know who Christ is now let him take over, read his word Psalms is a good book to read, here you will find peace and strength. If you don’t understand read it over and over again eventually you will see its life and the Holy Spirit will quicken you. your family wishes you nothing but the best but as parents we tend to believe our own analysis of the situation. Take the time to talk one on one with your mum she will listen if you let her know what’s happening inside you. It might not be what she wants to hear or even what you want to do, but it will open her eyes to why you choose to keep silent and seek others for help. We as mums love our children and sometimes we assume so much but really we don’t understand. The greatest counselor of all is Christ Jesus, nevertheless I tell you that what you are going through is and attack not from those who love you but from the devil. He doesn’t want you to be happy he will try to hurt you and will tell you lies, he will distract you from finding solace/peace. Try not to focus on the problems and aches that come to pass, just believe that Jesus wants to help you and little by little as your faith grows in him, you will start to see the blessings he wants you to receive. Your body will heal your mind will receive peace and through reading the gospel Jesus will lead you and supply all your needs and wants. I would love to help you through this time if you are willing I am a youth leader/counselor, I also have 6 children of my own my eldest is 20 yrs old and my youngest child is 4 so you can imagine the many trials my family and I have overcome. I have 2 adopted sons and 3 adopted daughters all put in my path since I was called to serve Jesus. I love Jesus and he is my Joy and through him my youth see his light and it is such a blessing to counsel them when they face sorrows and woes in their lives. None of us are perfect and if I can help you through this time please feel free to contact me, Peace be with you in the name of Jesus Glory Be To God
  14. Praise God for this site and the many brethren and seekers within, may we come together in unity and oneness and I pray God’s truth and will be done within each of our lives. Hello to all I am a single mother of 6 daughters and I was called to be a servant of Christ’s glory in 2009. I came to know Christ through deliverance, Jesus delivered me from seducing spirits at that time I only knew I was cursed and very sick in my mind. I was a women of the world broke every commandment given to us by the father yet his grace and loving mercy saved me when I believed my life was over. I recall the day Jesus came into my life like it was yesterday, I knew no one who loved Jesus so it was not hard to ignore and acknowledge he even existed. The day of my 33rd birthday had come and that day a close friend gave me a picture of the last supper as a gift. I looked at her and said “Are you serious, why would you give me a picture like this I don’t even know who this is” Well to cut a long story short she explained who and what this picture meant, on the outside I pretended I knew what she was talking about but in all honesty what she told me didn’t mean a thing to me, I thought the gift was great but the understanding of that gift flew over my head. My intent when I walk inside a little while later was to store the painting away but for some reason I walked into my lounge and hung it in the centre of my wall. I loved the gift, yet why I loved it I couldn’t explain but to cover my embarrassment and my eagerness to hang it, I said to my friend I would hang it up because she gave me the gift, and I didn’t want her to think I didn’t appreciate it. Well after I hung that picture darkness became evident in my life, satan started to manifest in my life. I was seeing things no one would believe, it only happens or you only see the stuff I’d seen in the movies. At first I thought I was imagining it but then reality took a punch for the worst and I started hearing voices and strange occurrences started happening in my life. I am New Zealand born and here my culture believes highly in the spiritual gifts our ancestors had and if we were lucky we were blessed with their gift. I could see things and was trained to believe that this gift was special (yeah right) I used this gift to control situations yet I spoke to many spirits, I know now I spoke not to the one who gives me life. Since receiving the picture from my friend, my gift I had inherited from my pares(Which at the time I believed was truth) was no longer a blessing it had became a curse all that I knew started to back fire. I got that bad I had to go visit what we call an elder a man who see’s all things and can speak directly to the source of the problem. I didn’t know but God knew that I was going to see Jesus, I rung a local marae (gathering house) and asked to see this elder at the marae. At this time I had all my family with me, we all have some sort of special gift but I praise God his gift that lives in me is to glorify his name now not that of the thief. We went to this house and I met a lovely gentleman, usually I was intimidated by these elders because we were made to fear them because of their stature, respect was demanded while in their presence. When I went into this building I was silenced I met the most humblest man, there was something different about him but what it was at that time I couldn’t fathom, I now know this presence to be the light of the Holy Spirit. His voice when he spoke was full of love I found that confessing my woes to him was easy like a conversation shared within your own family. I told him everything that I was being attacked physically and that my mind was in overdrive over the voices I could hear and that the situation had gotten out of hand because now my family within my home were feeling and seeing these manifestations as well. He prayed for me but I felt no change in my circumstance but was shocked into silence when he told me he was going to take me to see the greatest tohunga (Doctor) that lived. I was thinking I was ready for the mental hospital because I believed if he couldn’t help me my life was over. He told me he wanted to take me to meet his pastors and I just stared at him, like “What! are you serious” He explained that there I would find the greatest healer that ever lived, I felt in me I had no other option it was either go to meet these pastors or admit myself to the mental hospital. We went home I didn’t know what else to do life was at its ends for me I couldn’t sleep I was hearing voices and worst of all I could see them who spoke and they were all ugly. That evening my children all six, 2 sisters my niece and her 2 children plus my brother and his 3 children all went to see these pastors at this church. I didn’t know what to expect but I feel I was the only one who hesitated. After my family went through the door I stood outside Just knowing there was something in that building and I feared the unknown. 33 years of my life I lived as a sinner and I served the thief without even knowing it, I was almost ready to turn around but I saw the pastor coming toward me and I stopped and stared at her. She waved at me to come in and that is exactly what I did when I entered the door I felt warmth immediately touch my forehead and then that feeling spread right through me to the bottom of my toes. It felt to me as if someone was hugging me and I missed the question the pastor had asked me so I said pardon lol and then she asked again “what can I do for you dear” I told her what I have confessed in this testimony and she looked at me and smiled she said “Not a problem dear, not a problem to Jesus” That night the church anointed my whole family with oil and they prayed for us I did not know what to expect but I felt whole and for once the voices had stopped. I asked them if they would bless my house because I feared entering my home because of what I was seeing. They agreed and came to bless my home; unbeknownst to me this would be the night the worst manifestation I’d ever seen would come to pass. We had made arrangements with these pastors for us all to be baptized a couple of days later. The night before our baptism my family and I were sharing the Word of God and we were witness to a manifestation of the Spirit of death. I’ve only ever seen what I bore witness to in a horror movies, my whole family witnessed this event. We have a double ranch slider door and this is all glass, we were reading scriptures then all of a sudden we could see maggots coming in through the cracks of the windows. Because it had been raining we took no notice of the commotion outside the door. We didn’t know anything about the word of God but I felt to read the word I picked up the bible and started to pick at random any scripture to read out loud. Whilst this was happening my brother who was upstairs was feeling like he was being strangled by something, then he felt something enfold itself around him and this force tried to crush the living breath out of him. My brother at the time was 40 years old and he has had no qualms about spiritual entities and never before has he encountered their presence this night though the devil tried his hardest to manifest to us in the flesh. My children were waking up in the middle of the night because they could hear knocking but when they went to the door no one was there. Through baptism of the water the old me died, I thank God for resurrecting me from the dead and giving me life, I praise him for his forgiveness toward me and the remission of my sins; I praise him for the gift of the Holy Spirit. God’s wisdom through his spirit giveth unto me understanding of any circumstance and through his truth the loving gospel we learn as we read to claim the blood of Christ against any force. In the name of Jesus we receive truth, love, peace and Joy in abundance through his spirit. I share this testimony with you in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. He delivered me and my family from the bondage of the world (satan) he came to me and saved me from eternal death. I love the Lord with all my heart, mind body and soul; I sup with him every chance I get for Christ mercy is great upon my family and my life. Through his grace I share my testimony and I proclaim that without Jesus in our lives we are dead. In the name of Jesus Christ Jesus is the Son of God I declare Jesus was born of the flesh and did take upon himself the sins of the world. Christ Jesus was crucified on the cross of Calvary and rose 3 days later, he now sits at the right hand side of our father Almighty God in heavenly place’s and maketh intercession on behalf of all the saints of the most high God, In the name of Jesus, Amen Glory Be To God
  15. Hi FourYears :) I thought it was you the posts looked familiar: D I hope all is well with you good to see from the post on the other site that the Lord is blessing you with your needs in this life. I pray you are blessed with your hearts desires. How are You? I feel though to ask why only a Jewish girl? Yes they are Gods people but I would say any spiritual Christian lady would be blessed with your company. Reality has a way of disappointing you and if you seek the perfect mate you will never find her, but Gods perfect will is this that you know Christ through him he will lead you in the paths of righteousness. Trust God to know what is best for you, he will give you untold riches and blessings :) LORD bless you and keep you within his presence Glory Be To God
  16. LORD in the name of Jesus I stand in agreement with each request made concerning this sister and I ask you intervene within the decisions to be made within her life. I ask dear Lord that thy Holy Spirit quicken her with truth of thy will and that you lead her father unto glory. The steps lord of a good man in this case women are ordered by the Lord, I pray thy Spirit convict with truth and you bless steadygaze with thy tender mercies. Let thy Joy father be a soothing balm within her walk with you it is written thou shalt guide me with thy counsel and afterward receive me to glory, unto God in Jesus name be all the Glory, Amen Glory Be To God
  17. Hi Jasmine, fear not love for our Lord knows everything about you and I feel to tell you that he loves you more than anyone. I speak peace to your mind body and soul in the name of Jesus I ask that the Holy Spirit within you renews your mind and stills the many thoughts that have been and come against you in your life. Know love that you are a treasure in the eyes of our father and he will never forsake you even when you feel a loan. You’ve stated you can’t hear Gods voice but I believe he hear yours, I perceive your love and understanding of our father is that of oneness with his spirit let Jesus nurture that hunger he is faithful. Trust Jesus to overcome the circumstances in your life, you need only trust him he knows what’s best in your life. Now the best advice I can offer you is simply finding a place where you can be a loan with Jesus, tell him everything don’t hold back, give over everything that keeps you from moving forward. If a situation has got you down or some obstacle is put in your way and you are unable to achieve your desired effect, ask Jesus to remove you from the situation or if you feel bold ask him to intervene. Pray without ceasing love, it matters not if it’s said out loud or silent just continue to feed the spirit within you for the truth is written deep upon your heart, you only need to ask the comforter/Holy Spirit and Jesus will fan the fire within you. Words of encouragement, in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Trust in the Lord may our Lord give you wisdom and may his strength infill you with understanding of his loving truth, God bless love in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen Glory Be To God
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